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PostPosted: Wed December 30th, 2009, 21:09 GMT 
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A not-bad "mixtape" featuring Mr. D.'s commentary from the Christmas/New Year's show as well as music played and not played on the show. If you're missing Theme Time Radio Hour, it's worth a listen.

http://www.archive.org/details/OldTimey ... Hootenanny

I haven't listened to the Christmas show in awhile, and I had forgotten this dead-pan whopper Our Host told about the origins of the phrase, "Christmas Carol," a shaggy dog story equal to Mr. D.'s recounting of the Nixon/Khrushchev kitchen debate in the "California" show.

"According to legend, 'Christmas Carols' got their name from events that happened in the Year 18 and 88. In that year, a young girl named Carol Poles went missing in London. The whole city went out looking for her, because it was almost Christmas. People knocked on every door, but she could not be found. This is around the same time as the Jack the Ripper killings, so people were afraid to open their doors. The townsfolk would sing Christmas songs, so people would know there was no killer outside.

"Even with this door-to-door search, Carol was never located, but Londoners started calling these songs, 'carols' after the missing girl. From then on the name 'Christmas Carols' was used."

As with almost every commentary in TTRH, the origins of this one can be found on the Web, probably originally taken from this site (note the similarities in phrasing)

"Legend has it that the name ‘Carol' was adopted in 1888. That is when these beautiful hymns were christened Christmas Carols. A young girl named Carol Poles went missing in London in 1888. The whole city went out looking for her as it was almost Christmas. They knocked on every door but she could not be found.It was during this time that ‘Jack The Ripper' was creating havoc in the White chapel area. Because of the fear, people would refuse to open their door to strangers, the people of the town therefore started singing Christmas songs so that people would know that they weren't killers but in fact a search party. Sadly, Carol could never be found but in her memory the Londoners decided to name the Christmas songs Christmas Carols."

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