From: xyx
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 20:21:30 -0400

  A slack time lately here at THE DEEP, what with few new titles (3) since
the last capsule summary several fortnights ago.
Here'a catching up to one and hoping the others will follow later this

BLOOD ON THE TAPES 1CD ('74 Blood on the Tracks circulating outs)
  Columbus COL 2-1070
  Tracks: 11   Time: 69:46   Source: Official CDs, test pressing
  Quality: Excellent/Very Good**
   The 11 circulating BOTT outtakes all together on one CD is certainly a
welcome addition to anyone's collection. Tastily compiled in the order
they were recorded and presented in official release quality (natch, 7 of
the songs are from official releases-see below-and the others are from
the BOTT initial test pressing).

Although most Dylan fans will already own the 7 tracks on official
releases (at least), and hardcores will also have the other 4
"unreleased" takes, it's nice to have them all in one place. No
shuffling around of disks or rewinding of tapes required to hear
them all, go ahead and play "Up To Me" and JMaguire's "Shelter"
7 or 8 times in a row  or program them in an order that suits
your tastes without waiting for the rewind or taking the
time to change disks. If this was vinyl it would wear out quick.

If You See Her Say Hello  9/16/74  (from Bootleg Series 1-3)
Lily, Rosemary & Jack of Hearts  9/16/74  (unreleased test press)
  Previously available on: Vastly Original Work...
                                        Acoustic Troubadour
Call Letter Blues  9/16/74  (from Bootleg Series 1-3)
Idiot Wind (Keyboard overdub) 9/16/74  (unreleased test press)
  Previously available on: Vastly Original Work...
                           Acoustic Troubadour
                           Genuine Bootleg Series I (IMO, the quality is slightly
                           better on the GBSI set)
Tangled Up In Blue  9/16/74  (from Bootleg Series 1-3)
You're A Big Girl Now  9/17/74  (from Biograph)
Shelter From the Storm  9/17/74  (from Jerry Maguire s/track)
**If You See Her, Say Hello  (unreleased test press-the quality on
   this particular track is a bit less spectacular than the rest,
   sounding a bit compressed) 9/19/74
  Previously available on: Vastly Original Work...
Tangled Up In Blue  9/19/74 (unreleased take)
  Previously Available on: Genuine Bootleg Series Take 2
Up To Me  9/19/74  (from "Biograph")

A masterpiece in its own right, scraping buttons and all. Perhaps come 1999,
Sony will give us this and more on the 25th anniversary bonus disks of "The
Complete 'Blood on the Tracks' Sessions."  (Corrections to above welcome).

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