Here is what my ISP, Charlie at, has to say about the reason for
the downtime that kept Expecting Rain off the air from Wednesday May 19
until Wednesday May 26, 2004:

A week ago I was DDOS attacked like crazy as you know, the provider shut down my server IPs to save themselves from the attacks.

The first day the DDOS attacks started we pinpointed it to an ISP in New Jersey, we were getting 10 million HTTP requests per seconds, the same as if 10 million people were visiting the site all at once every second.

When we got that taken care of we thought it was over until the next morning when we got DDOS attacks from Norway, France, and China. We were peaking at over 100 million requests per second and our Provider and our Provider's Provider were being taken down due to this.

I switched IPs and the attacks moved with me. So I had to find what client they were directed too. Found them, then removed them and pointed their domain to a new host. The attacks stopped, once again I had to switch IPs, which caused some failures on the machine. I then realized that the machine needed some major updates with the kernel, the kernel was over 2 years old and had many security vulnerabilities. I brought in an expert to help me update the kernel. Well it was too old to update, so we had to completely wipe the OS off of the machine and reinstall it. Well this all happened yesterday and when I got the machine up and running perfectly this morning after not sleeping the last 3 days and working straight to fix everything the domains were not resolving. So it took us 3 hours to find out that the provider still had the old IPs in the routing table in their router. So now its all fixed and great and we are all happy!! :)