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PostPosted: Mon September 4th, 2017, 02:06 GMT 

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Can be heard here: https://archive.org/details/robynhitchc ... 20.McCabes.

Robyn describes it as "a reconstruction of a song Bob Dylan never finished." He rewrites the portions of the lyrics that don't "make sense," remaining true to the mood of Dylan's original while constructing a linear narrative. In my view, what the song gains in logic it loses in magic. In the original, Dylan is basically speaking in tongues, which lends to the haunted mood. Still, it seems like a useful exercise that encourages further contemplation of one of Dylan's most intriguing songs. Thoughts?

Here are Robyn's lyrics as I hear them:

Things are crashing down
And she's feeling too tight
In my neighbourhood
She appears both day and night

She's a milestone
But she's down on her luck
The day leaves her lonely
But the night leaves her stuck

I believe that she'd stop him
If she'd only start to care
I believe that she could work upon
The side of him that's there
And I go by the laurel
As I pass on her way
But I don't belong here

No I don't belong to her
I don't belong to anybody
She's a twice forsaken angel
But she doesn't hear my story

She's a sweet scented mystery
She can't carry on
When I'm there she's alright
But she's not when I'm gone

Heaven knows that's the answer
I'm not callin' to the sun
She's a heat-resistant beauty
And she's mine for the one
Oh she's lost in hesitation
My temptation let it run
But she don't holler me
I'm not there, I'm gone

Well I cried tonight
Like I cried the night before
I'm leaning on the window
But I dream about the door
For so long, she's forsaken
Then she's trapped inside her shell
She don't do confrontation
So she said fare thee well

Now when I try to leave her
I was born to love her
But I know that the kingdom waits
So high above her
And she rolls like a target
Out in front of everyone
It's hard not to miss her
But I'm not there, I'm gone

Well it's all about diffusion
And I cry for her veil
I don't need anybody now
Beside me to tell
And it should be affirmation
I receive but it's not
She's a lone-hearted siren
Tying souls in a knot

Yes she's gone like the rainbow
That shines on yesterday
But now she's here beside me
And I want her here to stay
She's a twice forsaken creature
And I know I carry on
And I wish I was there beside her
But I'm not there, I'm gone

It's impossible to stay here
But it's too hard to leave
She's made of matter personal
Her heart too thick to grieve
It's a shame, it's a crime
The way she mauls me around
She didn't call up just to hate me
But I know she's back in town

Heaven, I believe that it's rightful
I believe it in my mind
And I tell myself all I gotta do
Is keep from crying
Like the soul gypsy told her
You just have to carry on
I wish I was there to help her
But I'm not there, I'm gone

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