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Expecting Rain
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Expecting Rain

Saturday, Aug 31
1 - Last night's Park City setlist - (Bob Links)
2 - Dylan, The Back Pages - (Salt Lake Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken, ElectricGypsy)
3 - Main Bob Web sites - (Bob net) (link found by Bob Whitson)
4 - Meet people interested in Dylan - (ICQ) (link found by Bob Whitson)
5 - Woody Guthrie Exhibition: Bound For Glory - (the (link found by Bob Whitson)
6 - Lyrics 1962 - 2001 - (Frank Justesen) (link found by Bob Whitson)
7 - Hawkins says he's 'thinking about living' - (Canadian Press) (link found by Craig Proctor)
8 - Mary Lee's Corvette, Andy York, & Brad Albetta will appear tonight on Vin Scelsa's Idiot's Delight on WFUV from 8 PM to midnight (Windows Media Player) (link found by Ellen Friedenberg)
9 - "The Last Waltz" on AMC - (MusicStation) (link found by Nichole)

Friday, Aug 30
1 - November concert dates announced - (
2 - This old rocker still rolls - (Calgary Herald) (link found by Bill White, ElectricGypsy, Frank Trainor)
3 - Dylan's alright ma - (Calgary Sun) (link found by Bill White, Frank Trainor)
4 - French: Bob Dylan au grand écran - ( / USA Today) (link found by Gilbert Dumont)
5 - The myth of Newport '65: It wasn't Bob Dylan they were booing - (Buffalo Report) (link found by David Meinzer)
6 - Dylan a master at playing the crowd - (The Leader-Post (Regina)) (link found by Frank Trainor)

Thursday, Aug 29
1 - Last night's Calgary setlist - (Bob Links)
2 - He gets to you Dylan lets his songs do all the talking - (Edmonton Sun) (link found by ElectricGypsy, Bill White, Lauren, Alex Leik, Marcus Thunich)
3 - Bob Dylan deals a winning hand at Skyreach - (Edmonton Journal) (link found by Bill White, Alex Leik, Andrew MacMillan)
4 - Coppola prepares to hit the road "On the Road" movie - Dylan as Ginssberg or Burroughs? - (Daily Telegraph) / Edmonton Journal (links found by Jim Linwood, Mark Mc Govern, Catina, Bill White)
5 - Bob Dylan London Meeting Sat 28th Sept at the Coach and Horses (link by Jim)
6 - Horowitz got his man: Dylan's on his way - (Aspen Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - a taste of Bob, 98: "Simple Twist of Fate" - (Van Morrison @ The Theatre) (link found by Uwe Meilchen)
8 - Bob Dylan Hits rock bottom, makes worst video in MTV history 1985 - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Tom Barrett)
9 - American folk heroes in Calgary spotlight Giuliani and Dylan - (Calgary Herald) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
10 - What will Bob play? Wanna bet? - (Calgary Herald) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
11 - Agent of influence - (Calgary Sun) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
12 - Singer Ronnie Hawkins diagnosed with cancer - (AP / (link found by ElectricGypsy)
13 - A cool cowpoke gets political Steve Earle - (Salon) (link found by Mike Britten)
14 - Dylan's alright ma - (Calgary Sun) (link found by ElectricGypsy)

Wednesday, Aug 28
1 - Last night's Edmonton setlist - (Bob Links)
2 - Tentatively scheduled for October 2002: Bob Dylan / Bootleg Series Vol.5 (scheduled for 14 October 2002 in Australia) Cat# 5097652000 Said to be another collection of unreleased Live recordings. More details tba. (from Jim Baumann)
3 - Rock icon Dylan finds groove at SaskPlace - (StarPhoenix) (link found by Alex Leik)
4 - Olof's Files: A Bob Dylan Performance Guide Soon available in book form - (Hardinge Simpole)
5 - Bob Dylan all alone on a shelf Series Editor: Ed Ricardo - (Hardinge Simpole)
6 - Set list guesswork keeps Dylan fans tangled up in pool - (Edmonton Journal) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
7 - Don't think twice, it's Dylan - (Edmonton Journal) (link found by ElectricGypsy, Murray Turin)
8 - Tom Petty Tackles Corporate Rock At Southern California Show - (Yahoo / Launch) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
9 - Petty's hits just couldn't miss at Coors - (San Diego Union-Tribune) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
10 - Pacific Atolls Can't Find Out Whether They Will Sink - (Tehran Times) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
11 - Dylan wrong in "Idiot Wind," says Bush in Bushism of the Day - (msn) (link found by John Haas)
12 - Johnny Cash Released From Hospital - (ProLog) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
13 - Best of Bob - (Edmonton Sun Freelance) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
14 - Dylan Omaha Pictures - (by George Dugger)

