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 Post subject: 1965 piano songs
PostPosted: Sat September 9th, 2017, 20:21 GMT 

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Some notes regarding Dylan’s filmed piano songs in 1965.

The “finding aid” for the Dylan archive in Tulsa cites:

Box 34 Folder 05 - Typescript and manuscript lyrics with Dylan's annotations and emendations for the album Highway 61 Revisited, c. 1965. Includes: "Like a Rolling Stone," "Just Like Juarez" (a/k/a "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues"), "Everyone Knows But You," "Tombstone Blues," "From a Buick 6," "Ballad of a Thin Man," "Highway 61 Revisited," and "Queen Jane Approximately."

Dylan performs the song “Everybody Knows But You,” in the film 65 Revisited, at 55:00. The film is an extra added to Dont Look Back.


Also, Bob sings an unknown piano ballad with a dummy lyric” in the 1965 footage. This song is at 46:00 in Dont Look Back. Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYtMxYpzGtY

Note - more footage of the same performance is at the very start of 65 Revisited. Put them together, and you have a three-minute version of this unknown song.

In the film, a toothpick-chewing Tom Wilson grooves on the song next to Dylan at the piano. This is backstage, Birmingham, 5/5/65.

In the audio commentary with Dont Look Back and in the extra interview with Greil Marcus, Pennebaker says he put this footage back in the movie after Dylan called him, noted that the footage was in an earlier version he had watched, and said, “I just wondered, ‘Have you ever filmed anybody writing a song before?’ ”

Some people have tried to figure out the words:

"...So hard to please, oh how hard it is to please, but you don’t have to think or lean on where tomorrow will lead, but how hard it is to please..."

“Well, here's a little lie but I do that job and Okies in no rain too hard to please, well the harder you lean but you don't have a dream but you lean on it tonight here with me but I don't ...

Writers says an attempt to capture mood - “Well, I tried to live without you 'cause I don't agree with what you think is right.... Talk to me! All the heartache and pain.... Well if they dig down any deeper I'm afraid for myself what that shame could bring... Say sorry"


Dylan also performs an early version of “It takes a lot to laugh” on the piano for Tom Wilson at this Birmingham session. That’s on 1965 Revisited at 24:00.


And – there is another filmed unreleased piano song from 1965. It is at about 1:00 on the DLB Outtakes. I hear it as “All I’ve got is all I want. “

And Jeff Leach has done a nice job of completing it on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnOV2AxWBZs


 Post subject: Re: 1965 piano songs
PostPosted: Sat September 9th, 2017, 23:04 GMT 

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Thanks for the notes and findings about the piano songs from 1965. I hadn't caught that title "Everybody Knows But You" in the Tulsa archives or put it together with what we have on film from the May 1965 tour. I think you are spot-on. Also, thanks for the possible wordings. Those might be guesses but they could be close enough to something Dylan was roughly working off of while matching lyrics to his chord progressions. I agree, Jeff Leach did an admirable job on his finish for the "All I Got Is All I Want" song.

For the record, one technical correction on the location in Dont Look Back/65 Revisited.

>In the film, a toothpick-chewing Tom Wilson grooves on the song next to Dylan at the piano. This is backstage, Birmingham, 5/5/65.<

Actually, that is backstage at De Montfort Hall in Leicester, 2 May 1965.

There are photos from Leicester in 1966 showing Dylan, Bobby Neuwirth. and the Hawks killing time in the same room just prior to the Leicester concert. Details of the room are the same. Same flowered wall paper, piano, seat and window beside the piano. In 1966, Neuwirth occupied the catbird seat beside the piano in one of the backstage photos.

In both 1965 and 1966, Dylan played his Leicester shows at De Montfort Hall.
In 1965, his Birmingham show was at Town Hall. The Birmingham show in 1966 was at the Odeon Theatre.

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