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South Dakota

Ballad of Hollis Brown / The Times They Are A-Changin' / 1964

There's seven people dead On a South Dakota farm Somewhere in the distance There's seven new people born
"Michael Hall" , 29 Aug 2002: South Dakota is located in the North-central United States, which is inexplicably called the Upper Mid-West by people who live there. South Dakota became the 40th state in 1889, when the Dakota Territory was split into North Dakota and South Dakota. There is no indication in the Ballad Of Hollis Brown where the South Dakota farm may be, but since most of the state is used for either farming or ranching, it's difficult to tell for certain. Liner notes to an early record (first record? Freewheelin'?) mention in passing that Dylan spent part of his childhood in Sioux Falls, South Dakota's largest city. Possibly inspired by this tidbit, local legend holds that he graduated from Washington High School in Sioux Falls, though there's no basis for this belief.
Expecting Rain