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Bob Dylan 960414 at the Palace Theater, New Haven,CT

Date: Mon, 15 Apr 1996 00:02:26 -0400
From: Ray Schweighardt (rainman@CYBERNEX.NET)
Subject: New Haven 4-14-96

Once again, "Seven Days" and "Watered Down Love" are soundchecked (or so I
was told, I wasn't there for the soundcheck).  But guess what - he still
didn't play them!

1 - Down in The Flood - Guitarless.  Sound problems made much of
the vocal unintelligible.

2 - If You See Her, Say Hello - Sound problem is fixed. 
Wonderful performance.  Guitarless.

3 - All Along The Watchtower - nothing special

4 - Shelter From The Storm - Starts out nearly a cappella. 

5 - Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues - Really nice.

6 - Time for Seven Days, I'm ready, I'm set, I get ... Silvio. 
Bob sings a verse that is half newly-invented and half of the
verse he slways skips.

7 - Mr. Tambourine Man - WITH guitar.  Quite nice

8 - Masters of War - better than last night

9 - To Ramona - exquisite

10 - Maggie's Farm - same as the Fall '95 versions

11 - This Wheel's on Fire - just like last night - IT WAS GREAT

12 - Highway 61 Revisited - rocked nicely

13 - Alabama Getaway - Really cooks, and Bob seems to be singing
exactly the same mistaken lyrics as last night, intermingly the
2nd and last verses. Seems Bob doesn't like the word "majordomo",
as he skips it BOTH places where it appears in the song.

14 - Gee that tuning sure sounds like "Visions of Johanna".  They
boys huddle briefly and we get ... It Ain't Me Babe.  A
disappointment, but the wonderful harp on the end makes it worth

15 - Unknown Song - something or other about getting stoned

Fine performance, but I drove 100 miles to see "Seven Days" and
didn't get it.  So we'll give Bob 4 out of 5 stars.

"23rd psalm majordomo,
 sit down and have a drink with me,
 In the valley of the shadow,
 You, Alabama and me."

