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Bob Dylan 2000.10.29 in Madison

University Of Wisconsin
Kohl Center, 7867 capacity

Subject: Tomorrow is a Long Time - Madison
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 06:43:24 GMT

Just got back from the long drive home from the show.

"Tomorrow is a Long Time" was incredible. Larry fingerpicked the
whole song while Bob and Charlie strummed very lightly. Also,
Tony played the first verse (but the first verse only) with a
bow. Beautiful. And only Larry sang harmony on the chorus. Has it
been done this way before? Other highlights were "4th St",
"Tombstone", "THC" and the American debut of "If Dogs Run Free".

Wish I could write a longer review but I must be off to bed.


Subject: Madison comments From: stuart levitan Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 01:02:01 -0800 I would have hoped a four-day stretch in Madison during some beautiful late fall days, relatively unpressured, might have left Bob a little more animated and energized. Still, a very strong and solid Greatest Hits show with enough highlights to send 'bout all the 7,000 or so at the Kohl Center (more than twice the last Madison date in 1996) home happy. Duncan & Brady - could swear I heard one verse as "now you're lyin' dead on a barroom whore." Ramona - some exquisite looks on "exactly like they'em." Larry a nice mandolin break that Bob ends, again, with a real subtle look. Desolation Row - Larry starts it off with some solo picking before it swings into a rocking arrangement. Strong vocal, but not very animated until the guitar break, when he dances during his lede. This will be a theme tonight -- his most energetic times were, generally,during guitar breaks. Tomorrow is a Long Time - nice jaunty arrangement. TUIB. Not that quick a reaction when Larry starts it off, but good cheers when vocal starts. OK, so if song is "Tangled Up in Blue," why are the lights yellowl, giving Bob a sickly, sallow look? Some fine rock guitar playing and posing. Bob now dancing sort of like he's got to pee. Searching - does not maintain the energy level. Curtain backdrop goes up, Fenders come out. Country Pie. Larry takes the first break, then the standard arrangement. Hot, hot guitar trio to close. 4th Street - sort of fits what his mood looks like. Very nice, sort of mysterious intro. Still looking good and singing fine, but this took four days of rehearsals? Some nice looks during vocals. Tombstone. A highlight. The dancing, the guitar, the powerful vocals all come together. Just Like a Woman. Good crowd reaction. Larry on pedal steel. Drifters. Another highlight, with the stark flashing lights and the classic left hand harp solo. Leopard Skin - still looking stern, but performance stays strong. Great guitar jam, effortlessly working poses in with the music. This really unleashes the guitar trio at its most powerful. Things Haaaaaaaaave Changed - little crowd recognition, but good appreciation after. Best, most alive vocal. LARS- crowd doesn't get intro, but cheers on first words. Lights up and down thru song. Really good guitar trio. REALLY good vocal. It's fucking astonishing how well he plays this 35 years later. If Dogs Run Free -- was this the American debut? This was just a swingin', swingin' tune. GREAT vocal - nice and easy and fun and loose. Bob actually smiled at the end.A highlight. Watchtower- big. First guitar break was alittle unfocused and muddy, but second was very sharp. So sharp, at its end Bob gave alittle nod of recognition to what just happened. Forever Young. Cheers on vocal. Very strong 3-part harmonies. Bob headbopping on guitar breaks. Highway 61. Another strong vocal, feels more alive. Great guitar, especially from Larry. Blowin' - After each chorus, down on one knee for a guitar lick, then back up. Strong, strong 3 part harmonies to close. Great Bob guitar solo on first break. Bottom line - If you've seen a bunch of shows the last few years,this was solid but not spectacular. If you've not seen any for a few years or longer, a really strong Greatest Hits show, and you probably wouldn't have been put out that Bob didn't look like he was having the time of his life. Single best vocal - If Dogs Run Free, followed by Things Have Changed. Overall, guitar work more alive and focused than vocals. Some real nice dancing,too. Highlight before the show -- Bob signed one of Dick Waterman's photos from Newport 1965 : "Thanks for the blues,Best Wishes, Bob Dylan." Dick took some great pix of Bob 63-65, and Bob invited him backstage before the show. I'm reliably infomed Bob was at his sweetest, and really enjoyed seeing some of Dick's pix from back then. Dick came up from Oxford for the opening of a blues club (Luther's) where a lot of his old blues photos are on display. So that's that, for now.
Subject: Re: October 29. 2000 - Madison, Wisconsin - Setlist From: Marty Traynor Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 21:42:46 -0600 This is one of those times when I wish I had a tape. My recollection is it was more tuneful singing than we often hear from Dylan, neither nasty nor soft. But my seat was in front of Larry and the mandolin dominated the sound, so that's what's most clear in my memory. Marty
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