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ACETATES ON THE TRACKS VOL I (1962-65) 1CD (Treasure Records TRD-997)
Selection of outtakes/alternates/original versions from acetate sources.
Tracks: 19     Time: 75    Source: Acetates    Quality:  Excellent

  A compilation of tracks from the Grogan & Gelson acetates (correct,
 Dylanologists?) presented in outstanding sound quality and covering
the Freewheelin' sessions through Highway 61. The only downside to
this collection is that you may have this material elsewhere - "The Emmett
Grogan Acetates," "Freewheelin' Bob Dylan Outtakes," or "7 Years of Bad
Luck," among  others - the upside is that those sets are relatively difficult
to find, so this may be your only hope. As already stated, sound quality is
tremendous, which is no surprise since this collection is brought to us by
our friends from the consistently fine "Hard To Find" series label.  Now to
the tracks, which are tastefully chosen and form a fine sampler for both
newcomers to this material and hard core listeners. Now to the tracks:
Instrumental (?)
Milkcow Calf's Blues (2 versions both completely different)
Wichita (2 different versions)
Whatcha Gonna Do
That's Alright Mama
Hero Blues
Lonesome Whistle Blues
I Don't Believe You
Chimes of Freedom
Motopsycho Nightmare
All I Really Want To Do
(The above 5 tunes are the same takes as on "Another Side" w/perhaps
 a bit of a count-in or talking before or after each take. From the Grogan
Mr Tambourine Man (Newport Folk Fest 7/24/64
You Don't Have to Do That
Tombstone Blues (2 different takes)
Queen Jane
Two other tracks are listed but, sadly, not included - Medicine Sunday and
the classic 1:12 Lunatic Princess Revisited (you'll have to have the Genuine
Bootleg Series Take 2 for that).
Overall, a fine collection and one that has received a hefty amount o
f play (a little surprising after a halting first impression).Thumbs up on
this one.

ACETATES ON THE TRACKS VOL 2 (1965-74) (Same label as above)
   Selection of outtakes & alternate versions
Tracks:  15  Time:74  Source: Acetates/Tape*(?)  Quality:  Excellent
 A superb follow-up to Vol I with tracks covering Highway 61/BonB plus
several sundry  studio tracks from 1970 & 1973.  Once again, quality  is top
notch and equivalent to the best  previous  CDs have had to offer - that's
right, it seems to me that everything on here has been
previously available. The upside is that many of the disks that offer these
tracks are long out of print and near impossible to find. Anyway, included on
here is the devastating solo piano version of "She's Your Lover Now," which
is worth the price of admission alone. I always joke that this is the one
song you must cue up for your friends who don't like Dylan - it will just
reinforce their aversion to him because they just won't get it,  particularly
the opening (I can't really say I get it either -even if I thought I did I
would'nt say so :-) ). Anyway, I feel compelled to be a little anal here and
point out that 0:21 into this song, Dylan provides us with the most wondrous
3-4 seconds of humming I've ever heard - truly inspiring and tuneful and
words can't
describe it ("Come on, xyx, it's 3 seconds of humming, quit bullshitting and
looking for some deep meaning in there." OK, sorry). Suffice it to say this
track is a killer - the singing, the piano, the words - if you have'nt heard
it, do yourself a favor and at least cop a tape of it.  Then decide which one
you prefer - this or the GBS 1-3 version w/the Band.
   I've wasted enough of your time already but I would be remiss not to
mention the other legendary unreleased cut included here - the "boiled guts
of birds...nightingale's code" version of "Desolation Row." Many lyric
variations and different musically to the H61 version. A must
to hear this one also if you've never had the pleasure.  Last detailed
mention will go to the 2 cuts of "Visions of Johanna" (both sound
similar to me), also completely different than the version on BonB.
 This one is also a necessity. The complete track list:
Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window (2 full different takes + a 1:00 false
Desolation Row (outtake)
Ballad of A Thin Man (2 takes - diff mixes, one very spooky w/organ
 mixed way up)
I Wanna be Your Lover
I Don'rtWanna Be Your Partner
Visions of Johana ( 2 versions)
She's Your Lover Now ( see above)
Instrumental (I'll Keep It With Mine)*
Working on a Guru (Harrison session 1970 - amazing quality)*
Tomorrow Is A Long Time (rare version available only on GBS Take 2)*
Nobody 'Cept You (sounds like it may be a different mix)*

Awonderful collection of tracks and if someone can provide the source linkage
it would be much appreciated . For instance, are these all from acetates?
Maybe someone can print the full listing of Grogan and Gelston acetates. I'm
also wondering about the sources of the last 4 tracks, as
the only one where surface noise is evident is "Nobody 'Cept You."
In any case, this one will certainly not disappoint.
Until next time.

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