A weekly correspondence

This weekly column is an occasion to interpret Dylan's works from different perspectives linked with his sources of inspiration: judaism, yiddish traditions, californian christianity, cowboy songs, black gospel, poor white ballads, yankee classics, the american literary tradition and the bible.

We'll se how Dylan's production can be related to his own life and to everyone's story passing thru several music styles. We will "hit" a song every week considering its historical and artistic value, this way making this correspondence a means to "get a hold" of Dylan's poetics either for those that get close to his art for the first time or for the greatest fans.

The readers will also have the opportunity to express what the weekly song means to them and what it makes them remember by sending emails to bertenus@hotmail.com

November/10/01 Dylan and the Young Holden

11/3/01Dylan talkin' with Nyc