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PostPosted: Wed November 5th, 2008, 03:37 GMT 
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janalyn wrote:
I'm just happy to see him now and enjoy every one.
Saturday night can't get here soon enough. Kalamazoo :D

Yeah, doesn't make any sense looking back. Just enjoy it now. Have a great time on Saturday!

PostPosted: Tue November 11th, 2008, 04:56 GMT 

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Columbus 2006
Auburn Hills 2006
Sterling Heights 2007
Toledo 2007
Cleveland 2007
Ypsilanti 2007
Columbus 2007
Cincinnati 2008
Kalamazoo 2008

PostPosted: Thu November 13th, 2008, 01:53 GMT 

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04-01-03 X ~ Van Andel
08-05-05 ROA ~ South Bend Silverhawks
10-24-05 ROA ~ Van Andel
07-22-06 YEAH! ~ Indianapolis
10-24-06 YEAH! ~ Van Andel
06-30-07 Thrust ~ Chicago
08-15-08 Sparkle ~ Van Andel

PostPosted: Thu November 13th, 2008, 20:32 GMT 

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I only wish I would have seen him sooner than this year!!!
Cincinnati August 08'
Kalamazoo Nov 008

Both outstanding!!! The first was AMAZING :) I still can't get over the fact I've actually got to see Bob Dylan!!

PostPosted: Fri November 14th, 2008, 06:23 GMT 
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Gosh, not too sure if the following list in inclusive of every show I've attended or not.....no doubt 'tis prit near though

August 21, 1994
The Ohio State Fair

June 15, 1995
Franklin County Airport Highgate, VT

May 8, 1996
The Palace Theatre Columbus, OH

May 17, 1996
Nautica Stage Cleveland, OH

Nov 7, 1996
Memorial Hall Dayton, OH

April 29, 1997
Muncie IN

November 7, 1997
Veteran's Memorial Columbus, OH

February 10, 1999
Veteran's Memorial Columbus, OH

October 29, 1999
Millett Assembly Hall Oxford, OH

October 31, 1999
University of Illinois Conference Center Pavilion Chcago, IL

November 3, 1999
Value City Arena Columbus, OH

July 16, 2000
Pine Knob Music Center Clarkston, MI

August 6, 2003
Germain Amphitheatre Columbus, OH

August 13, 2006
Cooper Stadium Columbus, OH

October 13, 2007
Value City Arena Columbus, OH

PostPosted: Sat November 15th, 2008, 22:07 GMT 
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Milwaukee 11/6/2008

Milwaukee Summerfest 7/3/1989

Alpine Valley,East Troy, WI. 6/27/1986

Milwaukee MECCA/Auditorium 10/17/1981

I am looking for recordings of the last two.
Can anyone help me?

PostPosted: Tue November 18th, 2008, 23:12 GMT 
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jfcanada wrote:
Jan. 9, 1974 Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto
Dec. 2, 1975 Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto
Oct. 12, 1978 Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto
Apr. 18, 1980 Massey Hall, Toronto
Oct. 29, 1981 Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto

Now that is a concert list. Lucky bugger.

PostPosted: Sat November 22nd, 2008, 16:03 GMT 
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feet_of_a_harlot wrote:
janalyn wrote:
I only started this craziness a little over 2 years ago but I've been fortunate enough to see him 4 times so far

12 August 2006 Comstock Park, MI
3 November 2006 London, Ontario Canada
10 July 2007 Interlochen, MI
12 October 2007 Ypsilanti, MI

And soon I'll get to see him a 5th time :D
8 November 2008 Kalamazoo, MI

It could be that if you have only seen him from 2006 onwards you have never really seen him at all

Yes, his styles has changed thru out the years that is to be sure :P

PostPosted: Tue November 25th, 2008, 06:35 GMT 
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Updated, dont feel like digging through to find the last time I posted:

10/24/06 Denver
7/19/07 Red Rocks
7/20/07 Red Rocks
7/21/07 Telluride
10/26/07 Omaha
2/22/08 Dallas
2/23/08 Dallas
5/16/08 Worcester
5/17/08 Lewiston
8/27/08 Tulsa
8/28/08 KCMO
8/30/08 Aspen
8/31/08 Park City
11/6/08 Milwaukee
11/8/08 Kalamazoo
11/21/08 NYC

Total- 16

PostPosted: Tue November 25th, 2008, 16:31 GMT 
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None. And never will.

