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What shows have you been to?
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Author:  Mr. Tambourine Man [ Tue September 18th, 2007, 18:05 GMT ]
Post subject:  What shows have you been to?

I'd like to try to create a database containing information of who has seen Dylan, and where. It'll be formed into a list, starting with the earliest shows, and ending with his most latest. Expecting Rain has certainly made itself into a community, so hopefully this list will intrigue discussion about the shows, either past or present. I know there's a poster here who attended the Royal Albert Hall show, so the range of shows attended should stretch quite aways. It would also be nice to see which of us attended the same concerts, and further discuss. Hopefully this works out well!

So, first step... collecting the information.

Here's mine:

8/4/04 Brockton, Massachusetts
4/17/05 Boston, Massachusetts
11/11/06 Boston, Massachusetts
11/12/06 Boston, Massachusetts

If you have any trouble remembering, here's a good site.


Author:  bobonmymind [ Tue September 18th, 2007, 20:03 GMT ]
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This forum could go longer than the great "Visions of Bob"

My one and only show..so far
St. Paul MN
Oct 29 2006

Author:  thickboy [ Tue September 18th, 2007, 22:42 GMT ]
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I've seen pretty much most UK/Ireland shows since the '84 Santana joint tour... I've missed a few (10-15 performances) for one reason or another... and hopefully, I'll add to my total... I've even been sober at some shows!... just a few, mind!

Author:  Bob Zimmerman [ Tue September 18th, 2007, 22:52 GMT ]
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10-24-2006 Denver Colorado
7-19-2007 Red Rocks Colorado
7-20-2007 Red Rocks Colorado
7-21-2007 Telluride Colorado
(more to follow :D )

Author:  Kody [ Tue September 18th, 2007, 23:10 GMT ]
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7-22-07. Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Author:  Three legged man [ Wed September 19th, 2007, 01:07 GMT ]
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I've only been to three shows.

First one - September 30, 1978 at Madison Square Garden in NYC. Missed the fist couple of songs because my buddy wanted to score some booze by hanging outside of a liquor store asking guys as they came out if they would buy it for us. We were 15. We missed the train from NJ and had to catch the next one. I'm still pissed at him about that. We didn't get any booze, either. The only thing I recall from that show was that some guy got up on the stage and ran towards Bob and security carried him off.

Second one - June 18 1995 at Giants Stadium. He was on tour with the Grateful Dead. He wasn't playing with them, it was his own band. He played first and it was kind of odd because the place was only 1/4 full. Most of the audience was still getting stoned in the parking lot.

Third one - April 13, 1997 at William Paterson college Rec Center in NJ. That was a good one, I brought my minidisc recorder and recorded most of the show. I posted the recording on this site a year or two ago.

EDIT - did some research to confirm the dates.

Author:  Champaign Carl [ Wed September 19th, 2007, 01:09 GMT ]
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07/16/1991 Pittsburgh
08/17/1994 Hershey
12/??/1995 Philadelphia (Sunday- 3rd night with Patti Smith)
08/13/1997 Hershey
06/24/2007 Hershey

Author:  Stranger nobody sees [ Wed September 19th, 2007, 07:39 GMT ]
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11/08/2005 München, Germany
04/27/2007 Milano, Italy

Author:  Ditch [ Wed September 19th, 2007, 11:03 GMT ]
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Sydney 2003
Both Sydney shows August 2007.

Author:  Po'boy [ Wed September 19th, 2007, 18:23 GMT ]
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4/07/93 - Tramore, Co. Waterford
19/06/98 - Belfast
26/11/05 - Dublin
27/11/05 - Dublin
24/06/06 - Kilkenny
25/06/06 - Cork
02/05/07 - Leipzig
03/05/07 - Berlin

Author:  The Phantom of the Opera [ Wed September 19th, 2007, 20:08 GMT ]
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27/06/06 Cardiff
15/04/07 London

Author:  Mr. Tambourine Man [ Wed September 19th, 2007, 20:15 GMT ]
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The list is coming out just fine. But for the sake of keeping the dates organized the same way, I would prefer it be given with month, day, year. I know, it's different in Europe. Thanks.

Author:  sugartown [ Thu September 20th, 2007, 01:58 GMT ]
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Here's mine. Favorites are bold. Happy, but I wish it could be more

