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Bob Dylan 960501 Poughkeepsie, NY

Date: Sat, 4 May 1996 04:45:29 -0700
From: (Tom Favata)
Subject: Fwd: Gondola's, Coca Cola, and Hot Wings

   First off, last night's show at the Poughkeepsie Civic Center was a
show for the ages. I know the raves are getting quite repetitive around
here of late(including my own about the 4/13 Madison show),but believe
me, the tapes will bear me out on this one. From the opener("Pillbox
Hat") through the third encore("RDW"), and every moment in between,
Dylan sang with a conviction and beauty this listener hasn't heard for
quite a while. I only wish every friend I have who believes Dylan to be
a burnt out has been could have been with me in that hall last night. I
will not drool incessantly over the exquisitely tender performances of
"To Ramona" and "Girl From The North Country". Nor will I drone on in
any way about the fiery(and word perfect) delivery of the acoustic
"Tangled Up in Blue". To describe in any way Dylan and Co.'s version of
"Friend of the Devil" could not possibly do it justice. On a night of
many highlights, my personal favorite was "When I Paint My
Masterpiece". How long I have waited to hear that "dirty gondola" verse
delivered by the man who masterminded it. How fitting it was for Dylan
to sing this song tonight. The stage of the Poughkeepsie Civic Center
was the canvas on which a true masterpiece was created. As Paul
Williams would say, you gotta here this tape. I hope someone got a good
     What about the Hot Wings? If any one went to a place called
"Brady's Bar" across the street from the Municipal lot before or after
the show(I did both)I hope you tried the wings. It was the only food
they served, and damn they were good. Me and my friend went through 20+
before the show and another 20 after, along with a few rather
intriguing Nut Brown Ales. A nice place, this "Brady's".  Oh, also,
Aimee Mann was excellent. A real treat, especially when compared to
that talentless "Jewel" that opened the earlier shows on this tour.    
             Thats all from me..                                       

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