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Bob Dylan 2000.10.02 in Brussels, Belgium

Forest National, Ave. de Globe 36, 1190
Capacity: 8000

Subject: Great evening in Brussels
From: "" 
Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2000 02:32:57 +0100

Just returned from a terrific concert in Brussels. It sounds like
a cliché but it was one of my best shows ever. Dylan was in great
form. Standing in front, I could see him enjoying this evening.
The crowd was so enthusiastic Dylan returned for a second time
while the crowd was cheering him. Not to do another song, as we
hoped, but to make a second bow. Of course If Dogs Run Free was
one of the highlights, beautifully done, sort of a night-club
sound.We were very happy he played it for a second time. Dylan
took a lot of solo's and the cheering made him expand them a lot.
He was really in his "guitar hero" mood, he moved a lot grinning
at the band and the public making all those Dylanesque movements.

As one Dutch newspaper said this week, it will be very hard to
keep up this standard.


Subject: Re: Great evening in Brussels From: Luc Van Bogaert Date: Tue, 03 Oct 2000 06:37:13 GMT ... It was a great show indeed. For me too, "If dogs run free" was the highlight, because (for me) it came so unexpectedly! When did he do this one before? It was very well done, had a relaxed jazzy mood in it, and you could see the band enjoying to play this song. There were some other surprises as well : "Seeing the Real You at Last", "Tell Me That It Isn't True". The best performance of the show for me was "Things have changed". I've heard this song live before this summer, but this time everything fell into place much better I think. Also, "Highway 61" blew us all away : here's a real rocker with a rocking band in top shape! "I shall be released" was one of the other highlights for me. To me, Dylan seemed not as "relaxed" as the previous time I saw him. Why is it after he and his band stop playing that he makes those very nervous gestures? This makes him look so very nervous. Or is it his age and the strain on his body that's giving him some problems? I did see a few grins towards the other band members, but I think I only counted two "thank you"s to the public. The audiance seemed to be in a good mood however, although there was some guy yelling "Neil Young" a couple of times very loud. The audiance sang along with "Rolling Stone" and "Blowin' in the wind" and that seemed to please Dylan and his band as it extracted a few grins. What I would give to know what's going on in that mind as Dylan stands there on the podium taking and listening to the applause at the end of the show... Luc Van Bogaert
Subject: Re: If Dogs Run Free?? From: Luc Van Bogaert Date: Tue, 03 Oct 2000 06:59:25 GMT ... I can't attest for the version he played in Munster, but he played it again last night in Brussels, and for me it was one of the highlights of the show. Yes, it was good! Very jazzy feel, a couple of people in the audience taking over the scat singing sounds! I could tell the band really enjoyed playing this song and it turned out wonderfully. Luc Van Bogaert
Date: Tue, 03 Oct 2000 22:24:30 +0200 From: Eddie Janssens To:, As I noticed that nobody has written a review on the Brussels show yet, here's my own one. This Brussels show was my 10th Dylan concert (first time in 1984). In the past all concerts Bob gave in Brussels were very good (87, 89, 96 & 98). And this night, once again, would turn out to be a date to remember ! I was lucky to find myself standing in the second row, just in front of the man. Duncan And Brady (acoustic) Bob started off at 8.25 pm with a song most people didn't recognize at all. It wasn't my favorite opening song either, but what the hell... the band did its work and Bob sang with a clear voice. To Ramona (acoustic) (Larry on mandolin) I was happy to hear this song for the first time. I think it's a Real classic. You could understand every word Bob sang. It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) (acoustic) First I was hoping that Bob would skip this one. I heard it in 84, 90, 96 and May 2000. Something different would have pleased me more, but as the song went on, I realised it was, without any doubt, the best version I had ever heard. It was really rocking! Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (acoustic) Not really special. Not better or worse than any other version. Tangled Up In Blue (acoustic) Although everyone heard it - more than once - before, it still is My favorite Dylan song. In my opinion it's Bob Dylan's most representative song. So the only thing he can do is "keep on keeping on" doing this song. Searching For A Soldier's Grave (acoustic) Just a great acoustic song. Country Pie The beginning of the electric part, which was surely the better part of the show. In the past, I always preferred the acoustic part, but this time it was different. The 'country pies' this band bakes are the very best you can get... So, I'll have another piece anytime ! Standing In The Doorway Wow ! Magnificent version. Bob sang as if he meant every word of it. Heartbreaking! And while 'standing in the doorway' Bob found a new love : his electric guitar. Just love those strange Bobsolo's ! Tombstone Blues This must be the highlight of the electric part. Played real tight And with a fantastic outro. The band were enjoying themselves perfectly. Nobody can match Bob in this kind of blues. Tell Me That It Isn't True Liked this one too. Heartbreaking lyrics again. And in that sense related to 'Doorway'. Was Bob lovesick tonight ? Cold Irons Bound Spacey intro. Not as good as he did it in Kšln this year, but still very nice. Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat More of that Dylan blues. Sharp and tight as it should be. (encore) Things Have Changed A version that was a lot different than the Kšln version in May (a Bit slower). Still this is the song of the year. It doesn't get much airplay over here. It's a pity ! Like A Rolling Stone Always a crowdpleaser. I've heard better versions before but I am not complaining. If Dogs Run Free (acoustic) (Larry on electric guitar) Yes, another highlight of the show. Not because it was the second Live version ever. I just loved it because it was sooooooooo jazzy - Jazz is my second love. I often wondered : Bob & jazz, do they match together ? Well, the answer is YESSSSS ! If he had been born 50 years ago, Bob would have been someone like the male version of Billie Holiday meet Louis Armstrong, I'm sure. In 1991 Bob shouted to the crowd, after a long outro : 'It's like a Coltrane ending out here'. Can we conclude that Dylan is a jazz Fan too ?? Seeing The Real You At Last The intro sounded like it was played by the Rolling Stones (70ties, sticky fingers). Man, it was rocking and rolling! Surely a highlight too. I Shall Be Released (acoustic) The crowd recognized this one and it was beautifully sung too. Highway 61 Revisited Going back electric. These words are crossing my mind : energy, power, explosion, exciting !! Blowin' In The Wind (acoustic) A great end to a great show. Another date to remember in Brussels' Bob history. Keep well, all of you Bobcats ! Eddie Janssens
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