Shame I missed Helsinki last June :(

PostPosted: Tue November 25th, 2008, 17:27 GMT 
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6/05/05 Birmingham, AL
9/22/07 Duluth, GA
2/23/08 Dallas, TX
8/28/08 Kansas City, MO
11/21/08 New York, NY

PostPosted: Tue November 25th, 2008, 22:15 GMT 
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i have seen him a few times. his first night back at the Beacon last year on opening night, and I saw him just this past friday in NY again. This was my favorite show EVER!!

PostPosted: Sun November 30th, 2008, 05:06 GMT 

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Location: Ohio
July 14, 2007 - Cleveland, Ohio.

Considering I've only been alive for 17 years, I think I'm doing pretty well.

PostPosted: Mon December 1st, 2008, 20:00 GMT 
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Just joined this great-looking forum. Thought giving my too-short and too-old list would be a good intro. Just 4 (circumstances have intervened since I ended my concert-going hiatus of 1989 - 2004):

7-2-1986: Rubber Bowl, Akron OH
7-6-1986: RFK Stadium, Washington DC
7-7-1986: RFK Stadium, Washington DC
7-20-1988: Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia MD

If this thread does become a searchable db someday, it will be incredible! It's a great idea.

PostPosted: Wed December 3rd, 2008, 03:22 GMT 

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Great Woods Performing Arts Center, Mansfield, Massachusetts, 8 July 1986
Great Woods Performing Arts Center, Mansfield, Massachusetts, 9 July 1986
Civic Auditorium, Hartford, Connecticut, 11 July 1986Center
Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, New York, 13 July 1986
Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York, 15 July 1986
Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York, 16 July 1986
Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York, 17 July 1986
The Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19 July 1986
The Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 20 July 1986
Meadowlands Brendan T. Byrne Sports Arena, East Rutherford, New Jersey, 21 July 1986
Sullivan Stadium, Foxboro, Massachusetts, 4 July 1987
John F. Kennedy Stadium, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 10 July 1987
Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey, 12 July 1987
1988 14 June: Holmdel
1988 25 June: Holmdel
1988 26 June: Saratoga Springs
1988 30 June: Long Island
1988 1 July: Long Island
1988 2 July: Mansfield
1988 3 July: Portland
1988 6 July: Philadelphia
1988 8 July: Montreal
1988 9 July: Ottawa
1988 20 july Columbia MD
1988 29 August: Toronto
1988 31 August: Syracuse
1988 2 September: Middletown
1988 4 September: Bristol
1988 10 September: Stanhope
1988 13 October: Upper Darby
1988 14 October: Upper Darby
1988 16 October: New York City
1988 17 October: New York City
1988 18 October: New York City
1988 19 October: New York City
1989 11 July: Harrisburg
1989 12 July: Allentown
1989 13 July: Mansfield
1989 17 July: Stanhope
1989 20 July: Atlantic City
1989 23 July: Long Island
1989 12 August: Doswell
1989 16 August: Atlanta
1989 18 August: Louisville
1989 10 October: New York City
1989 13 October: New York City
1989 15 October: Upper Darby
1989 16 October: Upper Darby
1989 20 October: Poughkeepsie
1990 January: Penn State
1990 4 June: London
1990 5 June: Toronto
1990 6 June: Toronto
1990 7 June: Toronto
1990 15 October: New York City
1990 16 October: New York City
1990 19 October: New York City
1991 july 5 mansfield ma
1991 july 11 long island
1991 july 13 NJ
1992 1 November: Wilkes-Barre
1993 10 September: Wantaugh
1993 11September: Wantaugh
1993 14 September: Holmdel
1993 16 November: New York City - early
1994 15 October: West Point
1994 16 October: New Haven
1994 18 October: New York City
1994 19 October: New York City
Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey, June 18, 1995
Theater Of Living Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, June 21, 1995
Theater Of Living Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, June 22, 1995
The Beacon Theatre, New York City, New York, December 11, 1995,
Electric Factory, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, December 15, 1995
Electric Factory, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, December 16, 1995
Mid-Hudson Civic Center, Poughkeepsie, New York, May 1, 1996:
PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, New Jersey, August 15, 1997:
Jones Beach Theater, Jones Beach State Park, Wantagh, New York, August 17, 1997:
Mann Music Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, August 20, 1997:
Filene Center, Wolf Trap Farm Park For The Performing Arts, Vienna, Virginia, August 23, 1997:
Filene Center, Wolf Trap Farm Park For The Performing Arts, Vienna, Virginia, August 24, 1997:
Trocadero, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, December 10, 1997:
Trocadero, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, December 11, 1997:
The Theater, Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York, January 16, 1998:
The Theater, Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York, January 17, 1998:
Prudential Hall, New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Newark, New Jersey, February 1, 1998:
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 2/18/1999
Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York, 27 July 1999
PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, New Jersey, 28 July 1999
Jones Beach Theater, Jones Beach State Park, Wantagh, New York, 30 July 1999
Jones Beach Theater, Jones Beach State Park, Wantagh, New York, 31 July 1999
Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, New Jersey, 13 November 1999
Tweeter Center For The Performing Arts, Mansfield, Massachusetts, 22 July 2000
Jones Beach Theater, Jones Beach State Park, Wantagh, New York, 26 July 2000
Waterloo Village, Stanhope, New Jersey, 30 July 2000
Showroom, Tropicana Casino & Resort, Atlantic City, New Jersey, 18 November 2000
Towson Center Arena, Towson State University, Towson, Maryland, 19 November 2000
Riverfest Amphitheater, Little Rock, Arkansas, 14 August 2001:
The Zoo Amphitheater, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 15 August 2001:
Century II Convention Center, Wichita, Kansas, 16 August 2001:
First Union Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 17 November 2001:
Madison Square Garden Arena, New York City, New York, 19 November 2001:
11/11/2003 NYC
11/13/2002 NYC
5/9/2002 Grand Theater, Hilton Hotel NJ
5/10/2002 Grand Theater, Hilton Hotel NJ
8/22/ 2003 Syracuse NY
4/3/2004 Washington DC
6/6/2004 Event Center, Borgata Hotel Casino And Spa
7/4/2004 Poughkeepsie, New York
7/7/2004 West Haven, Connecticut
7/8/2004 Brockton, Massachusetts
7/10/Fishkill, New York
11/14/2004 Binghamton, New York
4/19/2005 Newark, New Jersey
4/29/2005 New York City, New York
4/30/2005 New York City, New York
6/15/2005 Lakewood, New Jersey
7/9/2005 Cedar Rapids, Iowa
7/10/2005 Schaumburg, Illinois
4/17/2006 Kansas City MO
4/18/2006 Kansas City MO
8/23/2006 Reading PA
9/1/2006 Wappingers Falls NY
9/3/2006 State College PA
11/16/2006 East Rutherford NJ
11/17/2008 Fairfax VA
11/18/2006 Philadelphia PA
11/20/2008 NYC
4/6/2007Brussels, Belgium
4/8/2007Amsterdam, The Netherlands
4/9/2007Amsterdam, The Netherlands
7/11/2007Glasgow, Scotland
6/24/2007Hershey, Pennsylvania
6/26/2007Florence, Massachusetts
7/1/2007Essex Junction, Vermont
7/3/2007Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
7/4/2007Montreal, Quebec, Canada
7/5/2007Ottawa, Ontario
9/29/2007 Kingston, Rhode Island - URI Ryan Center
9/30 /2007 Bridgeport, Connecticut - Arena At Harbor Yard
10/2/2007 Worcester, Massachusetts - DCU Center
10/5/2007 Manchester, New Hampshire - Verizon Wireless Arena
10/6/2007 Albany, New York - Times Union Center
2/21/2008 Dallas, Texas - House Of Bluse
2/22/2008 Dallas, Texas - House Of Bluse
2/23/2008 Dallas, Texas - House Of Bluse
5/16/2008 Worcester MA
5/17/2008 Lewiston, Maine
8/8/2008 Philadelphia PA
8/12 2008 Brooklyn NJ
8/13/2008 Asbury Park NJ
8/17/2008 Saratoga NY
8/22/2008 Cincinnati OH
8/23/2008 Elizabeth IN
8/24/2008 Evansville IN
8/26/2008 Littlerock AR
8/27/2008 Tulsa OK
8/28/2008 Kansas City MO
8/30/2008 Snowmass Village CO
8/31/2008 Park City Utah
11/6/2008 Milwaukee WI
11/15/2008 Kingston ON
11/16/2008 Kanata ON
11/19/2008 Oneonta NY
11/21/2008 NYC

PostPosted: Sat December 6th, 2008, 14:12 GMT 
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I cant access the link... so here goes

I seen Dylan in Glasgow, 1995/1998/2000/2002-3/2007

Stirling Castle 2001
Kilkenny Nolan Park GAA stadium 2001
Aberdeen September 2000
London Docklands Arena 2003

amazing hoe you forget dates, I'll need to look out the stubs!

