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Bob Dylan 960413 at Drew University, Madison, NJ

From: (Cazzual)
Subject: April 13 Madison
Date: 14 Apr 1996 01:18:38 -0400

Just back from the show -- some wrinkles to note:

- Bob sang the first two songs (opened with Crash on the Levee, for those
of you trying to guess these past few weeks) with the microphone (Vegas
style) only - no guitar;

- JJ, sporting a new, closely cropped do, sang harmony on several numbers.

- only one new one ("we're going to play something new, at least new to
us") in the whole set.  This Wheel's on Fire from Basement.  Sounded good,
and included aforementioned harmony from JJ.

- Bob came out in his gold Hall of Fame shirt.  I thought he looked a
little heavy

-  maybe a little rusty -- sang the same verse twice during Tangled Up in
Blue -- no one seemed to really mind.

-- I guess the Garcia nod continues with Silvio and Getaway

- good crowd, pretty young, got it.  I sure can do without general
admission, standing only, though.   Sell me a seat for heaven's sake...


Shedding off
one more layer of skin

Newsgroups: Date: Sun, 14 Apr 1996 01:51:11 -0400 Sender: The Bob Dylan Discussion List ( From: Ray Schweighardt (rainman@CYBERNEX.NET) Subject: Madison, NJ 4-13-96 The '96 tour is underway, and it's, well ... the same thing, only different. 1 - Down in The Flood - What a bummer way to start the show. Nothing against the song, or the performance, but hopes were high that this would be something new. Bob does the guitarless lounge lizard bit. Unplayed alternative was ... (it's a shocker!) ... Drifter's Escape. 2 - I Want You - Lounge Lizard, part 2. Zimmy still doesn't pick up the guitar, and really pours emotion into the vocal. Unplayed alternative was If You See Her, Say Hello. 3 - Unknown Song - something about a joker, a thief, and some businessmen. Seriously, the perpetual song #3 was given a (slightly) different arrangement, reminiscent of the '92 versions. 4 - Just Like a Woman - Rainman is thinking at this point "c'mon Bob, surprise me!" JLAW was done at slightly slower tempo, with a small bit of backing vocal courtesy of JJ. 5 - Watching The River Flow - same as it ever was. 6 - Silvio - Looks like a yawner (it's been in the 6 hole for quite a while now), but there's a great new arrangement, complete with a new verse (or was Bob making it up on the spot?) and some major vocals from JJ. The cue sheet called for, believe it or not, SEVEN DAYS!!!! 7 - Tangled Up in Blue - performance was a bit rusty compared to superb late '95 versions 8 - Masters of War - fine performance, though a tad rushed 9 - Don't Think Twice - this was an excellent version, but geez, I'm thinking "where the hell are the different songs?" 10 - God Knows - exquisite performance, great harmonica at the end 11 - Bob says "We're gonna try a new song. New for us anyway", and we get the first live performance ever of THIS WHEEL'S ON FIRE! Words can't describe, but I'll try. Wonderful, fantastic, terrific. JJ and Bob harmonize on the choruses. 12 - Obviously 5 Believers - Best Zimmy lead guitar of the evening 13 - Alabama Getaway - Lots of lyric flubs from Bob, but a real cooking version 14 - Girl From The North Country - a good performance, BUT the cue sheet calls for Visions of Johanna! 15 - Rainy Day Women #'s 12+35 - same as it ever was I can't say I was overwhelmed like I was at the "Paradise Lost" shows, but then again my hopes were pretty high that there would be a lot of change in the set, and there weren't. The band on the whole (especially Bob on guitar) was a bit rusty. Bob's harmonica playing was excellent throughout the evening. THIS WHEEL'S ON FIRE made the evening, and if we would have gotten Seven Days and Visions of Johanna too this show would have achieved mythical TLA status. A side note - there were metal detectors at the door to enter the venue. This may have impacted the ability of folks to tape, though I sure hope not. rainman ------- "This wheel's on fire, Rolling down the road ..."
From: Robin Jatko ( Subject: Re: 4-13-96 (A Sign From RMD?) Date: Sun, 14 Apr 1996 19:26:46 -0400 Drew University Dylan was wearing that somewhat garish HoF belted gold satin shirt and loose black pants with a silver stripe down the leg, and the ubiquitous black boots. TG was in his usual outfit, WW looked the same behind the plexi, BB was hatless and his hair was extremely blond, but he was fairly animated, waving at the crowd and smiling (he was up front playing the mandolin for the acoustic stuff), JJ was hatless, short-haired, goateed, and wearing what looked an untucked-in shirt and jeans--he looked...comfortable. Both BB and JJ sang backup at times--mostly JJ though. There was some incense on stage , but it wasn't overwhelming. I was standing slightly to the right of center stage and was close