Date: Sat, 10 May 1997 10:54:32 -0400

 In an effort to bring things up to date here at THE DEEP,  I'll try to keep
things succinct and to the point and without the admitted long-windedness
that characterizes many of THE DEEPs "observations." The aim here has
always been to make known what is recently available and to gauge it's
"worthiness."  Needless to say, this is a subjective venture and I regret
if anyone has ever felt "led astray" by any of the DEEP critiques.  GP
might say, "...get over it and move on."  Without further ado, more
roadmaps for your soul...........

I'VE GOT A SONG TO SING  1CD (BD 96)     Spring/Summer '96 compilation
     Tracks: 11       Time: 74+        Source: Audience        Quality:
Easily the finest compilation of live tracks to grace a CD since, well,
Golden Vanity. The performances are all top notch, the quality is wonderful
and the track selection is very interesting.  To wit:
SHAKE SUGAREE (Berlin 6/17) - enough has already been said about this in
  previous editions.  A monster performance that will surely bring a smile.
THIS WHEELS ON FIRE (Madison 4/13) - energetic, over-the-top performance
 in matzoh-crisp quality. First of the tour and maybe the best.
FRIEND OF THE DEVIL (Lewisburg 5/3) -  another gem in astonishing  quality,
you can hear the guitars breathe and Bob's sandpaper vocal is razor sharp.
SEVEN DAYS (Frankfurt 6/19) - kickin' ass rocker, this version could boil
VISIONS OF JOHANNA  (Luxembourg 6/24) - startling take of the beloved
  and  rarely played classic will absolutely "conquer your mind."
DISEASE OF CONCEIT (Buffalo 5/11) - rare tune sung beautifully (despite
erring on "..disease is a disease , and the doctor's got no cure").   Treble
HATTIE CARROLL (Orono  4/23) - biting performance from a wonderful show
that I always hoped we'd see in it's entirety. Maybe someday. Superb.
NEW MINGLEWOOD BLUES (Luxembourg 6/24) - great quality but I hate the song.
  Those of you who like it will be mighty pleased with the incredible sound.
PRETTY PEGGY-O (Mannheim 7/2) - always welcome "Peggy O" given a tight
  and heartfelt reading by Bob and band. Has it ever been just so-so??
BLOWIN' IN THE WIND (Cottbus 7/14) - highlight of the set IMO. Lovely
minute-long acoustic intro has the crowd wondering what tune it is until
finally the familiar chords are plucked and they respond  enthusiastically. A
touching moment,  and  then Bob proceeds to sings the hell out of it and blow
you away with the harp solo at the end.  One for the ages-goosebump material.
LARS (Montpelier w/the Stones) 7/27/95 - lame lame lame.

 Absolutely, get this if you see it. A can't miss winner in everyone's book,
plus a couple of delightful caricatures, along with a nice cover to complete 
a fine effort.

HARD TIMES IN NEW YORK CITY  61-62  1CD (AZ001)  Various NYC 61-62
  Tracks: 18  Time: 73  Source: Boards/Reel-Reel (?)  Quality: Very Nice
Early NYC material including some heretofore unreleased-on-CD tracks. Nice,
folky stuff here in quality that I imagine is as good as it gets in normal
circulating circles. Historic performances from Gerde's and Carnegie Recital
are sandwiched around 3 cuts from Cynthia Gooding's apartment tapes of 9/61
and 4/62. The Blowin' from Gerde's 4/62 is especially tasty (first ever live
version?), albeit abbreviated. I'l list the tracks in case you missed Dr. Jibe's
post awhile back. Asterisked cuts are the ones I believe to be unreleased on
CD until now:
Ranger's Command (9/61)*,  Wichita (4/62)*,  Rocks&Gravel (4/62)*
San Francisco Bay Blues*,  The Great Divide*
Peggy-O, In The Pines, Gospel Plow, 1913 Massacre, Backwater Blues,
Young But Daily Growin',   (where's "Fixin' To Die?")
Honey Just Allow me One More Chance, Talkin' NY/Talkin' Folklore, Corrina
Corrina, Deep Elem Blues, Blowin' In The Wind
FINJAN CLUB (Montreal 7/2/62): Muleskinner Blues

An outstanding, historic collection of early trax (no, duh) with a smashing
B&W pic on the cover of Dylan walkin' the streets of the Big Apple w/4
friends. Clear plastic tray w/pic behind adds another nice touch to an
extremely classy looking package. If you're into early Dylan, you'll love it.
If not, get into it w/this stuff.

HOLLIS BROWN AT IVY  2CD  (No label-Japan CD)   Kurashiki  13 Feb 1997 +
    Tracks: 20   Times: 66/75      Source: Audience       Quality: Good
The first CD to emerge from the Japanese shows in February (and we don't even

have a Fall US one yet!!!), presenting the entire Kurashiki show plus (5)
tracks from4 other Japan shows.  I'll cut to the chase: this show is relatively
unexciting. Perhaps uninspired would be a better choice of words.  Pedestrian
setlist, pedestrian  phrasing, performance by Dylan that never goes beyond
ho-hum. If Dylan feeds off a crowd's enthusiasm, he's feeding off this
crowd's unenthusiasm (sic). I understand  the Japanese crowds are generally
"polite" and that's what Dylan gives back - a polite performance.  The songs,
in my mind, are given routine readings (with the exception of If You See Her
and Maggies), almost as if he's trying to be conservative and toned-down in
his treatments.  The arrangements of If You See Her and Maggies are
interesting and feature Bob, prominently, on lead. Maggie's in particular is
a radical re-arrangement and is easily the highlight of the show. The quality
leaves a bit to be desired - it's nice and clear and very listenable but a
bit thin and lacking in that warm, full sound we've come to expect from  many
other disks. The "greatest hit" setlist is as follows:
You/ MFarm/LARS/ItAintMeBabe/RDW12&35.  The bonus trax are well chosen
and improve things a bit: Tom Thumb (Tokyo 2/10), ManInMe (Sendai 2/20),
Masterpiece (Akita 2/22), SweetMarie & a very hesitant, hard to understand
the words to ViolaLeeBlues (Sapporo 2/24). I'm wondering if all the Japanese
shows were this tame.  Considering the performance and so-so quality, thumbs
down on this one.

IT TAKES A LOT TO LAUGH  2CD (HM 0107)   Munster, GE  1 July 1996 + filler
   Tracks: 17    Times: 64/67      Source:  Audience      Quality: Outstanding
Just another fine performance from the summer Euro shows, this one from
Munster in drop-dead good quality, right up there with Christiania in that
regard.  A definite "on" night with just the right amount of "odd" songs
the setlist to take this to the outstanding level, when combined with the
quality.  An inspired performance all around with several moments of
transcendence.  Things you want to know:
Is it great quality? YES  Is Dylan's voice upfront and detailed? YES  Are the
instruments crisp and clear and defined, with all nuances intact?  YES  Is it
an energetic performance?  YES If you buy it, will you play it often?   YES
Should I shut up now?  YES.  The tracks: Drifter's/Shake Sugaree/Watchtower/
SimpleTwist (elegant)/LotToLaugh(beautiful grunge)/Silvio/Boots(so fine)/
JBrown(scary)/MamaYouBin (w/abouncy,jaunty kick)/Maggie's/ThinMan/5
Believers/ Alabama/ItAin't MeBabe(sublime)/RDW  plus bonus tracks from
Mannheim  2 July:  lovely and tender ToRamona and  delicious WhatGoodAmI.   A
winner all around and right up there with Christiania & Soul as the best of

'til the next time - xyx
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