PostPosted: Mon December 8th, 2008, 23:04 GMT 
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8/12/2001 Springfield, IL
4/20/2006 St. Louis, MO
11/21/2008 New York, NY

PostPosted: Mon December 8th, 2008, 23:20 GMT 

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Location: the mountains I got lost in
1st show by choice: (not counting the ones my parents dragged me to)
110 shows in between
most recent: London 2008

PostPosted: Thu December 11th, 2008, 00:55 GMT 

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Hello to all, i'm new to this site

May i just say, Fishtale . . . WOW!

I'm a recent discoverer of Bob so i havent been to see him yet, but i am going to see him In Cardiff Next year. Really cant wait :D

PostPosted: Thu December 11th, 2008, 11:34 GMT 

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These are, I think, all the shows I've been to...I'm pretty certain I saw 3 of the 5 shows Van Morrison opened, but I was kind of guessing the dates based on my work schedule at night at the time...otherwise I think this list is accurate...my parents went to Newport in the 60's and saw Rolling Thunder Revue in Providence, which, as a 6-year old I threw a tantrum not being able to go, the babysitter had an epic tantrum on her hands that night!--oddly enough I grew up near the Worcester Auditorium (now, gasp, converted to a goddamn juvenile court), but that was a surprise show, and I couldn't afford the Slow Train Coming show, and somehow convinced myself it was canceled although history says otherwise---sorta traces my teen years still in Worcester, school in Boston and 92 on in NYC--oddly enough there are some glaring holes besides the above mentioned Worcester shows....he did a BU show in '91 I found out after the fact a couple months before Tanglewood (which i bought tix for a half year in advance), the 30th anniversary MSG was the month I moved to NYC and I was piss broke, and I have never had an money when Beacon Theater tix went on sale for some odd reason, although I'd always manage to get a ticket in a nearby town--I tried to buy a scalped ticket in 95 to no avail, but saw the Worcester show with Patti Smith, and the 2005 Beacon shows (I think 5) went on sale when I was either out of work or just starting to recover from a long layoff, so I could only manage to go to Newark that month. Same with the famous 90's club shows: I waited in line for Tramps for hours to no avail, and also had no chance for the Supper Club gig. This prepared me to sleep out when Paul McCartney played the Highline Ballroom a couple years ago, and I managed to get into that amazingly enough. ---Obviously, when I'm flush I run all over the place. One of the great things about seeing alot of Bob shows over time is he often plays with great co-headliners and openers. The downside is when you get burnt on the openers same sets by going multiple times in a month---I had this problem with Van Morrison and Jimmy Vaughan and Phil Lesh and even my childhood favorite Paul Simon, who in my mind S&G were neck and neck with Bob, although time tells a different story.