Tuesday, Aug 27
1 - Last night's Saskatoon setlist - (Bob Links)
2 - Dylan, Nelson heat up Jazz Aspen - (Denver Post) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
3 - Jazzed: JAS prepares for record attendance - (Aspen Daily News) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - '60s rock revisited - (SF Gate) (link found by Cliff Warnken, ElectricGypsy) "Turn! Turn! Turn!" From - .ca - .uk - .de.
5 - The day Dylan fans blew a fuse Pre/post Newport cut-and-paste job - (Saskatoon Star-Phoenix) (link found by Alex Leik)
6 - Wandering Minnesotan always home for sidewalk blues - (Hibbing Daily Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - Roger McGuinn mp3s - (Folk Den) (link found by Paul Pearson)
8 - Real Life Rock Top 10 - (Salon) (link found by Peter Slack, Cliff Warnken, Chuck Koch, ElectricGypsy)
9 - New plan announced for Duluth Armory - (Hibbing Daily Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
10 - Swami, guru to Woodstock generation, dies at 87 - (Seattle Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
11 - Outlaw muse Steve Earle - (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
12 - Lightfoot delivers beyond expectations - (Reno Gazette-Journal) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
13 - Robert Plant's got a whole lotta love and a Dylan cover - (Calgary Herald) (link found by Frank Trainor)
14 - 1975 - Behind the Music - (VH1) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
15 - The Who To Offer Live Bootlegs - (Billboard) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
16 - Bob Dylan said peace occurs only... - (New Times LA) (link found by Mark Adams)
17 - Johnny Cash hospitalized - (CNN) (link found by ElectricGypsy, Jim Short)

Monday, Aug 26
1 - Scene of the Crime Newport - (The Nation) (link found by Larry Fishman)
2 - The shelves, they are a-creakin' - (NY Daily News) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
3 - Classic rock: Altamont to 'Ziggy' American Movie Classics Friday through Labor Day - (indystar) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
4 - A cause to sing Pete Seeger - (Times Union) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
5 - Like A Rolling Stone Windows Media Clip 60 MB - (Dana's Page) (link found by Nijo)
6 - The Ragpicker's Dream - (Mark Knopfler) (link found by Artur J)
7 - From duffers to Dylan, first-person musings resonate with readers - (Buffalo News) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
8 - Peter Stone Brown now has his own web site.

Sunday, Aug 25
1 - Last night's Winnipeg setlist - (Bob Links)
2 - The man who would be Dylan Bob's early Fargo life - (Google/In-Forum) (link found by mikola18)
3 - The man behind the mask - (Grand Forks Herald) (link found by Robert)
4 - (in memory of) Karen in the Highlands - (by Denise Locke) Karen's BDX: Tangled Up in Baby Blues - Sacred Throat
5 - Take a peek inside the nation's unlikeliest Bob Dylan archive. About Rolling Tomes- (Westword) (link found by Ronnie)
6 - Ronnie Hawkin's wife Wanda says that surgeons were unable to remove Ronnie's tumour, and are going to have to try other treatments. She says he is in great spirits, joking all the time, and he says everythings in the hands of the Lord. (from John in Toronto)
7 - Facing the Music the music industry is becoming the book business - (NY Metro) (link found by bella baran and amos ben menachem)
8 - Forever Young "the most awaited book of 2002" - (Time) (link found by Otto Thompson)
9 - 'A Long Strange Trip': Do Not Speak Ill of the (Grateful) Dead - (NY Times) (link found by NYT Newstracker) From - .ca - .uk - .de.
10 - Another fine day at work Dylan gives a no-frills, solid performance - (Winnipeg Sun) (link found by ElectricGypsy)

