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Bob Dylan 960701 at Muenster, Germany

Date: Mon, 08 Jul 1996 15:36:32 +0200
From: Gianluca Mori (
Subject: Bob in Pistoia july '96

Hello from Florence, Italy, and congratulations
for your Dylan page!

I saw a great Bob concert yesterday night in

I never loved too much Positively
4th Street and Seeing the Real You At Last, but
they were not bad tonight...

I especially liked Silvio (nice chorus
with Bob and J.J. singing togheter), Watchtower
(a true guitar-storm), Tangled Up In Blue (great
vocal interpretation), Thin Man (incredible
no-keyboards version), It Ain't Me Babe (very
intimate, with a long and charming harmonica
solo by Bob). Bob's voice was okay, and he
played almost all the guitar solos in the show!


= Gianluca Mori =

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50129 Firenze (Italy)
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