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Bob Dylan 960727 in Stockholm Sweden

Subject: A (bit more than a) Handful of Thoughts on the Swedish Concerts ...
From: Lars & Andreas Gustavsson (gson@LSG.PP.SE)
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 1996 21:36:59 +0200

- Part 2 / I got shoved down 'n' pushed around ...

   The Stockholm concert was a strange affair. The relatively calm crowd  at
the Malmo concert was replaced by a bunch of rowdy teenagers ...  Let me put
it this way: I was STANDING  in front row  and got kicked  in the head  by a
shoe ... try figuring that one out?!


   Oh well,  all in all this was a good one too,  with some great monents. I
will make the review of this concert a bit shorter since  my memory fails me
(way too much  time had to be  spent fighting for  your place).  Some things
still linger in the back of my head though ...

   The first song of  the evening,  "To  ===================================
Be  Alone  with  You,"  sounded  a  lot  | Setlist (Stockholm)             |
better this night. Much better  singing  -----------------------------------
from  Bob,  or was  it just  the  sound  | To Be Alone with You            |
system  that  was set  up  differently?  | Shake Sugaree                   |
Hard to tell ... (but the tapes will)    | All Along the Watchtower        |
                                         | Tears of Rage                   |
   "Shake Sugaree"  was  pleasant.  Had  | It Takes a Lot to Laugh,        |
been hoping for him to play this one at  |    It Takes a Train to Cry      |
one of the two concerts at least ...     | Silvio                          |
                                         |                                 |
   "All  Along the Watchtower" was  the  | @ Mr. Tambourine Man            |
same as always, again ...                | @ Tangled Up in Blue            |
                                         | @ A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall    |
   The  fourth  song,  "Tears of Rage,"  |                                 |
was another  pleasant  surprise.  Great  | Tombstone Blues                 |
singing ... great harmonica ...          | I'll Remember You               |
                                         | Maggie's Farm                   |
   "It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a  |                                 |
Train  to  Cry"  and   "Silvio"  passed  | @ It Ain't Me, Babe             |
almost without me noticing,  the  crowd  | Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35       |
was  now  so rowdy  that  it  was  very  -----------------------------------
difficult to remain focused on what Bob
was doing ...

   The acoustic set opened with "Mr. Tambourine Man," which was  all  right,
but could use a rest now ...

   Then came "Tangled Up in Blue" which was as great as the night before ...

   An excellent version of "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall" closed the  acoustic
set. The crowd had now calmed down somewhat ...

   "Tombstone Blues" opened the second electric set. Great version ...

   "I'll Remeber You" and "Maggie's Farm" were both good performances.

   Before "Maggie's Farm" Bob did the band intro again:  "Give a hand for my
band." Tony turns to Bob and says: "YOUR band?," and they both crack up.  It
is nice to see that this band now is  so tight with  Bob that they can  joke
around with him like that ... they always seem to have such a great  time up
there, all of them ... well, most of the time anyway ...

   The encores for this  evening were  "It Ain't Me, Babe"  and  "Rainy  Day
Women # 12 & 35." Both where good versions,  especially  "It Ain't Me, Babe"
had some great moments. Bob went off the stage before "Rainy Day Women"  and
the  pressure in  front row was so intense  that one almost  wished that  he
would not come back out for that last song ...

   In the end, a good concert, which probably would have  been  great had it
not been for the rowdy crowd.

   Bob  did not  seem to enjoy  this concert as  much as he  did the one  in
Malmo. Not at  all as much audience interaction,  he either looked  straight
down or straight out over the audience. Nor did he move around on the  stage
that much this night. Some small moves here and there during the guitar  and
harmonica solos, but not much.  I would think that the  rowdy crowd was  not
really his favourite audience, the man is, after all, 55 years old ...

   In conclusion:  the  Malmo concert  was more  of an experience  than  the
Stockholm one,  due to Bob's better mood that night.  The Stockholm concert,
however,  will probably sound better on tape  since it probably was a better
concert, performance wise.

   BTW, a cool think happend in Malmo. My girlfriend, who  is from the  U.S.
and is  currently  spending the  summer here in Sweden,  just happend  to be
wearing a jacket  with the  letters U S A on the back.  Well,  we decided to
hold it up during the harmonica solo during  "The Times They Are A-Changin'"
and sure enough, Bob saw it  ...  did one of those squeezing things with his
eyes (hard to explain) and then gave  up a  surprised  expression.  He  also
gave her one of those pointing fingers he gives the audience after he  bows.
Sure made her day!

   Oh, well, since this is turning into a family affair anyway I  guess  I'd
better mention that my Dad,  who had been giving Bob the thumb up throughout
the evening, recieved a thumb back at the close of the concert ...

   OK, that's it. Hope it was pleasant reading, otherwise, sorry!

- Andreas Gustafsson


- - Part 1 / "Bob Dylan for President!" (audience-member in Malmo) Malm¤ouml; 960725

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