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paying thru the nose
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Author:  starchild [ Wed February 23rd, 2005, 18:10 GMT ]
Post subject:  paying thru the nose

this story might be related. every year the Allmans come to NYC and camp at the beacon for a week or so. to avoid the surcharges, I would wait on line at the beacon and buy the tix w/o surcharges. last year, when I showed at 7am, I met up with the same four guys I have been seeing for the previous five years but something was different. there were about ten people ahead of them hwo had been there all nite, jumping in and out of a minivan parked in front. figures scalpers. about 15min before tix when on sale, the main man showed up and handed out to them the envelopes with the money.

with those ten ahead of us, we still were able to get our usual seats in the loge. but not this year. there were about 40 of these so called people at the front of the line. when tix went on sale at 10am, it looked hopeless. so I bolted the line and ran seven blocks south to tower and paid the surcharges. as I returned, my place in line was still at least ten spots away from getting to the box office and tix had been on sale for at least 25min.

thus, I will never wait on line again. as for the presale for bob, read alot about the problems that occured but by the grace of something, I was able to get tix for four nites in my usual spot in the loge.

I wish everyone good luck on saturday for the regular sale. I only hope that ticketmaster uses their surcharges and offers proper health care coverage to their employees. then I would not feel like I was getting rip off by paying $10.25 per ticket and and $3.50 processing fee per order.

Author:  Claudette [ Wed February 23rd, 2005, 19:43 GMT ]
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That is a nice wish on your part, Starchild, hopefully it is what happens with surcharge fees. I am glad you got your seats, it looks like things have turned out satisfactorly for most. Doubt if public sale will go well

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