Saturday, Aug 24
1 - Last night's Fargo setlist - (Bob Links)
2 - A simple twist of fate The writer quoted in the new intro - (Buffalo News) (link found by Cliff Warnken, Jonathan Coe, Bob Meyer, ElectricGypsy)
3 - News of Dylan's autobiography, "Chronicles": Release date now seems to be December 20th. The Norwegian edition will be published by N.W. Damm on the same date, if possible. The deal is for three autobio installments; part 2 in two years and part 3 in four years. Also a new edition of Lyrics and a "Scrapbook".
4 - Bob's back pages - (jam) (link found by Lauren R. Blatt, Craig Proctor, ElectricGypsy, David Howes)
5 - Can you see the real Z? - (Star Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - Freewheelin-on-line Take Four is now available for subscribers (tip from John Stokes)
7 - German: Live last night (sorry!) 21-23 MET "Tin Pan Alley celebrates The Last Waltz" - (Radio Eins) (show by Helmut Heimann)
8 - The consummate team player Richard Thompson in Ottawa tonight - (Jam) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
9 - Geldof chronicles misery in new CD - (Boston Globe) (link found by Saul Garlick)
10 - New Jackson Browne album - ( (lRS Daily Dish / Paul Pearson)
11 - Peter Stone Brown plays Ardmore, PA, tonight.
12 - the regexes, they are a-changin' - (slashdot) (link found by Alex Shutt)
13 - Letters about "Weird Old Bob" - search for "Dylan" - (MSNBC) (link found by Jesse Shanks)
14 - Bob Dylan's Restless Farewell - (heres) (link found by David Frank)
15 - Relevant Books Readies Book About Bob Dylan's Spiritual Journey - (CCM) (link found by Dave K.)

Friday, Aug 23
1 - Last night's Sioux Falls setlist - (Bob Links)
2 - A Songwriter Festival of One The many sides of Bob Dylan rock Southampton - (Newsday) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
3 - Weird Old Bob - (MSNBC) (link found by Jesse Shanks)
4 - A heavenly night for fans of Dylan - (Omaha World-Herald) (link found by Cliff Warnken, ElectricGypsy, Alex Leik, David Stenander, Jim Short)
5 - Dylan's talent lures loyal legions - (ArgusLeader) (link found by ElectricGypsy, Cliff Warnken, Michael Smith, Jim Short)
6 - Dylan revives feel of '60s in lick of a guitar - (ArgusLeader) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
7 - Down From the Mountain jamboree - (Tennessean) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - Mississippi John Hurt Museum Dedication 4th July - (Document Records) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - Joan Baez visits Freshwater treesitters - (Eureka Times-Standard) (link found by Lars Haltbrekken)
10 - Joan Baez Serenades Activists - (AP / ProLog) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
11 - German: Ich bin nicht der, den ihr sucht Inspiration für Bob Dylan: Ein neuer Blick auf den jungen Brecht - ( (link found by Klaus Boele, but now it is in the for-pay-archive) Book from
12 - Years haven't been kind to 'Waltz' - (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) (link found by Jack Regan, ElectricGypsy)
13 - 'Waltz' all dressed up but a slow go - (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) (link found by Cliff Warnken, ElectricGypsy)
14 - Swedish: Springsteen har inte blivit patriot - (Metro) (link found by Markus Heed)

Thursday, Aug 22
1 - Last night's Omaha setlist - (Bob Links)
2 - All about Masked and Anonymous - (EW) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
3 - Wigging Out - (Entertainment Weekly) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - German: Johnny Cash: "American IV" in November - ( (link found by Uwe Meilchen)
5 - We are not a muse Lou Reed lyrics book - (The Times) (link found by mikola18)
6 - A New Tactic in the Download War - (Washington Post) (link found by Douglas Evans)
7 - You & You An open letter to Bob Dylan about our "Infidel"-ity - (Jerry Sherman ) (link found by Bob Whitson)
8 - An appeal to appreciators of Bob Dylan's Music - (Paul Williams - Crawdaddy) (link found by Bob Whitson)
9 - Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan : Poetry and the Popular Song - (Frank Davey 1969) (link found by Bob Whitson)
10 - Ol' Blue Eyes Turns Down Highway Sixty - (get underground) (link found by Bob Whitson)
11 - Aestheticism and Faith: the Bob Dylan Case - (Jerry L. Sherman) (link found by Bob Whitson)
12 - The Way the Music Died: Memoirs of a Corporate Crime Exploding: The Highs, Hits, Hype, Heroes, and Hustlers of the Warner Music Group- (NY Observer) (link found by John Walker)