From: sadiejane ( Subject: New Haven 4/14/96 SETLIST Date: Mon, 15 Apr 1996 03:08:12 -0500 Songs in Parathesis are alternates Harp keys in brackets were all written in by hand The third encore was not written on the set list... ------------------BEGINNING OF SET LIST New Haven, CT Down in the Flood If You See Her [F Harp] Watchtower Shelter [D Harp] Tom Thumb/(I'll Be Your Baby) Silvio ---------- Tambourine Masters (Baby Blue)/Ramona ---------- Maggie's Wheels on Fire [C Harp] Highway ---------- Alabama Ain't Me Babe ----------END OF SETLIST Rainy Day Women ----------- Generally 3am kind of comments about the show: {{{GOLD LAME TROUSERS+RED SATIN SHIRT}}}} Obviously wearing some sort of back support under his shirt.... He sang the first two songs sans guitar reminiscent of the shows from spring of '95.... Bob is now playing an old GIBSON Acoustic (looked like Clausson tuners!) - I'll have to do some research on this to find the model - not the standard teardrop pickguard - It is the first time I've seen him play anything other than a Martin during his acoustic sets!!!! Wheels on Fire!!!! JJ is now wearing a wedding band and obviously his wife likes SHORT HAIR!!!! Bucky is now a bleached blond Delia ain't dead, she's down in front!
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 1996 09:58:53 -0500 From: sadiejane (wanu@SHELL1.SHORE.NET) Subject: Re: New Haven 4/14/96 SETLIST next morning....I realized I should have (according to standard ELISIAN english) referred to the setlist as "CUESHEET" - the set list is what you play, the cue sheet is what you look at before you play. If Bill puts it up on the web you will notice a nice little water mark over the first song - hey....I figure this is a spit drop from one of bob's harps....hey! Could be worth something, eh? ;+} I did a bit of research for you guitar nerds out there. His gibson is a lot like the SJN country western in my gibson book. Maple sides, Natural top, three pointed pick guard similiar to JJ's hummingbird but smaller. This would make it either a reissue (unlikely there is a reissue..) or a pre-'68 SJN countrywestern. The body is pretty much modeled on the hummingbird. I will be up close and personal again in springfield and will keep you updated. I have a particular interest because I am a Gibson gal misself. I think his Martin probably sounds a bit *finer* but the Gibson has that power guitar sound that is unique to Gibson (somethinks) and it matched JJ's hummingbird quite nicely. And another thing - Bob has got a new arrangement of If you see her...No more funky uptempo. He played a beautiful lyrical lead (I almost thought it was Long Black Coat!) all through. You're all in for a big treat when you hear it. I was in a puddle by the end of the song! sj Delia ain't dead, she's just asleep...
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 1996 00:26:06 GMT From: Chris (aikencb@BIOMED.MED.YALE.EDU) Subject: Dylan in New Haven Dylan played on 4/14/96 at the Palace Theatre in New Haven, CT. Opening was Jewel, a female singer/songwriter. Set: 1. Crash on the Levee 2. If you see her, say hello He did these first 2 songs with just a harmonica, wandering around the stage in a vague circle and twisting his left leg. Then picked up an electric guitar for... 3. All along the watchtower 4. Shelter from the storm For this song, he read/sung the first verse as if it was a poem, with only a pedal guitar lightly in the background. Then the band kicked in, playing it like a fireside country song. 5. Just like tomb thumb's blues 6. Silvio At the chorus, all band members sang "Silvio" and suspended the music to draw out those words. ---Acoustic--- sounded like Unplugged album, had same band members I think. Double-bass, 2 acoustic guitars (Dylan did most lead), and a mandolin. 7. Hey, Mr. Tamborine man. Played slow, country-like. 8. To Ramona. This was a light, folksy version; it sounded like 4 old guys in Texas were playing this at a summer carnival. He sang "To be by the TOUCH of your skin" instead of STRENGTH. A real improvement. Dylan's early writing was plagued by too much assonance and consonance (i.e. Strength...Skin..S---..S---..) 9. Masters of War I think he left out the "Jesus never forgive...I'm younger than you" part; maybe it doesn't apply anymore. ---Back to electric---- 10. Maggie's Farm 11. This Wheel's on Fire He sang "Please notify YOUR next of kin" at one point, confusing the you/I/him/her as always. 12. Highway 61 --encore 1--- 13. (something) (something) Get Away. I don't think he wrote it. The verses had a court and judge, like the "Drifter's Escape", but the music was like Chuck Berry. --encore 2--- A young guy in plaid jumped on stage to shake Dylan's hand; Dylan oblidged, the guy tried to follow him backstage but Dylan's guitarist pushed him back. Dylan returned with... 14. It ain't me babe Dylan went to the front left row and shook a bunch of hands. --encore 3-- (with house lights on) 15. Rainy Day Woman The plaid guy jumped on stage again with outstretched hand... Dylan walked away and security took care of him. Dress: Dylan wore a gold baggy silk shirt and tight shiny purple pants, black boots with a big heel which he kept tapping. I think he wore this with Bruce Springsteen last winter. No shades. Mannerisms: Towards the end, he pointed at the audience a lot, esp. when playing harmonica. Whenever he left the stage, he'd first walk before the crows bend his elbows and point both fingers at the crowd, Spoken: He only introduced the band. Audience: A lot more young girls than I saw back in '91; all of them kept screaming and shouting "He's so cute" "I LOVE YOU BOB". Full House, people trying to buy tickets out front. A medium-size indoor theatre. Overall: This was nothing like the Dylan I saw in 89 and 91. You could hear every word he sang, and he sang them with feeling. He was absorbed in the music the whole time, it seemed like he rehearsed because the band was very together, bringing in sudden tempo/etc shifts in the middle of the songs. He was very aware of everything, very relaxed. Honestly, he never stumbled or forgot words! He sang like a blue's singer, which is all he can do with that voice now. He had a mysterious, powerful, sinister presence on stage. So go see him soon - he's not putting out new material; he's stuff's on stage now. Rumour: The girl next to me says she heard he'll have a new album out this summer. That's all... Chris Aiken Yale School of Medicine
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