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PostPosted: Thu July 7th, 2016, 17:46 GMT 
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zebob wrote:
superhuman crew wrote:

Hey zebob, I waited until after Mavis' set before I moved up. I could tell that there were a few seats in row B that no one had taken, so I made my move right at intermission while everyone was walking around so that security wouldn't notice me. I'll be wearing a white button down shirt and light blue shorts, and I wear glasses. Enjoy the show!

Thanks superhuman crew! We were able to move up to row F, which I thought was fantastic. We saw everything very clearly and had a blast!

onemorecup wrote:

Outed! Yep, you got us :D - last night, well into Mavis's set, the sky was out so the thighs were out - and man was I grateful for those short shorts, because it was HOT. I mean H-O-T HOT.

Alright, as promised, I'll put some of my thoughts down. Like I said before, there's so much knowledge and experience here, forgive me if I retread old territory or tidbits that have already been revealed in prior performances by other posters.

I'll start off by saying I had a great time, every single second of it (yes, even watching the uber obnoxious guy in the pit trying desperately to get Bob to look at him-which, of course, he didn't). I didn't know what to expect from Mavis but I was absolutely blown away. She was easily worth the price of admission alone. She had a bit after the first couple songs where she said, "I love to listen to Bob sing, but I also love to watch him walk - he's got that, swagger." There was some laughter and she followed it with something along the lines of "I told him about it once and he just said *with gravelly voice* 'Oh Mavis. Cut it out.' "

I'm not entirely sure how the rest of the audience was reacting, but my section loved every second of Mavis, she was entirely earnest and very lovable - I told my wife (who wasn't there, sadly) that Mavis was like warm pie, sweet, welcoming and made you feel at home. What goes so very, very well with warm pie? Ice cold ice cream.

I think for me that was a big part of why last night worked so well. Dylan provided that trademark coolness, and the clash between warm and cool is exactly what makes pie and ice cream work so well. Full disclosure: I knew what to expect. I wasn't surprised that his microphone was considerably farther away from the audience than Mavis's was. Nor was I surprised by The Set, which I'd studied and grown pretty familiar with from youtube videos and retreading Tempest (and TTL and L&T). I listened with rapt attention to each and every song, and you can count me as one of the ones who truly believes Dylan is telling a story through those twenty songs.

The message of that story becomes blatantly clear even just reading the song titles. I won't recount them all here as I'm sure most if not all of you know them, but he's not tiptoeing around the subject; there's a reason the first song is Things Have Changed.

I even heard She Belongs to Me in a new way for the first time in a long time. "She" had always been an actual woman to me, flesh and bone. Last night "she" became the embodiment of Dylan's career, his music, his life. I read it almost as a warning. Why is it so surprising to so many that after all these years, he still isn't giving the fans exactly what they want? It's surely cliche by now, but there's a reason he chooses to perform this one, of all the ones he could have picked from the 60's. "She dont look back." It goes surprisingly well in hand with a few other lyrics of the night... "Yesterday is dead." he spat it out like a bad taste in his mouth.

I sat next to a couple of sweet older gals from Toronto. At the intermission they turned to me and asked, "Can you tell me any of the songs he just played? We didn't recognize a single one." Of course it's disheartening to hear that. I kindly told them, "Well, that very last one was Tangled Up in Blue." Which they could hardly believe, but they came around. I was reminded of another classic Dylanism, one that had truly fermented in my mind by the time he finished Blowin' in the Wind - "It used to go like that now it goes like this."

I'll be honest, I hadn't listened to a lot of the Sinatra covers prior to the concert. I knew they were coming, and like most, I didn't expect them to be a highlight. I'm serious when I say that for me, they were. Sure, I had several highlights--like most others I thought Dusquene Whistle was superb, I loved Beyond Here Lies Nothin, Scarlet Town, Long and Wasted Years (a recent love of mine) and of course, Love Sick--but in between those crooner classics shined. He seemed to genuinely appear to enjoy singing them. The band was rip-roarin along and there in the center of it all was Bob, telling his story, or chapters in his story, even if those particular words weren't originally his own, he folded them into the set and made them his own.

One small note of interest (to me anyhow) was that Bob himself announced the intermission. I wasn't sure if he'd been doing this lately or not but I distinctly recall he didn't for the 2013 show I caught.

Did I want him to deviate from The Set? Of course I did. I really wanted him to surprise me with a tune they hadn't played nearly every night for that last who knows how many--but as I drove home I really let the order of the songs flow through my mind. There was some level of meticulous choosing at play there, and for those explorers wanting to take a crack at it I couldn't help but feel he'd hollowed out a private treasure trove of meaning.

At the end, the ladies beside me asked if I thought when he said "I'm sick of love" he was really saying he was sick of us. I laughed a little despite myself, but truth be told I kind of wanted that to be true. If that song had somehow transpired into a bit of a love-hate letter to us, the audience, then by extension it also meant that Bob would give anything to be with us, to know us all intimately, to care and be warm and inviting like Mavis, he just simply cannot. An especially telling insight, seeing as it's the last line he says to the audience before stepping off the stage. A silly thought, maybe, but I'd love to believe there's some truth to it.

Such great thoughts and observations Zebob! Welcome to the Evenings Empire,
You sum it all up quite well.
I had someone turn to me after Spirit on the Water at Foxwoods who said she's just waiting for him to play some of his original material! :) she raved for BITW, but I was sure to turn to her before Scarlet Town to say, this is one of his!

PostPosted: Thu July 7th, 2016, 18:11 GMT 

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A Merry Llama wrote:
I had someone turn to me after Spirit on the Water at Foxwoods who said she's just waiting for him to play some of his original material! :) she raved for BITW, but I was sure to turn to her before Scarlet Town to say, this is one of his!

Hahaha, I had a few of those people near me too. As I was leaving I distinctly remember one couple... the wife was very upset and her husband kept saying, "Well now he's just not the same as he used to be, is he? I guess he just doesn't do Mr. Tambourine Man anymore," and she snapped, "Well that's all I really wanted from him, so yeah, I guess I'm upset." I felt like I'd been transported back in time and was hearing the same sort of quibbling angered fans from the mid-60's. But ah, to be a fan.

And yes, Scarlet Town was phenomenal, even the ladies beside me asked for the title afterwards and where it was from.

PostPosted: Sun April 9th, 2017, 14:44 GMT 
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Best Things Have Changed in 2016 - at least!

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