From: xyx
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 21:44:57 -0400

	Much action at the DEEP lately but it's been hard to find
the time to do the latest ones justice. I'm still recovering
from  the incredibly energetic Philly show (and the
subsequent drive home), the wondrous Wolf Trap performances
and the accompanying late nights with some wonderful people
from the list who I finally got to meet (you know who you

	Anyway, looks like the Pope is in for a treat!!  Plus,
it seems our friends in the UK will see Bob in '97 after
all. Lucky blokes...........on with the show......

A SATISFIED MAN  1CD (Blue Eye Records-BER 002)  11 Nov 1975 Palace
   Theater,  Waterbury, Connecticut
 Tracks:  16      Time: 73     Source: Soundboard     Quality:  Outstanding

	A re-release of sorts (original release was Spacematic's
"Tell It Like It Is")  of the classic 11/11/75 Waterbury
soundboard but a more complete document of that night's
proceedings. This initial offering from Blue Eyed Records
contains all 13 trax originally found on "Tell It" plus 3 
others - SimpleTwist/OhSister/ThisLandIsYour Land (the show
is still missing the 2 openers- Masterpiece/ ItAintMeBabe .
Once again, the soundboard quality is mighty fine and very
similar to the excellent "Tell It." The mix is a good one,
with the highs and the lows flowing nicely together and
neither one dominating. Everything is sharp and upfront,
most importantly Bob's vocals. Any complaints about the
quality here will come from those w/impossible-to-meet

	As  or the show, well, it just does'nt get much better
than this. The show seems loose and spontaneous, like
they're just blowin' into town to hit you with a lethal dose
of (salvation) & folk and roll that is chock full of
mystery, history and a strange but interesting cast of
characters both in the songs and onstage.  Dylan sings with
wild abandon in some places (Hard  Rain, Isis) and with a
soft, breathtaking beauty in others (Oh Sister, Sara).

	The acoustic set w/Joan is worth the price of admission,
with their "opposing" voices melding together  wonderfully
to create a unique and compelling sound
(Blowin'/WaterIsWide/ StAugustine) and Bob lets Joan take
the lead on a gorgeous NeverLetMe Go. A shame these duets
went downhill a bit as the tour moved into '76. The simple,
acoustic arrangement of SimpleTwist is a wonder to behold,
sung slow and clear with great conviction.

	What a unique sound Dylan put together for these shows.
Uncharacterizable, it seems, beyond simply calling it Dylan
music. And he never sang better, wrapping that voice of sand
and glue (thanks, Bowie) around words and  sounds like only
he can, getting inside the words and the whole language
even, twisting and turning words & phrases into something
new and different each time, revealing more about these
songs than anyone could or should expect.  Cue up
OneMoreCupOfCoffee for anyone who ever doubted his ability
as a singer (Sara&JustLike A Woman, too) !!!    

Oh yeah, this one's a Japanese release, so jump on it if you 
can, as they don't usually circulate much. Great cover, too.

HIGHWAY 49 REVISITED  1CD (Top Cat - TC 760501)  1 May 76  Hattiesburg,
   Mississippi (Reid Green Coliseum)
 Tracks: 18    Time: 76     Source: Audience     Quality: Very Good (for '76)

	Another Japanese release and a very welcome one at that.
Who would'nt welcome a fine quality document of a '76 show,
there are so few, eh? The entire Dylan set is presented
here, save Blowin' in the Wind (which is listed but Railroad
Boy plays instead), & the encores Knockin' & Gotta Travel
On.  This set compares favorably, quality-wise, with the
only other CD document of Rolling Thunder from an audience
source, "Flaggin' Down the EEs." Like that set, the sound is
a bit thin and lacking in the full-bodiedness (sic) we've
come to expect,  but that is more a function of the
technology of the times than  anything else. Still, the
vocals are clear and distinct and the instruments are all
there, though not as upfront as you'd like, but it won't
detract from your enjoyment (IMO) if the RTR turns you on.  

	The show is a real treat and offers up some interesting
performances: a sparse, acoustic STwist (played only 2 other
times in '76) sung with a deliberate flair and grace,  a
humorous VincentVanGogh, countrified & rollicking and newly
arranged I'llBeYourBabyTonite, very  bluesy Shelter and an
epic IdiotWind (were'nt they all!). You'reGonnaMakeMe 
Lonesome/LayLady/ThrewItAllAway showcase the versatility of
all the players  involved. Dylan works them through rock,
folk, blues and country and they handle all with equal
aplomb and create their own sound throughout. Dylan's
arrangements and Scarlett's violin play no small part in
this, to say the least.  

	Once again and as always, his vocal phrasing and clear,
deliberate enunciation on tracks such as BigGirlNow,
Mozambique, One Too Many Mornings and the others mentioned
above (hell, the entire show) are a joy to hear. I'm playing
it as I write this and can't help but marvel at the singing
and the sound. 

	Anyway, an excellent show and a nice companion piece to
the several excellent '76 soundboards that are circulating.
Complete set list is as follows:

LayLady/Mozambique/Idiot Wind.

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