A text scanner for the Highway 61 Interactive cd-rom

What is it?

The BobScan program is a Windows patch to the Highway 61 Interactive cd-rom that makes it possible to search the text of the cd-rom in a easy way.
There are the following three versions of the BobScan program:

BobScan 1.0

This is a lyric scanner for Windows, that can find all occurences of a specific text in the Bob Dylan lyrics of the Highway 61 Interactive cd-rom. The program returns a list of song titles where the text was found.

This program is free of charge. Just download the file bobscan1.arj and unpack it with arj.exe by typing: "arj x bobscan1" at the dos prompt.

BobScan 2.0 demo

This is a demonstration version of the version 2.0 of BobScan for Windows. This demo gives an impression of the possibilities in BobScan 2.0. The demo can be used instead of BobScan 1.0 to scan through lyrics. Actually it is a little better than BobScan 1.0 as this program returns the entire lines within wich the search text was found to give an idea of the context in wich the text was found.

The demo too is free of charge. Just download the files bobdemo2.arj and bivbx11.arj and unpack them with arj.exe by typing:
"arj x bobdemo2 (return)"
"arj x bivbx11 (return)"
at the dos prompt.

BobScan 2.0

This is the luxury model of BobScan. It includes search possibilities for lyrics, album notes, cover artists (and years) and song titles (returns album name). BobScan 2.0 can also extract the complete lyrics to a song. All output from BobScan 2.0 can be saved in a text file.

On top of that BobScan 2.0 has a media player that allows you to see all the movie clips of the cd-rom, listen to all the sound clips and view all graphics (album covers, locations etc). Some of the most enteresting movie clips are made available in a specially easy fashion (MTV-unplugged, supper club etc).

This program is a must!

To get BobScan 2.0 send an amount equivalent to USD 10 (preferably DKK 50) to:

Marc de Oliveira
Kongensvej 3
DK-2000 Frederiksberg

and a 3 inch floppy disk with BobScan 2.0 will be coming your way immediately (orders outside Europe add USD 2 for postage).

Any constructive comments are welcome to:

Marc de Oliveira, May 11th 1995.