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Bob Dylan 951006 Jacksonville, Fl, Riverview Music Center

From: (Bill Pagel)
Subject: October 6, 1995 Jacksonville, Florida - Set List
Date: Sat, 07 Oct 1995 06:32:40 GMT
October 6, 1995  Jacksonville, Florida  -  Riverview Music Shed

1.   Drifter's Escape
2.   If You See Her, Say Hello
3.  All Along The Watchtower
4.  Every Grain Of Sand
5.  Born In Time
6.  Silvio

7.  Tangled Up In Blue         (acoustic)
8.  Masters Of War               (acoustic)
9.  To Ramona                     (acoustic)

10. God Knows
11. In The Garden
12. Jokerman

13. Alabama Getaway
14. The Times They Are A-Changin'  (acoustic)
15. Rainy Day Women Nos. 12 & 35

(Thanks to Christine Consolvo for the preceding information)

I have posted the cue sheet from this show to the
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Bill Pagel 

Date: Sat, 7 Oct 1995 01:22:01 -0400 From: Richard Pearlman (YazooSt@AOL.COM) Subject: Jacksonville Setlist 1. Drifter's Escape 2. If You See Her Say Hello 3. All Along the Watchtower 4. Every Grain of Sand 5. Born In Time 6. Silvio 7. @Tangled Up In Blue 8. @Masters of War 9. @To Ramona 10. God Knows 11. In the Garden 12. Jokerman 13. Alabama Getaway 14. @The Times They Are A-Changin' 15. Rainy Day Women #'s 12 & 35 All in all a great show. Bucky Baxter played great on the two "Christian-era" songs. Tangled and Ramona were nice surprises after the redundancy of the acoustic sets this month. The UTRS songs were well played (but I think God Knows is past its prime live), Born in Time has some real depth and was nice next to Every Grain. The Jokerman closer was great, although no one in the crowd seemed to know it (when was the last time this was played?). Alabama Getaway (a Grateful Dead song) was amazing- but if you're not a Dead fan you probably don't care. Jackson was grinning ear-to-ear during this, just like when he was playing with Dickey Bets last week. Times was a fine sub for Ain't Me/Back Pages, as Dylan plays his "big hits" less and less, I find them more and more palatable. RDW, as usual, was a huge crowd pleaser, but ultimately stupid, a throaway closer.
Date: Sat, 7 Oct 1995 06:00:56 GMT From: anon (kayaker@USA.PIPELINE.COM) Subject: JAX FL Concert report Dylan and band took the stage at roughly 900n pm and tore the house down. If you are on the fence about going to any of his shows, all I can say is, Dont miss him. I dont have a full set list but he played for roughly two hours. The drums were thundering and it was an all out sonic attack. Dylan seemed to be in a talkative mood he thanked the audience several times between numbers and gave a pretty clear introduction of the band. In no particular order and by no means complete i didnt have pen and pencil with me. Down in the flood All along the watchtower Masters of war Silvio Tangled up in Blue Every grain of Sand in the Garden Jokerman Alabama Getaway
Date: Sat, 7 Oct 1995 23:17:06 -0500 From: Richard Batey (richardb@AMARANTH.AMARANTH.COM) Subject: 6 Oct 95 Jax, FL Set List After fleeing Hurricane Opal, we found refuge in Jacksonville, FL. Serendipity: the faculty of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for. Saw Dylan show Oct. 6, 1995 at the Riverview Music Shed in Jax. I don't have the energy (just got back to Pensacola) to critique the show as some on this list so masterfully do, so here is a bare-bones review: Location: Riverview Music Shed, Jacksonville, FL. The Dylan show was the first event held here. The Shed is a 'converted' shipyard building with a concrete floor & tin roof. The capacity (folding seats) is about 3,100. The rear of the Shed is open and looks out onto a boardwalk/bulkhead and the St. Johns River. Ghosts of riveters and fumes of toulene waft the high beams of the Shed. Very loose crowd control (and I will be *most grateful* to the person who sends me a tape of this show). My seat was center near very back in a large puddle of rain water. I chose to stand at the open backed area looking towards center stage. Estimated in attendance: 2300? There was a warm-up singer named Magda Hiller who performed solo with guitar. Can't tell you anything about her or her set. Around 9:00pm Dylan and band came on stage welcomed by a thunderous applause. Here is the set list as best I remember it: 1. Drifter's Escape 2. If You See Her Say Hello 3. All Along The Watchtower 4. Lost In Time 5. Every Grain Of Sand 6. Silvio 7. Tangled Up In Blue (acoustic) 8. Masters Of War (acoustic) 9. To Ramona (acoustic) 10. God Knows 11. In The Garden 12. Jokerman 13. Alabama ???? (a Grateful Dead song I've been told) - encore 14. The Times They Are A Changin' - encore 15. