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Anthologies of past material?

There have been two:

All Across The Telegraph

Edited by Michael Gray and John Bauldie

was a collection of the "best of" the first 25 issues of The Telegraph. It was originally published in hardback in 1987 the UK by Sidgwick & Jackson and then appeared as a Futura paperback, also in the UK only, the following year. Unfortunately, the hardcover is long out-of-print. Copies of the paperback were still be to seen in some shops up until a few months ago, but now that too seems to have sold out. It shouldn't be too difficult, however, for the diligent searcher to turn up a copy. Best place to start, perhaps, is in the Small Ads section of The Telegraph, The Shopwindow. Sale, Trade and Want ads are free to subscribers. You should, obviously, be a subscriber!

List of contents

  • Bob Dylan on hero worship
  • A comic strip
  • Did Bob Dylan really play piano for Bobby Vee?
  • Liam Clancy by Bob Dylan
  • Bob Dylan by Liam Clancy
  • Cliches That Come To Pass (Christopher Ricks)
  • William Zanzinger Did Kill Poor Hattie Carroll
  • Bob Dylan's Neglected Newport Year, 1964 (Bill Allison)
  • Letters to The Telegraph (1)
  • Who and Where was Positively 4th Street?
  • Record Company Sales Force Instructions, 1965
  • Who Was Mr Jones?
  • Reels Of Rhyme: Mr Tambourine Man (Aidan Day)
  • In The Factory: Dylan & Warhol's World (Patrick Webster)
  • D.A.Pennebaker talks about 1966
  • Letters to The Telegraph (2)
  • Levon Helm remembers
  • The Motorcycle Crash & The Woodstock Seclusion, July 1966-October 1967 (John Bauldie)
  • Bob Dylan & The Search For The Past (David Pichaske)
  • Alias, Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid (Chris Whithouse)
  • Dirge (John Bauldie)
  • 1976 and Other Times: Ronnie Hawkins
  • A Profile Of Howard Alk (Clinton Heylin)
  • Jacques Levy & The Desire Collaboration (John Bauldie)
  • Interviews & A Poem: Allen Ginsberg
  • Three Other Poets On Bob Dylan
  • Bob Dylan's Favourite Electric Guitars
  • Bob Gets A Little Cross
  • Slow Train (John Hinchey)
  • Bob Dylan's Leadbelly Parable
  • Cartoon by Ken Pyne
  • What He Can Do For You (Christopher Ricks)
  • Deaths Around Bob Dylan's Life: Last Thoughts On David Blue
  • Bruce Who?
  • A Meeting With A.J.Weberman, Summer of '82 (John Bauldie)
  • A Note On Bob Dylan & Bob Marley
  • No-One Can Sing The Blues Like Blind Willie McTell (John Bauldie)
  • Highway 84 Revisited (John Lindley)
  • Brief Encounter: Kevin McHale
  • Dylan And The Making Of We Are The World
  • Letters (3): On Live Aid
  • Charity Is Supposed To Cover Up A Multitude Of Sins (Clive Wilshin)
  • Lyrics 1962-1985: A Collection Short Of The Definitive (Clinton Heylin)
  • Letters (4)
  • Fans, Collectors & Biograph (Roy Kelly)
  • Into The Future: Knocked Out and Loaded (Nigel Hinton)
  • Some Bob Dylan Lists
  • Back in New York City, Summer of '86.
  • The second anthology came along in 1990:

    Wanted Man: In Search Of Bob Dylan

    Edited by John Bauldie

    was primarily a collection of some of the interviews that have appeared in The Telegraph. Published in hardcover by Black Spring Press in the UK, there were paperbacks in the USA (Citadel Underground), in Spain (under the title Se Busca, by Celeste Ediciones) and in Japan (Shinko Music Publishing Company). The UK paperback, published by Penguin, contained some material that was not in the original hardcover edition. I know that the UK books are now gone from the shops. I've no idea about the others.

    List of contents

  • Bobby Zimmerman in the S.A.M. Fraternity
  • The Girl From The North Country: Jaharana Romney
  • Bob Dylan in New York, January-April 1961
  • Looking Back: D.A.Pennebaker, 1965
  • The Science Student
  • Newport 1965: Joe Boyd interviewed
  • Dylan & Warhol: Gerard Malanga interviewed
  • Brief Encounter: Paul McCartney
  • Brief Encounter: Muff Winwood
  • Photographing Dylan: Elliott Landy
  • Brief Encounter: Johnny Cash
  • The Mysterious Norman Raeben
  • Patti Smith interviewed
  • Joel Bernstein interviewed
  • Bob Dylan & Renaldo & Clara by Allen Ginsberg
  • Helena Springs interviewed
  • Saved! Bob Dylan's Conversion To Christianity
  • Brief Encounter: Maria McKee
  • Charlie Quintana interviewed
  • Brief Encounter: Leonard Cohen
  • The Night Bob Came Round
  • Eric Clapton interviewed
  • Ron Wood interviewed
  • Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers interviewed
  • Richard Marquand interviewed
  • Brief Encounter: Iain Smith
  • Bruce Springsteen on Bob Dylan
  • Bob Dylan & Death
  • The Traveling Wilburys: George Harrison & Jeff Lynne interviewed
  • Roy Orbison interviewed
  • Daniel Lanois & Oh Mercy
  • Christopher parker interviewed
  • C'est Commandeur Bob: Honoured In France
  • Additional material in the Penguin paperback: interviews with . . .

  • Bobby Vee
  • Liam & Pat Clancy
  • Ronee Blakley
  • Don Was
  • Hugues Aufray

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