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PostPosted: Mon June 18th, 2018, 17:04 GMT 

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I once saw a 1966 black & white photo of Dylan walking outside with what looked like vomit stains on his shoulder. I believe he was wearing the jacket Joan Baez talked to Anthony Scaduto about for his book. I may have seen the picture in an issue of "The Telegraph." I think he was wearing dark sunglasses, and that a few members of his entourage --or members of the press--are in the shot.

I'd like to see the messy photo again. Anybody have a link to it?

JOAN BAEZ: He never had the traditional stage fright the way I did, sit down and have diarrhea and feel nauseated for 45 minutes before a concert. He was always bopping around writing songs. But it would come out in another way, a sudden furious tantrum because his coat was stolen one time. That scene you probably heard about — it was unbelievable. This horrible little coat. I'm sure to this day he thinks I must have stolen it. Because I used to try to get him to — it had throw-up all over the front of it. I guess he got drunk and threw up on it. It was his favorite. It was this shitty-looking horrible brown thing, there are hundreds of pictures of him in it. It smelled horrible . . . was too short, it was short in the sleeves, made him look like a poverty-stricken little Welsh schoolboy.

I was really working on him, trying to get him to get rid of that jacket. And one night we showed up backstage — I guess we must have left for a while and gone back to the dressing room — and his jacket was gone. And he had a tantrum, I mean like a five-year-old, and he screamed at the policeman and the policeman scurried out, and he screamed at who else was there and they all scurried out. I think Neuwirth was there. And there was that kind of tension that I would always think would have something to do with having to perform. That night was amazing, though, because I wouldn't scurry out. He was really wild-eyed with fury. "My x jacket . . . somebody took my x jacket, and all you x, cops get out of here, and you x' — and x x x . . ."

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Is this the picture?

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