Wednesday, Aug 21
1 - Dylan Rocks at Southampton's 'Sea' Benefit - (Newsday) (link found by Cliff Warnken, ElectricGypsy)
2 - Gotta Serve Somebody What convinced Dylan to headline this year's All for the Sea Benefit Concert? - (NY Observer) (link found by Cliff Warnken, Bob Russell, John Walker)
3 - Bob Dylan and the NECLC 1963 Tom Paine Award when Bob referred to Lee Oswald (link found by Bob Whitson)
4 - Daniel Lanois Signs To Anti - (Billboard) (link found by Jim Linwood, Lauren, ElectricGypsy)
5 - "TRACTORS" frontman Steve Ripley ...has a new CD due out Oct. 8, on Boy Rocking Records. Including a cover of Bob Dylan's I Don't Believe You. "Ripley was in Dylan's band in 1981, touring with him, and playing on Shot Of Love." (tip from hodah)
6 - "Wir machen die Welt erträglicher" Springsteen interview - (Der Spiegel) (link found by Uwe Meilchen)
7 - Written Off ... Unfairly? Cher - (LA Times) (link found by Edward Schlosser)
8 - "Like A Rolling Stone" mp3 - (Yo La Tengo MP3's) (link found by Stephen Uzzell)

Tuesday, Aug 20
1 - Last night's Southampton setlist - (Bob Links)
2 - Baltimore picture 1 - bare chested Bob (harley-davidson) (tip from kjelle)
3 - On a Harley-Davidson, Riding Into the Sunset - (Washington Post) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - Old Reliables Rock and rockers of a certain age help Harley-Davidson celebrate its 100th anniversary - (Baltimore Sun) (link found by Jack Regan, ElectricGypsy, Cliff Warnken, John Olszewski)
5 - Back on track: Bob Dylan At the Molson Amphitheatre - (Globe and Mail) (link found by Michael Young, Daryll Weisblott, Martin Abela, Cliff Warnken)
6 - An oldie, then a goodie - (National Post) (link found by Daryll Weisblott, ElectricGypsy)
7 - Reeducation CampA Chinese Revisionist Woodstock - (Washington Post) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - Lyrics: Friend of the Devil - (link found by Duncan Bartlett)
9 - Pop Culture Takes on Terrorism - (NY Times) (link found by karl0207)
10 - "Something's Happening Here": The Fusion of Rock and Psychedelics - (Fathom) (link found by Bob Whitson) See also The Love You Make
11 - What Has Become of Cinema Verite since Dont Look Back? - (Port) (link found by Bob Whitson)
12 - Marianne Faithfull Corrals Young Rockers for Album - (Yahoo / Reuters / Variety) (link found by C. Hunstiger, Martin Abela)
13 - Things to look for in Shakespears In The Alley - (Henderson State University) (link found by Bob Whitson)
14 - New book: "Go an Extra Mile" Bob Dylan's 2001 Concerts - (The Bridge) (tip from Jill)
15 - Book Bob Dylan - (DylanPool) (link found by Marcel)

