BobScan version 1.0

From: (Marc de Oliveira)
Subject:       BobScan version 1.0 for Expecting Rain
Date:          Sun, 16 Apr 1995 10:55:53 -0400 (EDT)

 Hi Karl Erik,
 I have just finished a little Windows application that makes it
 possible to search through the lyrics of the HW61 Interactive
 CD-ROM for the songs that contain specific lyrics.
 If you find it interesting I would be glad to send you a copy for
 your Expecting Rain home page (as I have not got an Internet
 server). The program can be copied by anyone free of charge.
 I have, however, added a short add for the version 2 of the
 program on the screen which I will sell for DKK 50 a copy (in
 case that the program becomes popular).
 There is no termination date on the version 1 of the program.
 My idea is simply to add functionality (scanning album notes
 The program can be zip'ed to a size of less than 20 Kb.


Date: Mon, 24 Apr 95 09:12:30 +0200 From: (Marc de Oliveira) To: Subject: About missing DLL file to BobScan 1 Hi Karl Erik, Thank you for presenting the BobScan program! But as far as I can see you do not offer the BITBTN.DLL file that is needed for running the program. For ease of administration I have uploeaded a packed file named BOBSCAN1.ARJ containing both files (EXE and DLL). If you put that on the page then people will be able to run the program. I have placed the bobscan1.arj in pub/uploads. Sincerely, Marc.
You can get the files by FTP here: bobscan1.arj
My Netscape is not configured to take proper care of .arj files. Tips, anyone?
Date:          Mon, 24 Apr 95 09:49:27 +0200
From: (Marc de Oliveira)
Subject:       Re:       Re: About missing DLL file to BobScan 1

Hi Karl Erik,

My impression was that unhandled file types make Netscape pop up
with an option to just save the file (which is what we want).


I hope this is helpful.



Date: Mon, 24 Apr 1995 22:48:16 -0400 To: From: (Mitch Grunat) Subject: arj files Save the files to disk and uncompress with Winzip. That should do the trick. Mitch <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Mitch Grunat
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 1995 07:39:25 -0400 To: From: (Mitch Grunat) Subject: Bobscan My compliments to Marc. Bobscan looks like it will be an excellent tool. Works great too! I would suggest for a possible future version that it not only show the title of the song with the lyric in question, but also show a few lines of the song putting the lyric in context. Mitch <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Mitch Grunat
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 95 09:56:44 +0200 From: (Marc de Oliveira) To: Subject: Unpacking BobScan Importance: normal Priority normal Hi Karl Erik, I just received a mail from someone who did not know what to do with an ARJ file. If this is a general problem some info should be put on the page. Maybe it would be an idea to put the ARJ.EXE on the page as well. I have uploaded an ARJ.EXE to your pub/uploads if you don't have one yourself (I got the impression you are using a Mac). To whom it may concern: BOBSCAN1.ARJ is a packed file that needs to be unpacked with ARJ.EXE. After copying BOBSCAN1.ARJ to your pc type: ARJ X BOBSCAN1 If you do not have ARJ.EXE download it too. Sincerely, Marc.
Date: Mon, 1 May 95 16:22:32 +0200 From: (Marc de Oliveira) To: \ Subject: ARJ.EXE should be lower case. Importance: normal Priority normal Hi Karl Erik, The hyperlink to ARJ.EXE that you have placed on the cd-rom resource page should be in lower case (arj.exe). I get a "file not found" error when trying to access it. By the way I will have a demo version of BobScan 2.0 ready in a couple of days. BobScan 2.0 includes scanning of lyrics, album notes (including musicians etc), cover artists (and years) and song titles (much faster than scanning entire lyrics if you know that it is a song title you are looking for). BobScan 2.0 also offers a multi media player for viewing the movie clips sound clips, album covers etc directly from the cd-rom. As suggested on the cd-rom resource page not only the maching title is displayed but also the paragraph in wich the search string was found (to give an idea of the context). If you want to put the BobScan 2.0 demo on your page let me know and I will upload a copy within this week. Sincerely, Marc.
Date: Thu, 4 May 95 16:11:24 +0200 From: (Marc de Oliveira) To: Subject: BobScan 2.0 demo Importance: normal Priority normal Hi Karl Erik I have uploaded bobdemo2.arj to your pub/uploads directory (demo version of BobScan 2.0). There is also a bobdemo2.exe but it does not run (I had to kill the job before the entire file was uploaded. As with bobscan1.arj you will need arj.exe to unpack the file. I managed to add functionality to BobScan 2.0 for retreiving the lyrics for an entire song and a save function for saving the retreived output to a file. Sincerely, Marc
Date: Fri, 5 May 95 10:03:12 +0200 From: (Marc de Oliveira) To: Subject: BobScan demo is missing dll file Importance: normal Priority normal Hi Karl Erik, I am very sorry, but it seams that I have forgot a DLL file again... After trying to download bobdemo2.arj from Expecting Rain on a new machine the program could not find bivbx11.dll. I will get it to you when I get home from work (around 17.00 CET). I should have detected this problem before mailing you that it was ready but... I am sorry. Sincerely, Marc
Wed, 10 May 95 09:39:43 +0200 Hi Karl Erik, One last update for the BobScan 2.0 demo... I have placed the missing DLL file on: It is a packed dll file that has to be unpacked with arj.exe (same as bobdemo2.arj). I think it is a general dll file, so most people will have it already, but at work I did not have it so it is not a windows standard dll. If the program asks for bivbx11.dll then you will need to download it. If not you have the dll file already on your computer. Sincerely, Marc.