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Bob Dylan 960518 in Pittsburgh, PA

Date:    Sun, 19 May 1996 05:33:14 GMT
From:    Jamie Lovinger (cmdst3+@PITT.EDU)
Subject: Dylan Rocks Pittsburgh/ On Stage With Dylan

Okay, just got back from the show.  All I can say is incredible.
I'll give the set list first:

Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat
Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You
Most Likely You'll Go Your Way
It Takes A Lot To Laugh

Tangled Up In Blue
Masters Of War
Don't Think Twice

7 Days
Never Gonna Be The Same Again
Highway 61

Alabama Getaway
It Ain't me Babe
Rainy Day Women

I think that is pretty accurate.  It is 2:00 am, so if it isn't,
I am sorry.  A fantastic show.  The new Silvio ROCKED!  7 Days
was everything I thought it would be.  This was my girlfriend's
first show.  I wanted to get a better view during the encore, but I
did not want to leave her.  She told me to go for it.  Somehow
I ended up on stage dancing to Alabama Getaway.  I put my arm around
Dylan twicw and told him, "You're the man."  What else could I say?
I got his cue sheet and my girlfiend also got one.  What a show.
If anyone out there happens to come across pictures or the tape of
this show, I would love to trade.  I have much to offer.  Respond to the
adress above.  It is my girlfrieds.  I do not have one.
What a show!!!!

