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Bob Dylan 2000.07.23 in Saratoga Springs

Subject: Re: July 23, 2000 - Saratoga Springs, New York - setlist
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 05:05:30 -0700

One of the most beautiful days of the summer, and the show was
rocking--I mean rockin'.  The crowd went wild with Tangled Up In
Blue.  What a version.

Each time you see the Band, of course, it's a different show.

Bob's lead guitar was better than ever.  He is like fine wine.
I love his voice--he really does something to me.  His
deliverance was so clear, and his animations, from time to time,
were just so cute.  Yeah, Bob, you are cute.  His harp
deliverances were so powerful.  He and his Band really put out
for his fans.  David, even though we can't see you back there,
you were doing a seriously-powerful performance.  Just to watch
Bob's hands in action, playing all over those strings; he gets
so into his music for us.  Those beautiful lyrics come
alive . . . .

I don't know if Bob receives the same kind of applause at both
the end of the first set and at the end of each show, as he did
last night at SPAC.  He stood there looking quite amazed at us
as he took his bow.  Both responses the audience had for the
Band were thunderous.  Everybody was on their feet cheering
beyond belief.  We love Bob and his Band.  I don't think he
wanted to leave us, 'cuz we gave it right back to him!!!
Thanks, guys, for all that you do.  New York, and the world of
people with minds, love you.


From: Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 00:00:56 EDT Subject: Saratoga Sunday.... To: I was writin 'bout drivin 96 North the other day, drivin to the Dylan show., when mentioning the road signs: Ulysses, and Ovid. Dylan been there and done much of what the other two literary figures did. In the same league if ya ask a poor feller like me. Just drivin, then I realized I was putting "infinity up on trial again." Damn that, don't ya hate it when you put infinity up on trial? It just never ends. Well, to the show. The boys seemed very mellow, almost relaxed as they traversed through a smooth "Duncan and Brady", "To Ramona" , then to a bone chilling "Desolation Row." Dylan sang the tune perfectly, nailing the verse. With such mastery, the song was putty in his hands as he deliverd the climax to a loud and highly responsive crowd. I was standing at the rail at the foot of the lawn seats, and the view was fine. At the onset, a great silouhette of yellow lights on Dylan's profile, giving him a ghostlike quality. The deadheads next to me loved it. Some of the much younger fans were quite mesmerized by Dylan's performance. "Ballad of Judas Priest" sounds great, and so did TUIB. The great song was "Standing by a Soldier's Grave" which was performed masterfully by the band. This was excellent bluegrass at a large venue, not an easy thing to pull off, but they did it. The timing was superb as Dylan salutes the "Americans killed in action." Dylan goes low ; delivers "like soooo many others, my love was killed in action. Soooo I'm here, I"m searchin for his grave..." The classic three part harmony was flawless, with, I believe Mr. Campbell singing the high top. This was studio quality music, delivered live. Kudos to the band to be this disciplined night in, and night out. The level of performance I've heard so far has been excellent. The boys are on the case. They follow with a knockout "Country Pie", with Larry shining on lead guitar. Playing a hot Nashville rock line, picking hard, he brought down the house with his work. Another impressive effort, as Dylan rolls into New York City on Wednesday night at Jones Beach. This band can do it all, and does. Larry blistered on "Tombstone Blues" with a classic rendition of this rock masterpiece. "She Belongs To Me" caused a young girl next to me to commnent that the song was "intoxicating." The usual supects ended the set which was highly professional. The great thing about this band, to me is it's hard country/bluegrass gear. Also, the versatility is quite unique. They can switch styles mercurially, which makes for an interesting evening. I split after Bob, and found my way South, to 87, and back down to Woodstock. Drove by the Joyous Lake but it looked like it was shutting down. Imagine that, the Joyous Lake closin down at midnight, and I just heard Dylan rockin out 70 miles away. I drove around the place once, then proceeded up Main St., past the Bearsville Theater, past the fancy Chinese joint, past Grossman's Hill, and onward home. From live, to the ghosts, I'll always remember "Standing By A Soldier's Grave", as I drive along the moonlit Esopus, wind rushing through me.. Review from F.M.
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