5/6/96 - Clarkston, Michigan- Pine Knob
11/19/96 - Kalamazoo, Michigan- Wings Stadium
4/29/97 - Muncie, Indiana-Ball State Univ.
5/3/97 - Huntsville, Alabama- Von Braun Civic Center
8/10/97 - Clarkston, Michigan- Pine Knob
8/12/97 - Scranton, Pennsylvania- Montage Mountain
8/13/97 - Hershey, Pennsylvania- Star Pavilion
8/28/97 - Tinley Park, Illinois- World Ampitheatre
2/14/98 - Cleveland, Ohio- Public Hall
2/15/99 - Grand Rapids, Michigan- Van Andel Arena
7/6/99 - Detroit, Michigan – St. Andrews Hall
7/16/00 - Clarkston, Michigan – Pine Knob
5/6/01 - Memphis, Tennessee – Beale Street Festival
11/6/01 - Grand Rapids, Michigan – Van Andel Arena
11/9/01 - Detroit, Michigan - Cobo Arena
3/6/04 - Chicago, Illinois – The Riviera
8/24/04 - Comstock Park, Michigan – Fifth Third Ballpark
8/12/06 – Comstock Park, Michigan – Fifth Third Ballpark

Author:  mackthefinger [ Thu September 20th, 2007, 12:26 GMT ]
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I can't believe I'm submitting to this date in the wrong order thing. It's only because I sympathise with Tambo's job; but as long as we all know it's the WRONG way. Anyway:

2/1991 - Hammersmith, London. I don't remember exactly which night. But it was just awful, in every regard. Looking at the set lists, I'd say the 8th or the 13th. I think the 8th, actually.

2/7/1993 - Hammersmith, London. Slightly less awful. Notable for the complete collapse of Don't Think Twice, it's All Right; Dylan told us "Tony's gonna do a bass solo now" and then left Garnier to absolutely die onstage as said bass solo fell apart. Dylan assured us that, despite this, "he can really play"; and then dryly confided "maybe I'll get rid of him". The crowd, of course, went mad because Dylan was talking to the audience.

6/29/1996 - Hyde Park, London. Not at all bad; he started with Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat, and had Ron Wood and Al Kooper with him. The first time I saw him and thought he was actually good.

10/5/1997 - Wembley Arena, London. What seemed like an average show sounds very much better on the bootleg Love Sick At Wembley. The inclusion of You Ain't Goin' Nowhere, Blind Willie McTell and Love Sick made it all seem much more enjoyable. Terrible sound, terrible seats, terrible venue (then). My wife said she would have enjoyed it much more if she'd heard a single word that he'd been singing.

11/25/2003 - Brixton Academy, London. I know precinct 14 was at this show too, and I think we're in agreement that it rocked the roof off. The opening one-two punch of Wicked Messenger and Yeh Heavy! And A Bottle Of Bread was just unbeatable.

4/15/07 - Wembley Arena, London. Dare I say, the best I've seen him? His singing was unbelievably precise and I heard every word. And they've done something to Wembley Arena, because the sound was bloody wonderful. The Phantom Of the Opera's high points were my low points; but I agree with him having heard a recording of the night. Having dragged my twelve year old daughter along, it never occurred to me that she'd actually like it. But she did, and that made the evening even better.

Author:  jfreed [ Thu September 20th, 2007, 12:34 GMT ]
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Holy Moses. I have no idea how I got in here. I've been trying to log on for days. This is my 10th try in the last half hour and suddenly I'm in. Wish I knew how I did that...

Anyway, here are the shows I've seen:

Feb. 13, 1974 The Forum, Inglewood CA
Feb. 14, 1974, afternoon, The Forum, Inglewood CA
Feb. 14, 1974, evening, The Forum, Inglewood CA
July 2, 1988, Great Woods, Mansfield MA
July 27, 2003, Orange County Fairgrounds, Costa Mesa CA
Aug. 12, 2003, Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC
July 26, 2007, Orange County Fairgrounds, Costa Mesa CA
July 27, 2007, Mid-State County Fairgrounds, Paso Robles CA
July 28, 2007, Konocti Harbor, Kelseyville CA
June 3, 2008, St. Petersburg, Russia
Aug. 10, 2008, Baltimore, MD
Nov. 19, 2008, Oneonta, NY
Aug. 12, 2009, Lake Elsinore, CA
Aug. 14, 2009, Fresno, CA
Aug. 15, 2009, Stockton, CA

Author:  stephenoxford [ Thu September 20th, 2007, 13:08 GMT ]
Post subject: 

1978, July 15th
Blackbushe Aerodrome, Camberley, England
1981, June 27th
Earls Court London, England
1981, July 4th
National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England
1987, October 15th
Wembley Arena London, England
1990, February 4th
Hammersmith Odeon, London, England
1991, February 13th
Hammersmith Odeon, London, England
1991, June 6th
Palaeur Rome, Italy
1992, July 4th
Porta Siberia Genoa, Italy
1993, February 11th
London, England - Hammersmith Apollo
1993, June 12th
London, England - Fleadh Festival Finsbury Park
1993, June 27th
Palatrussardi di Milano Milan
1994, July 8th
Sonoria '94 Milano, Italy
1995, March 29th
London, England - Brixton Academy
1996, July 8th
Villa Manin Passariano, Udine, Italy
1997, October 3rd
Cardiff International Centre Arena Cardiff, Wales
1998, June 24th
National Exhibition Center Birmingham, England
2000, May 28th
Palavobis Milan, Italy
2000, September 22nd
Sheffield Arena Sheffield, England
2001, July 26th
Arena Flegrea Napoli Italia
2003, November 2nd
Filaforum Milan, Italy
2006, June 28th
Bournemouth, England - Bournemouth Int. Centre
2007, April 17th
Birmingham, England - National Indoor Arena