Jamie Lovinger

Date: Sun, 19 May 1996 12:58:54 EDT From: Patrick Elias (pjest8@VMS.CIS.PITT.EDU) Subject: Pittsburgh 5/18/96 Star Lake Amphitheater - Pittsburgh, PA - May 18, 1996 1. Pill Box Hat 2. Tonight, I'll Be Staying Here 3. Watchtower 4. You Go Your Way 5. It Takes A Train 6. Silvio 7. Tangled Up In Blue 8. Masters Of War 9. Don't Think Twice 10. Seven Days 11. Never Gonna Be the Same Again 12. Highway 61 13. Alabama Getaway 14. It Aint Me Babe 15. Rainy Day Women #12&35 Bob Dylan was in fine form. Things got going quickly with Pill Box. Oh, the harmonica! The Fender came out for Tonight. Watchtower was Watchtower. The next two were done good and long. Long extended jams. Very good jams. More jamming on Silvio. Tons of lead guitar from Bob. Tangled Up IN Blue was why I was there and I was not disappointed. The longest harmonica solo I've ever heard from Bob. He just would not stop wailing away. Inspiring. Seven Days cooked. I have a feeling this is what stood out for most people. It was good. What can I say about Never Gonna Be The Same? His vocals were perfect all night, but I can't describe how good the vocals were on this one. Highway 61, believe it or not, was the highlight of the show for me. Just great rock and roll. The band gets the credit for this. Although Bob did the lead work. Bob was dancing so I had to myself! Alabama Getaway was more jamming. Deadheads in the aisle, people on stage. Tons of people. Bob disappears. It was pretty funny. After 50 adoring fans leave the stage, Bob comes on for an acoustic It Aint Me Babe! Oh, this was another highlight. It was so funny to hear Bob say, "I'm not the one you want, babe" right after so many fans showed great affection for him. Long harmonica solo. Really long. House lights, dancing, jamming, Rainy Day Women, Aimee Mann on stage, partying, more jamming, jamming. There were a lot of people at the show. It was the largest I've ever seen. I estimate close to 10,000 people. This was my ninth Dyaln show and the finest. I can compare only to one other 96 show(Erie). Although, the setlist doesn't look as fine as Erie, I really can't imagine a better Dylan Show than Pittsburgh last night. He sang 7 Days 6 days before his 55th birthday. As always heading for another joint, Patrick
Date: Mon, 20 May 1996 10:17:08 -0400 From: "Andreas, Margaret A" (U0A75@WVNVM.WVNET.EDU) Subject: Pittsburgh Joy! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Just basking in the joy that Dylan and his Band brought to Star Lake on Saturday night...... I'll write more later, but right now I kinda hate to break it down. I'll know how to sing it... but I have to wait until the words come. I DO want to say THANK YOU to RMDers: Robin, Tim, Charlie, Bill and Bill... and also to Jane and Sue. You were all so great to meet--characters, each and every one! I LOVED meeting you and talking to you, even though it was MUCH harder than on email (we all wanted to talk at once!!!). Greg enjoyed meeting you all, too, and now he knows part of what attracts me to RMD so much! I have to apologize for not meeting you all after the concert. Greg wanted to get on the road since we had a 2 hour drive... but I'm so sorry that we didn't get to meet Jeff and Thad! ;-( Next time for sure!!! Thanks especially to Tim for being the center-point. It was grand. Marguerita P.S. Did you notice Dylan fluffed his hair for me???!!
Date: Mon, 20 May 1996 10:24:44 -0500 From: "William C. Parr" (wparr@UTK.EDU) Subject: Pittsburgh 5/18/96 Ah, Pittsburgh May 18, 1966 . . . The venue was quite good. Open air, with covering for the seated area, and nice grassy area. A great place for a concert. (Now, if Dylan is taken suggestions (not very likely!) a show at the Bijou in Knoxville would be great -- help support the venue, a really beautiful small place, with wonderful acoustics.) The only disappointment: no grand piano on stage. One of my long term fantasies is to show up for Dylan, and see a grand piano stage right, awaiting the man. Wouldn't you all love to hear a little piano performance by the man? Not a lot of people were there for the opening acts. They gradually came in, and by the time Dylan came on stage, the seats appeared to be virtually all taken, with LOTS of people on the grass. I haven't seen any attendance estimates. Anybody hear something official? Two opening acts. The first, Kenny Wayne Shepherd -- trying to be Stevie Ray Vaughan -- we'll see. Jane liked him more than Aimee Mann (I agree). The second -- Aimee Mann -- the only thing unusual about her performance was her "Thank You song" -- a short thing voicing thanks to Dylan, . . . Otherwise the set seemed about the same as Louisville. (But I don't know her music that well, could be wrong on this . . .) We're in Row L (twelfth row), Section 2 (center). Sound is fine. > >Star Lake Amphitheater - Pittsburgh, PA - May 18, 1996 > >1. Pill Box Hat Thank you, Bob! A great pleasure, and a personal first. Dylan came out strong. As typical, the voice was not in full gear for the opening song, and didn't really kick in until Watchtower. Harmonica, well done, on this opener. And no guitar, as has been the pattern. I like it. I'd like to see something later in the show, when his voice is better warmed up, without Dylan on guitar. JJ seems to enjoy the opener, getting to be the ONLY lead guitar. (Probably a bit of projection there on my part . . .) Winston is in great form. The energy of this man is amazing! He just never lets up. And we appreciate it. >2. Tonight, I'll Be Staying Here Well done. No surprises. But it occurs to me that JJ needs a hat or to grow his hair back!!! >3. Watchtower Surprise.