Monday, Aug 19
1 - Last night's Baltimore / Pimlico/ Harley Davidson setlist - (Bob Links)
2 - Pick the top of the pop icons "Also receiving votes": Dylan - (ESPN) (link found by Joseph Garlick)
3 - Bob Dylan Availability TBA $75 - 100k Book Bobby D. to sing at your home or office... - (Clear Channel) (link found by Craig Danuloff)
4 - Living Dead returns with 'group gestalt' - (Japan Times) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
5 - Tab Benoit & Jimmy Thackery CD Includes cover of Bob Dylan's "Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat" - (Washington Post) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
6 - Queer as Folk - (Hajdu /NY Times) (link found by NY Times BobTracker, Cliff Warnken)
7 - "The Last Waltz" at the end of August - (AMCTV) (link found by Faith L Hartzler)
8 - Patti Smith: Resources, References and the Back Story Behind the Story - (NY Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - Levon Helm And The Barnburners August 14, 2002 - (pictures by Joy Munsey)
10 - Tom Petty concert review - St. Louis Post-Dispatch (link found by Cliff Warnken, ElectricGypsy)
11 - Trip ends where it began -- sort of trip to Woodstock- (Miami Herald) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
12 - New York Blues Cruise Friday: Tribute to Hwlin' Wolf - (NY Times) (link found by ElectricGypsy)

Sunday, Aug 18
1 - ... And like a rolling stone - (Toronto Sun) (link found by Monte Corwin, ElectricGypsy)
2 - Surprise Stones gig gives satisfaction - (Globe and Mail) (link found by Cliff Warnken, ElectricGypsy)
3 - 5 tracks from Steve Earle's "Jerusalem" Flash player - ( (link found by Ryan Cormier)
4 - Cash 'Comes Around' On New 'American' Album - (Billboard) (link found by hansenhouse2, Cliff Warnken)
5 - Johnny Cash Sings Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Sting & Eagles On New Album - (Yahoo / Launch) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
6 - Sunrise sofa supreme! NDC - (icLiverpool) (link found by John Foyle)
7 - Norah Jones mp3 "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight" - ( (link found by John Scarrott)
8 - Sworn enemy of the Volvo set Fred Eaglesmith - (Globe and Mail) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - Exploring the Long Ordeal of Hurricane Carter in Jail - (NY Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
10 - If you could be The Boss why aren't you? - (LA Weekly) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
11 - Newport Special: Pictures from Newport August 3, 2002 - ( (link found by Bo Terek)
12 - Vision of Bananas - (The Coast) (link found by Jo Slater)
13 - On the watchtower with Bob Dylan - (Daily Gleaner) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
14 - Mudpie Aug 13 - 17 - (Gilchrist Studios) (link found by Jack Regan)
15 - "Restless Farewell" 1964 Quest video clip 26 MB Windows Media Player - (danajhanson) (link found by Nijo)
16 - Nearly Two Hours of Outtake Performances to be Included in Criterion's Upcoming The Complete Monterey Pop Festival Byrds, Who, Hendrix, D.A. Pennebaker - (Criterion) (link found by HwyCDRrev)

Saturday, Aug 17
1 - Last night's Toronto setlist - (Bob Links)
2 - "Voice From On High" chords - (Dylanchords) (tabbed by Eyolf Østrem) - Dylan mp3 (Dylan pool) Stanley Brothers mp3 (link found by Cliff Warnken)
3 - Night after night A superb Bob Dylan is back on tour - (Buffalo News) (link found by Nathan Chavkin, Cliff Warnken, Bob Meyer, Jonathan Coe)
4 - O Brother, what now? - (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - 25 Years Later, Elvis Rolls On - (NY Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - Graceland vigil pays tribute to Elvis - (MSNBC) (link found by William Robertson, Jr.)
7 - Net surfers are getting the message: Pay up - (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)
8 - drylongso, the internet broadcast of vintage blues and various cognates - playlist and notes - features this week ample portions of Howlin' Wolf, Jr. Walker & the All Stars, not to mention Irma Thomas's Time Is On My Side and Paul Butterfield's In My Own Dream. (And, from the famous Elektra album, The Bauls of Bengal, the secret bonus track this week is O're Mone Jele sung by Purna Das Baul, he of the satin bathrobe and tricorn hat there in the cover photo for 7John Wesley Harding.)
9 - Tangled up in Bob Dylan - (Omaha World-Herald) (link found by Bob Hartung)