enough to see the blue of his eyes--he was no more than 12 feet away (sigh). There was only one person in front of me, but he was a big guy and I couldn't wriggle in--I didn't even try. The crowd was a motley lot, as ever, with little kids, teenagers, grandparents, and everyone else between. We got there about 3 hours before the show--maybe 30 people were in front of us. Having been unsuccessful at reaching any other rmders, my plan was to hold up this sign while standing on line that said "R M D" and see what/who it pulled in, which I did. I got a lot of funny looks (I can't understand why ;-) but I did get to meet some rmders, *plus* I held the sign up facing the stage at the end of each encore, when the spots lit up the people up front and Dylan was facing us and bowing etc (no pointing this time, thank goodness--what *was* that?) and he looked right at it--I don't know if he could read it, his vision being what it is, but he did a double-take and squinted at it. Tony Garnier looked at it too (probably wondering what the hell R M D means). After the show, a fellow rmder asked me if I noticed Dylan doing a double-take, looking at my sign. I sure did! So now I want a *bigger* sign, except the people behind me might not be too pleased. My friends were all somewhat mortified, but I have no shame--I'm from NY and don't know any better ;-) I had a *great* time--I much prefer the GA shows--my feet hurt, but at least being persistent and early pays off! 1. Crash On The Levee--no guitar, mike in hand lounge-lizard style. Harp solo (no harmonica holder) 2. I Want You--no guitar, more aimless lounge lizard wandering around. Two long excellent harp solos. 3. All Along The Watchtower--the Strat is back. 4. Just Like A Woman--great harp solo. 5. Watching The River Flow--Dylan played very nice lead guitar on this (not that endless 2 note stuff, thank goodness), and actually smiled. 6. Silvio--JJ and BB singing backup. 7. Tangled Up In Blue (acoustic)--he sang the Italian poet verse twice, and quite nicely too! It was the 15th century and the poems were read to him. Also, some were truckdriver's wives, this time around. There was long and wonderful harp solo--he's really been wailing on that thing! 8. Masters of War (acoustic)--This is similar to the one I heard last year, somewhat ominous. His voice sounded strong. 9. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (acoustic)--He did a good job on this and seemed to get into it--he actually smiled mid-song. 10. God Knows--Another good job. He went over and picked up a harmonica and looked down at it for a bit of time, but then put it back down and continued on with the guitar. A couple of minutes later, he wandered over and finally played a harp solo--I guess he just hadn't been in the mood! 11. This Wheel's On Fire--well, what have we here? "We're gonna try something for us anyway." He wandered around quite a bit during this song,, holding the mike and smiling a few times. The band was smiling too, even BB. Actually, the band seemed to be having a great time the whole night. He finally put the mike back and stayed put after the harp solo. 12. Obviously 5 Believers--Hmmm. Very interesting. No harp solo on this one. ENCORES 13. Alabama Getaway--JJ and BB sang backup, but this song doesn't do much for me. The Deadheads seemed happy about it though. 14. Girl Of The North Country (acoustic)--Nice job with a long harp solo. 15. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35--Well, this rocked, but I wouldn't mind seeing it retired for a while. He played a harp solo and smiled. These were the soundcheck rumors I heard about--some not to be believed, but I will dutifully report them. BTW, there were no reports of Dylan singing at the soundcheck. 1. Seven Days 2. Down In The Flood 3. TUIB 4. Don't Think Twice 5. This Wheel's On Fire 6. As I Went Out One Morning I sure wouldn't mind some more new songs in the set list though, but as long as he keeps playing... Robin
Date: Sun, 14 Apr 1996 07:04:43 GMT From: Tom Favata (tbuick6@IX.NETCOM.COM) Subject: Drew U. 4-13-96 This Wheel's On Fire! With all the guessing around here on what the opening song of the new tour would be, leave it to Bob to wait until the 11th song of the night to pull one out of his pill-box hat. First things first. Dylan and the boys came on at 9:20 and opened with......"Down in the Flood". Starting this year's tour exactly as he started last year's in Prague, Dylan was guitar-less. He remained so for the next song as well, a gorgeous "I Want You" with lilting harmonica between verses. Dylan would play harmonica often and with great emotion all night. Anyone expecting a surprise in the 3 slot should know better. "All Along The Watchtower" was next, followed by a very passionate "Just Like A Woman". "Watching The River Flow" and "Silvio" closed out