7/8/86-Mansfield, MA-Great Woods (w/ Tom Petty)
7/4/87-Foxborough, MA-Sullivan Stadium (w/ The Grateful Dead: Bob headlined)
7/2/88-Mansfield, MA-Great Woods
7/13/89-Mansfield, MA-Great Woods
10/23/89-Boston, MA-Opera House
10/24/89-Boston, MA-Opera House
10/25/89-Boston, MA-Opera House
7/4/91-Lenox, MA-Tanglewood (with Laura Nyro)
10/19/94-New York, NY-Roseland Ballroom
6/18/95-E. Rutherford, NJ-Giants Stadium (opening for the Grateful Dead)
12/8/95-Worcester, MA-Worcester Auditorium (with Patti Smith)
8/17/97-Wantaugh, NY-Jones Beach
1/16/98-New York, NY-Theater at Madison Square Garden (5 night stand with Van Morrison)
1/18/98-New York, NY-Theater at Madison Square Garden
1/21/98-New York, NY-Theater at Madison Square Garden
2/1/98-Newark, NJ-NJ Performing Arts Center
11/1/98-New York, NY-Madison Square Garden (with Joni Mitchell)
7/27/99-New York, NY-Madison Square Garden (with Paul Simon(
7/31/99-Wantaugh, NY-Jones Beach (with Paul Simon headlining)
11/10/99-New Haven, CT-Veterans Memorial Coliseum (with Phil Lesh)
11/13/99-E. Rutherford, NJ-Continental Arena (with Phil Lesh)
11/14/99-Worcester, MA-Centrum (with Phil Lesh)
7/26/00-Wantaugh, NY-Jones Beach (with Phil Lesh)
7/30/00-Stanhope, NJ-Waterloo Village
11/19/01-New York, NY-Madison Square Garden
8/2/02-Worcester, MA-The Palladium
8/19/02-Southampton, NY-Southampton College
11/11/02-New York, NY-Madison Square Garden
11/13/02-New York, NY-Madison Square Garden
11/16/02-Boston, MA-Fleet Center
5/10/03-Atlantic City, NJ-Hilton Hotel Grand Theater
8/10/03-Holmdel, NJ-PNC Bank Arts Center (with Tom Petty)
8/12/03-New York, NY-Hammerstein Ballroom
8/13/03-New York, NY-Hammerstein Ballroom
8/20/03-New York, NY-Hammerstien Ballroom (blackout makeup)
3/30/04-Philadelphia, PA-Electric Factory
6/5/04-Uncasville, CT-Mohegan Sun
8/7/04-New Haven, CT-Yale Field (with Willie Nelson)
11/14/04-Binghampton, NY-Binghampton University Events Center
4/19/05-Newark, NJ Performing Arts Center (with Merle Haggard)
6/21/05-Norwich, CT-Thomas J. Dodd Memorial Stadium (with Willie Nelson)
8/24/06-Pawtucket, RI-McCoy Stadium (with Jimmie Vaughan)
8/29/06-New Britain, CT-New Britain Stadium (with Jimmie Vaughan)
9/1/06-Waupingers Falls, NY-Dutchess Stadium (with Jimmie Vaughan)
11/13/06-Uniondale,NY-Nassau Coliseum (with Raconteurs)
11/16/06-E. Rutherford, NJ-Continental Arena (with Raconteurs)
11/20/06-New York, NY-New York City Center
6/22/07-Atlantic City, NJ-Borgata
6/23/07-Atlantic City, NJ-Borgata
6/29/07-Wantaugh, NY-Jones Beach (with Jimmy Vaughan)
6/30/07-Bethel, NY-Bethel Woods Center For the Arts
10/6/07-Albany, NY-Times Union Center (with Elvis Costello)
5/17/08-Lewiston, ME-Androscoggin Bank Colisee
8/8/08-Philadelphia, PA-Electric Factory
8/12/08-Brooklyn, NY-Prospect Park Bandshell
8/13/08-Asbury Park, NJ-Convention Hall
8/16/08-Atlantic City, NJ-Borgata
11/21/08-New York, NY-United Palace

PostPosted: Fri December 12th, 2008, 19:19 GMT 
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Location: Victoria, Australia
Melbourne, 2001
Canberra, 2003
Melbourne, 2007 both nights

Can't remember the dates.

I have the Melbourne 2001 bootleg and it was a great show. One of the best shows I have heard, not being biased at all.

Canberra was the first show of the Aus leg in 2003. My mum drove me there from Victoria because I didn't want to go to the blues festival in Melbourne. Now I think about I can't imagine why I wouldn't have wanted to see Wilson Pickett and Ray Charles.
In Canberra it was Billy Burnett's first show with Dylan and he was shitting himself, watching Dylan like a hawk.
Saving Grace was played.
Around the time he stopped playing guitar for good.
I ran up to the front from the back during the end of 'summer days' and 'all along the watchtower'. I remember it being so magical getting closer and closer to Dylan and finally seeing him play 'blowing in the wind'. That was mind blowing!

The two shows last year in Melbourne were great. First night I was far away and the 2nd night I was right up the front. It was great to see him close up again.

I remember being happy to hear 'Desolation Row' and 'Nettie Moore' on the first night and 'My Back Pages, I Believe in You and 'Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat' from the second night.

PostPosted: Wed December 24th, 2008, 02:03 GMT 
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Location: St. Andrews, Scotland
Haven't been to a Dylan show yet.

