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Date:    Mon, 1 Apr 1996 18:11:10 +0200
From:    Sven Erick Alm (sea@MATH.UU.SE)
Subject: CD Plus Summary

                          Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits
                                  Volume 3
                                   CD Plus

                       A summary of the audio content
                               Sven Erick Alm

1. Audio Content

The CD Plus Version consists of two disks, with 7 songs on each. The order
of the songs is changed compared to the regular, non-multimedia one disk
release in order to get the disks in chronological order.

Disk one:

1. Knockin' On Heaven's Door                 Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid
2. Forever Young                             Planet Waves
3. Tangled Up In Blue                        Blood On The Tracks
4. Hurricane                                 Desire
5. Changing Of The Guards                    Street-Legal
6. Gotta Serve Somebody                      Slow Train Coming
7. The Groom's Still Waiting At The Altar    Shot Of Love

Disk two:

1. Jokerman                                  Infidels
2. Series Of Dreams                          Bootleg Series Vol 3
3. Brownsville Girl                          Knocked-Out Loaded
4. Silvio                                    Down In The Groove
5. Ring Them Bells                           Oh Mercy
6. Dignity                                   Greatest Hits Vol 3
7. Under The Red Sky                         Under The Red Sky

The 14 audio tracks are playable on an ordinary CD player, but can also be
played on a computer from the Audio and Lyrics sections of the CD Plus.

2. Multimedia Content

The Main Menu of the CD Plus contains the following sections:

Audio         Plays the audio tracks, shows photos/credits

Lyrics        Plays the audio tracks, showing the lyrics with the current line
              highlighted. Clicking on a line in the lyrics makes the audio
              jump to that line.

Catalog       Shows the album covers of all Dylan albums. Clicking on a cover
              plays a short sample (15 seconds) from one of the songs and
              shows the song titles or the liner notes/song credits.

Video         Each disk contains a full length video.

Discography   Contains the albums represented on the CD Plus disguised as tape
              boxes. Clicking on a box brings up that album, where you can
              hear short (15 seconds) samples from all songs on the album

Photos        Contains photos of Dylan with accompanying music samples. Parts
              of the Jokerman video is also showed.

Biography     Contains a time axis covering the period 1972-1989. Clicking on
              a year shows information about Dylan's activities that year and
              plays a music sample.

2.1 Catalog

Album                             song

Disk One:

Bob Dylan                         Highway 51
Freewheelin'                      Down The Highway
The Times They Are A-Changin'     Only A Pawn In Their Game
Another Side                      My Back Pages
Bringing It All Back Home         Outlaw Blues
Highway 61 Revisited              Queen Jane Approximately
Blonde On Blonde                  I Want You
Greatest Hits                     It Ain't Me, Babe
John Wesley Harding               All Along The Watchtower
Nashville Skyline                 Peggy Day
Self Portrait                     Days Of 49
New Morning                       If Not For You
Greatest Hits Vol 2               Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid       Main Title Theme
Dylan (A Fool Such As I)          Sarah Jane
Planet Waves                      Tough Mama
Before The Flood                  Most Likely You Go Your Way
Blood On The Tracks               Simple Twist Of Fate
Basement Tapes                    Orange Juice Blues                   1)
Desire                            Romance In Durango

Disk Two:

Hard Rain                         Maggie's Farm
Street-Legal                      Changing Of The Guards
At Budokan                        All Along The Watchtower
Slow Train Coming                 Gotta Serve Somebody
Saved                             Solid Rock
Shot Of Love                      Every Grain Of Sand                  +)
Infidels                          Sweetheart Like You                  +)
Real Live                         Tangled Up In Blue                   +)
Empire Burlesque                  (You Wanna Ramble)                   2)
Biograph                          I'll Keep It With Mine
Knocked-Out Loaded                Brownsville Girl
Down In The Groove                Had A Dream About You, Baby
Dylan & The Dead                  Joey
Oh Mercy                          Everything Is Broken
Under The Red Sky                 Under The Red Sky
Bootleg Series                    (You're Gonna Quit Me)               3)
Good As I Been To You             You're Gonna Quit Me
30th Anniversary Concert          My Back Pages                        -)
World Gone Wrong                  Delia

+) indicates that the sample is longer than the normal 15 seconds, and
-) that it is shorter.
1) Orange Juice Blues is written and performed by Richard Manuel, probably
   without Dylan!
2) You Wanna Ramble is from Knocked Out Loaded, not Empire Burlesque!
   This mistake makes Empire Burlesque the only Dylan album not represented
   on the CD Plus!
3) You're Gonna Quit Me is from Good As I Been To You!

2.2 Video

Disk one: Tangled Up In Blue (Live, Boston, MA, November 21,1975)
Disk two: Series Of Dreams   (Promotional video)

In addition, there are several samples from the Jokerman video in the Photos
Section on both discs.

2.3 Discography
Contains 15 second samples from all songs of the albums represented on the CD
Plus, i.e.

Disk One:
Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid       10
Planet Waves                      11
Blood On The Tracks               10
Desire                             9
Street-Legal                       9
Slow Train Coming                  9
Shot Of Love                      10

Disk Two:

Infidels                           8
Bootleg Series Vol 3              16
Knocked-Out Loaded                 8
Down In The Groove                10
Oh Mercy                          10
Under The Red Sky                 10      1)

1) Wiggle Wiggle is given the new title Wiggie Wiggie!

2.4 Photos

This Section contains photos with the following music samples:

Disk One:

Down The Highway
Watered-Down Love
Jokerman                   video
Tough Mama
Wedding Song
Jokerman                   video
Changing Of The Guards
Jokerman                   video

Disk Two:

My Back Pages              30th Anniversary Concert
Maggie's Farm              Hard Rain
All Along The Watchtower   At Budokan
Jokerman                   video
Jokerman                   video
Under The Red Sky
Changing Of The Guards
Tangled Up In Blue         Real Live
Jokerman                   video
You're Gonna Quit Me

2.5 Biography

For (almost) every year from 1972 to 1989 (not 1991, when Under The Red Sky
was released!), information about Dylan's activities during the year is given
and is illustrated by an (in most cases) appropriate music sample.

Disc One covers 1972-1979 and Disk Two covers 1980-1989.

The following music samples are used:

1972 Knocking On Heaven's Door
1973 Final Theme                      +)
1974 Forever Young (fast)             +)
1975 Shelter From The Storm           +)
1976 Mozambique                       +)
1977 New Pony                            1)
1978 New Pony                         +)
1979 Gonna Change My Way Of Thinking  +) 2)

1980 Gotta Serve Somebody
1981 Every Grain Of Sand              +)
1982 Sweetheart Like You              +)
1983 Sweetheart Like You              +)
1984 Tangled Up In Blue (Real Live)   +)
1985 You Wanna Ramble                    3)
85-6 I'll Keep It With Mine
1986 Brownsville Girl
1987 Had A Dream About You, Baby
1988 Joey (Dylan & The Dead)          -)
1989 Everything Is Broken             -)
1990                                     4)
1991                                     4)

+) indicates that the sample is longer than the normal 15 seconds, and
-) that it is shorter.
1) 1977 is identical to 1978!
2) By mistake, a picture from Street Legal is shown!
3) You Wanna Ramble is from Knocked Out Loaded, which was released in 1986,
   not from Empire Burlesque!
4) The years 1990 and 1991 are missing entirely!

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