Mel Prussack, curator of "The Dylan Shrine"  which is located in Old
Bridge,  New Jersey, U.S.A. is very pleased to announce the that we
are now accepting entries for the 5th annual Zim-Art contest.  

The prizes this year will include the free subscription to "On The
Tracks", the certificate and Dylan Shrine souvenir key chains and a
rarity which will be announced soon.  Last years winner is now being
shown at "Expecting Rain".  

For anyone unaware of
just what "Zim-Art" is I will now give an explanation.  Zim-Art is the
creation of a work of art that represents either the title or a line
from a Bob Dylan song.  The original concept was to find an old,
discarded item in your basement, attic, or local flee market and with
a little imagination create a Dylan inspired work of art. Much like
what Bob Dylan did when he took the old spiritual "No More Auction
Block" and created "Blowin' In the Wind"  which is one of many
examples.  The most famous piece of Zim-Art is my "Mr Tambourine Man"
which can be seen in the film on fans of rock and roll  at the exhibit
"You Really Got a Hold On Me" in Cleveland , Ohio (U.S.A.) at the Rock
and Roll Hall of Fame.

The Zim-Art object you create must be not more than 8 inches in height
and 6 inches in width.  The winning entry and the first runner-up
become the property of The Dylan Shrine to be put on permanent
exhibition there with appropriate credit given to the creator(s).  All
other entries, if requested, will be returned to their creators.  

To see examples of Zim-Arts and to read about it see the book "Encounters With Bob Dylan" by Tracy
Johnson.  The contest closes on December 31, 2000
Send your entries to
     Mel Prussack, Curator
     The Dylan Shrine
     98 Phillips Drive
     Old Bridge, New Jersey

E-mail: melp@voicenet.com -  
Mel Prussack, Curator of the Dylan Shrine  

3rd Annual Grand Prize Winner 1st Runner up

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Expecting Rain

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