Will be going to see him in Glasgow or Edinburgh in may.
Cannot wait 8)

PostPosted: Sat December 27th, 2008, 08:12 GMT 

Joined: Sat December 13th, 2008, 13:27 GMT
Posts: 52
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
July 9, 1990 Montreux, Switzerland
July 10, 1992 Leysin, Switzerland
July 17, 1993 Bern, Switzerland
July 12, 1994 Montreux, Switzerland
July 30, 1995 Nyon, Switzerland
July 3, 1998 Montreux, Switzerland
April 25, 1999 Zürich, Switzerland
May 6, 2000 Zürich, Switzerland
July 8, 2001 Montreux, Switzerland
April 21, 2002 Zürich, Switzerland
November 3, 2003 Zürich, Switzerland
July 5, 2004 Saint-Etienne, France
November 13, 2005 Zürich, Switzerland
April 25, 2007 Geneva, Switzerland
June 19, 2008 Grenoble, France

PostPosted: Thu January 1st, 2009, 17:51 GMT 

Joined: Sun February 5th, 2006, 03:43 GMT
Posts: 154
Location: Philly
Updated to include 2008 shows:

3.30.04 (Philadelphia, PA)
6.16.05 (Camden, NJ)
11.11.06 (Boston, MA)
11.18.06 (Philadelphia, PA)
6.24.07 (Hershey, PA)
9.28.07 (Columbia, MD)
8.8.08 (Philadelphia, PA)
8.12.08 (Brooklyn, NY)
8.13.08 (Asbury Park, NJ)
11.21.08 (New York, NY)*

*didn't actually attend, but listened from outside the venue

 Post subject: Re:
PostPosted: Fri January 9th, 2009, 17:56 GMT 

Joined: Fri January 9th, 2009, 17:53 GMT
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songanddanceman wrote:
Newcastle 5-7-4
London 7-7-84
Birmingham 10-10-1987
Birmingham 11-10-1987
Birmingham 12-10-1987
Wembley Arena, London 14-10-1987
Wembley Arena, London 15-10-1987
Wembley Arena, London 16-10-1987
Wembley Arena, London 17-10-1987
Dublin 3-6-89
Dublin 4-6-89
Glasgow 6-6-89
Birmingham 7-6-89
London 8-6-89
London 4-2-90
London 5-2-90
London 6-2-90
London 7-2-90
London 8-2-90
Glasgow 2-2-91
Glasgow 3-2-91
Dublin 5-2-91
Belfast 6-2-91
London 8-2-91
London 9-2-91
London 10-2-91
London 12-2-91
London 13-2-91
London 15-2-91
London 16-2-91
London 17-2-91
London 7-2-93
London 8-2-93
London 9-2-93
London 11-2-93
London 12-2-93
London 13-2-93
Birmingham 2-4-95
Manchester 3-4-95
Manchester 4-4-95
Manchester 5-4-95
Edinburgh 6-4-95
Edinburgh 7-4-95
Glasgow 9-4-95
Liverpool 26-6-96
Liverpool 27-6-96
London 29-6-96
Bournemouth 1-10-97
Bournemouth 2-10-97
Cardiff 3-10-97
London 5-10-97
Newcastle 20-6-98
Glasgow 21-6-98
Birmingham 24-6-98
Manchester 25-6-98
London 27-6-98
Zurich 6-5-00
aberdeen 16-9-00
Glasgow 17-9-00
Cardiff 23-9-00
Portsmouth 24-9-00
Portsmouth 25-9-00
London 5-10-00
London 6-10-00
Schwäbisch Gmünd 7-7-01
Liverpool 12-7-01
Stirling 13-7-01
Taormina 28-7-01
Oklahoma City 15-8-01
Wichita 16-8-01
Pueblo 18-8-01
Telluride 20-8-01
Telluride 21-8-01
Sun City West 23-8-01
Boston 24-11-01
Hannover 13-4-02
Frankfurt 15-4-02
Stuttgart 16-4-02
Munich 17-4-02
Ravenna 19-4-02
Milan 20-4-02

oh i give up.

New Orleans x2
Summer 2003 with the Dead - Rubbish

Atlanta x3
and most of the British shows

Oakland x3
NYC x3
and a lot of the 2005 British shows.

my last ever show was Gelsenkirchen 2-7-06.

probably missed some.

i was at many of the same UK shows...just curious how would you rate cardiff 2000?

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