(smiling) Well, this is well done, as always, and served to warm up the already enthusiastic audience.And, sounds noticeably different from as recently as Louisville. Dylan taking his turns at lead, as usual. Winston --- WHAT A DRUMMER! A fine standout performance, one of many on this tour, by Winston. >4. You Go Your Way Well done -- this song is really strong in performance. >5. It Takes A Train Nice. They're dancing in the aisles. And security being very retentive. You'd think that people were getting hurt, or having their view obstructed. All the reputation that Star Lake has for intrusive security seems to be well-deserved! (More on this below) >6. Silvio Another major high point for the show. This one sounds different every time. The vocals are very nicely done, with the band coming in on the chorus. Instead of the "bell-like sound" of Louisville, the guitars had a different sound which I can't describe. >7. Tangled Up In Blue (acoustic) How can a night with TUIB be anything less than excellent? Nice, prolonged harmonica solo. He can do this for 30 minutes, in my book. >8. Masters Of War (acoustic) Another big one, well done. >9. Don't Think Twice (acoustic) This one is almost flawless, At the end, a woman presented Bob with a flower. Tastefully!!! She handed it to him, and then left the stage. Now, that's right. > >10. Seven Days My second prayer answered (the first was Pillbox). Nice. Forget Ron Wood, and listen to the real thing. This performance is as strong as the one on Bootleg Series, Volume 3. Charging. I don't remember the "Comrade from the North" line. Hopefully there will be an opportunity to check this out (hint). >11. Never Gonna Be the Same Again Nice, softly done. Jane (my wife, at her first Dylan concert) liked this one the least of all. Very well done, even superb, vocal. Dylan's in full control of the voice, which has a much mor extended range than on Pillbox. (Fortunately, because the song demands it.) >12. Highway 61 Somewhere, by now we're down in the front. Major persuasion to get Jane to do this. I've got to tell this story! On the way home, we crank up the cell phone and call home to talk to our son, Aaron. Jane describes the concert (remember -- this is someone who has never seen Dylan before, and has tended to avoid listening to him whenever possible). She says: "And he played one before the encores that I really liked -- something about a highway." Aaron was in stitches of laughter. That will NEVER be lived down at the Parr house. Well, back to the concert. A good treatment of Highway 61. Not a "best" but good. > >13. Alabama Getaway Nicely done. With the usual orchestrated performance -- first a few women coming up, then eventually the entire stage taken over by members of the audience. Security is getting really obnoxious at this point. Grabbing people by the collars, lifting them up and slinging them around. I don't know what the problem was. These people seemed to be singled out at random from those near the stage. I almost said some things I'd have doubtless have regretted in more than one sense, in response to some of the abuse. I'm thankful they weren't carrying nightsticks!!! Well, after seizure of the stage (the audience being rather peaceful, only security being rowdy!), everybody got back down, and Dylan returned to the stage for . . . >14. It Ain't Me Babe (acoustic) Sharply performed. With less of the "tease them with the harmonica" than I've seen and heard of at recent shows. Winston sitting on the side of the stage, smiling. The irony of Dylan doing "It Ain't Me Babe" while the crowd joints in on the chorus is deafening. What does he think about at times like this? How does he respond to the obvious adulation/adoration? >15. Rainy Day Women #12&35 Aimee Mann on stage, strumming an acoustic guitar. Little impact, but doubtless a great memory for her. Jamming, having fun. Dylan is obviously enjoying his role as "rock star." A great experience. One to remember. And, lest I forget -- remember this was Jane's first Dylan concert? We listened to Dylan on tape all the 8+ hours home the next day (her request). This from someone who usually insists on "Now let's listen to something else!" Interesting, the effect this man has on people . . . Hmmmmm, now we've got three months without Dylan in the states. I suddenly am sensing the need for a busines trip to Germany, or perhaps England... Or, maybe, Scandinavian countries. Gatherings of the HWY61-L/rmd crowd before and after the concert, at Dingbat's. A pleasure to meet so many of you there, and to put faces with the posts. A brief reflection: For a while, in the early 90's, I thought Dylan was headed in a very different direction. I was imagining a move toward mostly acoustic music, small clubs, . . . What we're saying now is more of a strenthening of and return to the rock portion of Dylan's repertoire. I wonder where he's headed (musically) next. Hopefully, the (almost) month off will be spent in the studio. Bill Parr
