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The Bootleg, Demos 1961-62

Wanted Man Music WMM 022

Columbia Studio A, New York City, 20-22 November 1961: 1. You're No Good (Jesse Fuller) 2. Talkin' New York (Bob Dylan) 3. In My Time Of Dyin' (Blind Willie Johnson) 4. Man Of Constant Sorrow (Tradiotional arranged by Bob Dylan) 5. Fixin' To Die (Bukka White) 6. Pretty Peggy-O (Tradiotional arranged by Bob Dylan) 7. Highway 51 (Curtis Jones) 8. Gospel Plow (Tradiotional arranged by Bob Dylan) 9. Baby Let Me Follow You Down (Eric von Schmidt) 10. House Of The Rising Sun (Traditional) 11. Freight Train Blues (John Lair) 12. Song To Woody (Bob Dylan) 13. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean (Blind Lemon Jefferson) 14. House Carpenter (Traditional) 15. He Was A Friend Of Mine (Traditional) Leeds Music Demos, January 1962: 16. Hard Times In New York (Traditional) 17. Man On The Street (Traditional) 18. Talkin' Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues (Traditional) 19. Standing On The Highway (Traditional) 20. Poor Boy Blues (Traditional) 21. Ballad For a Friend (Traditional) 22. Ramblin' Gamblin' Willie (Traditional) Columbia Studios, New York City, 24 April 1962: 23. Milk Cow Blues (Robert Johnson) 24. Wichita Blues (Traditional)

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