Author:  GeoffS [ Thu September 20th, 2007, 14:29 GMT ]
Post subject: 

April 16 2007 Wembley Arena
June 28 2006 Bournemouth BIC
November 24 2005 Brixton Academy
November 20 2005 Brixton Academy
June 20th 2004 London Fleadh
June 18th 2004 Cardiff Arena
November 25, 2003 London Brixton Academy
November 24, 2003 London Hammersmith
November 23, 2003 London Shepherds Bush Empire
November 21, 2003 Birmingham NEC
October 29, 2003 Munich Olympiahalle
May 11, 2002 London Docklands Arena
May 4, 2002 Brighton Centre
April 17, 2002 Munich Olympiahalle
June 29, 2001 Gothenberg Tradgarforenigen
October 5, 2000 London Wembley Arena
October 1, 2000 Munster Halle
June 27, 1998 London Wembley Arena
June 10, 1998 Gothenberg Scandinavium
October 5, 1997 London Wembley Arena
July 10, 1994 Cologne Tanzbrunnen
June 12, 1993 London Fleadh
February 11, 1993 London Hammersmith
February 12, 1991 London Hammersmith
February 8, 1990 London Hammersmith
June 8, 1989 London Wembley Arena
June 7th 1989 Birmingham Arena
October 15, 1987 London Wembley Arena
October 11, 1987 Birmingham NEC
July 7, 1984 London Wembley Stadium
June 16, 1978 London Earls Court

Author:  Cony [ Sun September 23rd, 2007, 00:41 GMT ]
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As a new Dylan-fan (who really discovered him last year at his 65th birthday) I saw only these two great shows:
21. 04. 07 Frankfurt Jahrhunderthalle
03. 05. 07 Berlin Max-Schmelinghalle.

Hope he'll be back in Germany next year!

Author:  Ditch [ Sun September 23rd, 2007, 07:43 GMT ]
Post subject: 

With dates added this time.

Sydney 2.17.03
Sydney 8.15.07
Sydney 8.16.07

Author:  memphisinjune [ Sun September 23rd, 2007, 10:26 GMT ]
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11/08/2006: Bell Centre, Montreal
07/04/2007: Place des Arts, Montreal
10/06/2007: Times Union Center, Albany
I know the last one didn't occur yet, but I like to live in the future!

Author:  cara [ Sun September 23rd, 2007, 15:58 GMT ]
Post subject: 

Aug 19, 06 Frederick, MD @ Harry Grove Stadium
Nov 17, 06 Fairfax, VA @ Patriot Centre
Jun 30, 07 Bethel NY @ Bethel Woods Centre

In a few days: Sept 28, Columbia, MD @ Merriweather Post Pavilion

Author:  rusty [ Sun September 23rd, 2007, 17:05 GMT ]
Post subject: 

So far in 2007: Duluth (Atlanta), Jones Beach and Bethel Woods, NY.

I thought I'd been to a lot of Dylan shows (lost count at about 25), but we met a woman last night who said she's seen Bob 274 times! They confiscated the roses that she'd planned on giving Bob at the door. Must be some kind of Homeland Security measures.

Great show! Delbert McManus was great all by his lonesome. Amos Lee were also in fine form!

Author:  PHxHoward [ Mon September 24th, 2007, 17:25 GMT ]
Post subject: 

I went to Tucson AZ on 7/24/07 and then Costa Mesa CA on 7/26/07. I hope to get one more show at least in this year if any west coast shows are announced.

Author:  Hal Jones [ Wed September 26th, 2007, 00:31 GMT ]
Post subject: 

These are the ones I have concrete dates for......There is one more somewhere in 1991 I think. Eighteen in total.

07/29/1989 Maple, ON
06/06/1990 Toronto, ON
07/18/2000 Toronto, ON
08/16/2002 Toronto, ON
03/19/2004 Toronto, ON
04/13/2005 Buffalo, NY
11/07/2006 Toronto, ON
06/22/2007 Atlantic City, NJ
06/23/2007 Atlantic City, NJ
06/24/2007 Hershey, PA
07/07/2007 Rama, Ontario
05/16/2008 Worcester, MA
05/17/2008 Lewiston, ME
08/19/2008 Canandaigua, NY
08/20/2008 Hamilton, ON
11/12/2008 London, ON
11/13/2008 Oshawa, ON

Author:  burgess1988 [ Wed September 26th, 2007, 04:31 GMT ]
Post subject: 

November 15 2006 amherst ma
june 26 2006 northampton ma

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