the first electric set of the night. "Silvio" was treated to a slight overhaul, with Dylan singing the chorus almost accapella while the band "volumed down". The effect is hard to describe, but it was a welcome little change. I was however becoming impatient with this setlist. The acoustic set (though "Tangled Up in Blue" was stunning) did little to quiet my impatience. It's a new year! Give me something new! (How greedy and ungrateful of me, I know. Dylan is putting on a real Grade-A performance here, and I'm whining about his song selection). The second electric set opens with "God Knows". Coulda bin worse I guess, Hwy61 or "Maggies Farm". "God Knows" what will happen next. Dylan says, "Here's a new song we'd like to try." What? I turn to my friend. "Did he say a new song?" My mind goes racin' 90 miles an hour down a dead end street. "That ol' codger has been in the studio the last few months, hasn't he.", I thought. As the instrumental intro began to build, it sounded a tad familiar. I realized the song exactly as Dylan was about to deliver the first line. The words came out of Bob's mouth and mine in unison, "If your memory serves you"
Date: Sun, 14 Apr 1996 10:55:33 -0400 From: Skatepepe (skatepepe@AOL.COM) Subject: Setlist: Drew 4/13/96 Drew University April 13, 1996 Down in the Flood I Want You Watchtower Just Like A Woman Watchin the River Flow Silvio (featuring a new verse!) Tangled Up in Blue a Masters of War a Don't Think Twice a God Knows This Wheel's On Fire ("a new one") Obviously Five Believers e: Alabama Getaway e: Girl from the North Country a e: Rainy Day Women Great show, especially towards the end when the band really got together. The band was on fire, which certainly helped distract the crowd from fact that we too were hot in our way-- Drew's gym was a sauna. Winston had a fan behind him, and a kid in front of me fainted at the end of God Knows. Speaking of kids, there were a lot of em (us), especially Deadheads. Harmonica solos left and right, often with Bob laying down the guitar. JJ came out looking unbelievably like Eric Clapton, Unplugged-- stubble beard, stubble hair, and Spring-cleaning clothes. There were a bunch of bonding moments for the band, smiles exchanged between just about all members, clearly enjoying themselves. All those attending New Haven tonight: try to catch the new verse of Silvio. (Jewell was an enternaining opener playing a short set solo-acoustic. A bunch of Freewheelin'-esque social commentary songs, and some slow ones. She also yodels.)
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 1996 12:12:54 GMT From: Timothy Michael Ellmore (tellmore@GWIS2.CIRC.GWU.EDU) Subject: Thoughts on Madison Did anyone catch what was apparently an added new verse to Silvio during the April 13th show in Madison? From what I could tell it had something to do with "pride" and it seemed well-developed and not a spur of the moment lyric change. Then again I could be wrong, but I'm sure I heard something quite different from the many 95 versions. I'll guess we'll just have to wait for the tapes of this one. All in all a ROCKIN' performance! I was disappointed to read some RMD posts whining about song selection. Come on people!! Dylan was in an incredible mood on Saturday and all the songs were played very well. I had no complaints and thought that the harmonica solos were piercingly breath taking. Dylan played harmonica on almost every song!! He even played harmonica on "God Knows" and "Silvio." I was fortunate to be in the front row and was also mesmerized by Dylan's apparent joy. He smiled quite a lot and even cracked a laugh or two between songs. Lots of body language too. I love the Vegas-style guitarless songs and the way he grabs the cord and manipulates it while wailing on the harmonica. There was just SO! much harmonica in this show! It reminded me some of the harmonica on 3/11/95 in Prague. Same kind of piercing quality and endurance. I was quite taken with "This Wheel's on Fire." Had no idea what they were about to play until Dylan got to the first line. A fine performance which words just can't describe. The song began almost chillingly and Dylan appeared to have rehearsed this one as the words were direct and from what I heard complete. I saw one of the setlists passed down by Tommy at the end of the show. John Fink posted it and the intriguing part, besides the sound-checked "Seven Days," was the mysterious "(E)" next to "Visions of Johanna" at the bottom of the list. At first I thought it meant "encore" but there was no such "(E)" next to "Alabama." Could it have meant "electric?" Wouldn't mind a full electric "Visions." Smacks of "Just Like a Freeze Out." Well, enough speculating and dreaming. Tim Ellmore P.S. Any thoughts on Jewel and all that Yodelling? :) --
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