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 - encore IMO, an excellent show. I suspect that Christine Consolvo will post a more embellished review of this show, as I saw her at the stage after the show. The energy was high, Bob was into it and the band seemed to give it their all. Midway through the show, I easily made my way close to the front and stood with a host of others in the aisle. Sweat was flying from the forehead of Dylan as he carried the audience with his skipping reels of rhyme. It was 30 years ago next month that I saw Dylan and the Hawks right around the corner from the Shed at the Jacksonville Coliseum. The Shed show was much more intimate and the exciting if you can believe that. However, clear recall of the 65 show is gone. So if you feel like you missed your chance to see Dylan in those exciting days of thin wild mercury music, the opportunity still exists to see him perform live - and you never know - it could be an incredible show as evidenced at the Shed Oct. 6, 1995. Richard
posted to on Oct. 11, 1995 by Josh Nelson, and picked up from Bill Pagel's page acting on a tip from Christine Consolvo, who called this the review to end all reviews! Alabama Getaway By Josh Nelson aka And you are standing there, soaking wet, bathed by an, at times, evanescent, yet seemingly constant, hot, almost rose colored, red light. And you are looking up what for the briefest of instants, seems so perfect...for once you allow yourself to revert back to Mobile, to the baffled preacherman with all his headlines, to Ruthie and her honky tonk lagoon, to the cryptic rainman and his deadly bottle of railroad jin...yes, for the moment, it seems so well timed. And you've been there for a couple of hours hoping that it could all end with something magical. Standing there, completely surrounded, unable to move an inch, but not caring at all. Staring up at that stage with a look on your face that says it all. For those few hours it is all so true. So simple, yet so wild. Dylan up at the mic, the band playing the first few chords. You can't exactly figure out which song it is, but, for some reason, you know it is what you want to hear. Deep down, for some inexplicable reason, just for that instant, you think Bob knows that as well. You want to yell out, to scream, but you know that the tranquility of those few seconds is why you are there. Why you drove through the 4 am hurricane. Why you live the life you do. The song is "Jokerman" and it all seems so fitting. The man next to you decides to scream out "You're the Jokerman, Bobby, you are the Jokerman" and, for that brief instant, as your attention is diverted away from the stage, away from the seemingly pained look in Bob's eyes, away from Bucky with his quasi-Greek hat and his most fluid slide guitar, and away from the once again grinning JJ, black cowboy hat and eternal black suit, you question whether Bob is the jokerman at all. Standing up there, with his black boots, moonlight black pants (revealed to only those who take the time to explore, to examine, to percieve), burgundy undershirt, and gold, satin shirt, it seems that Dylan could be this mysterious person. You close your eyes and, for the moment, there is nothing in the world but the music. Without looking up at the stage, you are able to create an image of what's happening, what it all looks like. The reflection of Bob in the plexiglass surrounding Winston, the way the lights fall so perfectly on the resting harmonicas ("A dynamo unto themselves"), it's an image you promise will live with you forever. There have been other times, other moments, and they rest in your mind like this one will. Each one with it's own distinctive sound, it's own color, it's own seemingly luminous texture. For a moment, you revert back to "If You See Her" at Roseland, or "Two Soldiers" in Boston, or "Visions" at the TLA...they will all never be forgotten. As you open your eyes and look back up at the stage, you become aware that, for that instant, you are truly happy. You once again look up at Dylan as he cries out "Jokerman dance to the nightingale tune...". If only he could know what he has done. How he has helped you to find yourself...Then it occurs to you, perhaps the point is that he doesn't need to know. That you know yourself. You smile ever so briefly and stare up into the now green, glowing lights. You can feel the drops of sweat rolling ever so slowly down your chin, but you don't dare move and inch. Staring up into those lights, you can't help but laugh.