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From 1995 to the spring of 2002 I have made pages with setlists and rewiews of Bob Dylan's concerts. At first, I found the information in posts made to the newsgroup.

Over the years, Bill Pagel has developed his BobDates site into a better resource, using a network of reporters and reviewers. Bill has graciuously allowed me to reprint the information he collected, and I have always given him credit as the main source.

I have now realized it's silly of me to spend time duplicating information in a slightly different form. So, starting with the August 2002 concerts, I will send you directly to Bill Pagel's BobDates when he has the setlist ready.

For a total view of the Bob events of the year, I recommend visiting Olof's Files at "I Happen to be a Swede myself". Some of these yearly files I have reproduced at Expecting Rain, but at Olof's site you will find the most updated versions.

Expecting Rain