Date: Sun, 19 May 1996 21:23:08 -0700 From: Thad Williamson (thwilliamson@IGC.APC.ORG) Subject: Pittsburgh Saturday Night I'd never been to Pittsburgh before and was quite interested to see the demographic profile as jeff rosenberg and i pulled into the parking lot at the Coca-Cola Starlake Ampitheatre...many, many young (real young!) people, lots of long hair on both genders and deadhead-types and so forth, hanging out next to their cars and car stereos drinking beers underneath a beautiful summer-like night. as soon as we entered the gates, jeff and i flagged down JR the bass tech, who also made himself out to be something of a babe tech as well as he unsolicitedly described his taste in female concertgoers at dylan shows. JR is excited about Europe and a couple of gigs he has for himself, soon including the 21st in st. louis, as a singer-songwriter. he told us he's played his stuff for the man and bob liked it. the first opener described by JR as "the Stevie Ray Vaughn" guy was entertaining if predictable--guitar wailing on the blues, basically. Aimee Mann's electric set impressed me quite a bit, she has some good songs. and she performed her cute little composition, a tribute by name to the entire Dylan crew (starting with JR). Bob comes on at past 9:30, romps right in to Leopard Skin Pill Box lizard lounge style. This being my first show of 96 I thought his voice had deteriorated through the first two songs of this show, pill box and tonight. the vocal cords loosened up for watchtower and from then on out he was in stunning form. in Most Likely--excellent vocals, brilliant rhythmic pauses and such--there were a couple of subtle lyrical changes in the second verse, which I couldn't remember afterwards; train to cry was par for the course, i.e. excellent, and Silvio as usual kicked butt. I really like the new arrangment as well--JJ and Bucky kicking in with vocals on the refrain while the instruments stop playing..and Bob sings louder too. Improbably, it's a beautiful blend. By the end of Silvio we managed to scoot up into the front section of the ampitheater...nice Tangled up in Blue until one of the security guards made us leave our spots in the middle of the last verse (all to the good as it turned out--we just went 20 feet left..) Then the highlight of the evening for me, Masters of War, I was quite ready to hear this song, perhaps a reference to that late admiral, but really powerfully delivered. And then a damn near perfect Don't Think Twice, bob stretching out the words and rhythm wonderfully, then playing a great guitar solo on the middle to high frets. Woman from the crowd delivers Bob flower and kiss at the close of this. 7 Days was a treat of course though he didn't sing my favorite lines about the "Beautiful comrade from the north". nice to have a song i sincerely didn't recognize in the opening. Never Gonna be the Same was slow and sweet. Highway 61 was its ordinary self; Bob seemed to be sort of shadow-boxing the audience, jumping around, first backward and then forward. Words can't do justice to the Alabama Getaway phenomenon...I was prepared for it but it was just great anyway. Starting with a woman with a pink peace shirt dancing, then piling on to about 50-60 people up there, Bob totally obscured, even a few males up there too. Best part from our end was in the chaos it was easy to get past the usher and all the way up front for a closeup look for the last 2 songs. Great It Ain't me Babe, bob looking right at the front section during the words, putting on a half-serious scowl at the end of the words, then doing the wailing harmonica man possessed by god body motions guided by electric jolts routine. Just fantastic. A kid next to me had asked me a couple of questions about band members and such and just kept saying "I've never seen anything like it"...he was blown away. Rainy Day Women had Bob with all kinds of smiles and happy faces and occasional guitar playing pointed at sections of the audience. aimee mann shared jj's mike but Bob didn't give her the time of the day. we managed to get a setlist as jeff cut a deal with one of the lucky (and clueless) recipients...nothing stunning, just Lenny Bruce listed as an option for #11. positively 4th street was listed in the train to cry slot. All in all, what can you say, the man still has it, his audience is getting younger and younger, and i don't see how any reasonable view could be anything but good. It's gotten to the point where the audience members not only couldn't have remembered the 60s and rollling thunder and finding jesus, they can't remember even live aid or the mistifying to many grammies from 91. He's just Bob Dylan to them, the coolest thing in town...I really think some of this is due to positive spillovers from the MTV unplugged relative success. The big part of course is no more Dead. JR says west coast swing at the end of summer is in the works... Really terriffic RMD gathering too afterwards with Robin, Tim, Jeff, Bills Pagel and Parr and more! all bob fans in europe, you've got a good time coming... that's all, Thad (always aglow after catching my first show on a given tour...even when it's the tour finale.)

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