Deep Beneath The Waves 2001

Reviews of UNofficial Bob Dylan CDs, published here with permission. The author wishes to remain anonymous.
Last updated 15 June 2001.

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Deep Beneath The Waves no 85   2 May 2001
T-698 Don't Waste Your Words, Ahoy (Rotterdam, Holland) Sept 27, 2000 + Vorst National (Brussels, Belgium) October 2, 2000
T-xxx Somebody Touched Me, Arena (Berlin, Germany) May 23, 2000 + Donauarena (Regensburg, Germany) May 25, 2000
T-xxx I'll Be Your Baby Tonight, Schleyerhalle (Stuttgart, Germany) May 8, 2000 + Arena (Sioux Falls, SD) April 1, 2000
T-xxx It Takes a Lot to Laugh, Portland Meadows (Portland, OR) June 16, 2000 + Reno Hilton (Reno, NV) March 17, 2000 (early)
T-xxx Gospeller, Massey Hall (Toronto, ON); April 20, 1980
T-xxx A Musical Retrospective, fall 1980
T-xxx Columbia Recorded Artist, Gorge Amphitheater (George, WA) June 18, 2000<
T-xxx Gaslight Tapes 1962, Gaslight Cafe (New York, NY); October 1962
T-xxx Sun Beating At The Altar, Sun Theater (Anaheim, CA) March 10, 2000 (early show)
T-xxx MTV Unplugged Rehearsals, MTV Unplugged (New York, NY); November 16, 1994 afternoon rehearsal
T-xxx Afternoon Acoustic, MTV Unplugged (New York, NY); November 16, 1994 afternoon rehearsal
T-697 Dark Night On The Spanish Stairs, Civic Center (Augusta, ME); November 26, 1975
T-699 Away From The Past, UK, US 1966
T-xxx Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 9th November 1999
T-694 Horsens Teater, Horsens Ny Teater (Horsens, Denmark) May 21, 2000 + Lund
T-693 Violence Of A Summer's Dream, Kolnarena (Cologne [Koln], Germany) May 11, 2000 + Oberhausen
T-xxx Oh Me Oh My Country Pie, Globe Arena (Stockholm, Sweden) May 18, 2000 + Spektrum (Oslo, Norway) May 19, 2000
T-xxx Highlands of Worcester, Centrum (Worcester, MA) November 14, 1999
T-691 Hard to Find Vol 7 (Music From The Outlaw Hideout)
T-686 Happy Dylennium, The Stadium (Sydney, Australia); April 13, 1966

Deep Beneath The Waves no 86   3 May 2001
T-xxx Live At Palaeur 1984
T-xxx Live At Jones Beach Theater 1988
T-xxx Live At Brand Theater 1991
T-683 Troubadour Of A North Country, Spektrum (Oslo, Norway); July 18, 1996
T-690 Ramblin' Gamblin' Casino Man, (Atlantic City, NJ); November 19, 1999
T-688 Highway of Diamonds Vol 3 - Covers 1988-98
T-689 Highway of Diamonds Vol 4 - Originals 1988-98

Deep Beneath The Waves no 87   15 June 2001
T-xxx Pathway To The Stars, Fall 2000 Compilation
T-xxx Roadmaps For The Soul, Ljubljana; 28 April 1999 + East Rutherford, NJ; 13 Nov 1999
T-xxx Dimestore Medicine, 1965 outtakes and alternates etc

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