Friday, Aug 16
1 - Last night's Hamburg NY setlist - (Bob Links)
1a - "A Voice From On High" 2.4 MB Bill Monroe mp3 - (mp3 found by Mike Jacobs)
2 - Sometimes down, never out As Bob Dylan crosses Canada this month, he remains a troubadour - (Globe and Mail) (link found by Cliff Warnken, Michel Jacques, Fred Rufi)
3 - The Memory of Music - (Austin Chronicle) (link found by Fred Mc Govern)
4 - Quickvote: Who's the greatest rock 'n' roll star of all time? Bob Dylan: 6% - (CNN) (link found by McCarthy, Douglas)
5 - Anthology a beginning guide to Beat poets - (Philadelphia Enquirer) (link found by Cliff Warnken) From
6 - Hog wild - (Baltimore Sun) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
7 - Dylan fan loved Saint John concert - (Saint John Telegraph-Journal ) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - The times they are a-changin', but Bob Dylan is timeless - (Daily Gleaner) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - Bob Dylan returns to Newport - (Philadelphia City Paper) (link found by Alan Lankin)
10 - On Baltimore's streets, he lives a life less traveled - (York Daily Record) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
11 - Hurricane Carter tells it to a judge - (NY Daily News) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
12 - A Filmmaker's Life of Ziggy-Zags Donn Alan Pennebaker - (Newsday) (link found by Cliff Warnken, ElectricGypsy)
13 - Dylanesque will perforn their tribute to Bob Dylan sets at The Princess Alice Public House, Middlesbrough in the North East of England this Saturday the 17th of August, starting at 8.(tip from e.crimmins)
14 - Paul Shields - Back2Roots 40 glorious guitar-driven tracks such as ... On The Road Again by Bob Dylan - (Daily Record) (link found by Electric Gypsy)
15 - Scene of the Crime Bob Dylan at Newport - (The Nation) (link found by ElectricGypsy)

Thursday, Aug 15
1 - Concert for the ages Dylan packs 40 years of musical history into a single show - (Jam! Ottawa Sun) (link found by Marcus Thunich, Lauren, ElectricGypsy)
2 - Dylan shows his blues roots - (Ottawa Citizen) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
3 - Spanish: Howard Sounes "Bob Dylan" - (La Vanguardia Digital) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
4 - Rompin' Ronnie rests in hospital - (Toronto Sun) (link found by Daryll Weisblott, ElectricGypsy)
5 - Vote Now! Readers' Top 100 Albums - (Rolling Stone)
6 - D. A. Pennebaker will be at the Huntington Cinema Arts Center in Long Island today 8/15. At 7:00 pm they are showing Ziggy Stardust and afterwards he will hold a discussion. On 8/20 they will be showing Dont Look Back but i dont think that Pennebaker will be there. (tip from Brian Kramps)
7 - Stones Guitarist Drafts Pals For Solo Set Dylan is guest on Ronnie Wood's "Not for Beginners" - (Billboard) (link found by ElectricGypsy) From - .ca - .uk - .de.

Wednesday, Aug 14
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1 - Last night's Kanata setlist - (Bob Links)
2 - Dylan delivers before 8,000 Quebec review - (Montreal Gazette) (link found by Michael Smith, ElectricGypsy)
3 - Mary Lee's Corvette's "Blood On The Tracks" now from - uk - de. (link found by Dave Plentus, Dylan Cover Albums)
4 - Positively Dylan's street, revisited - (Montreal Gazette) (link found by ElectricGypsy, Andy W.)
5 - Critics tangled up in Dylan hairstyle, miss the music - (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) (link found by ElectricGypsy, SoDamnHip, D.Steinhauser, Paul Goldstein)
6 - Every Grain Of Sand - is anew site dedicated to a certain song (made by Michael Farry)
7 - Bob Dylan - Newport -no big deal? (halfway down the page) - (Boston Herald) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - At 61, Wilson Pickett has passion, voice of his youth February: D.A. Pennebaker's latest documentary, "Only the Strong Survive." - (New Haven Register) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - French: Bob Dylan: 40 ans en deux heures - (La Presse) (link found by Gilbert Dumont, Andy W.)
10 - The Hawk still smilin' - (Toronto Sun) (link found by Daryll Weisblott)
11 - Italian: Ut pictura carmen - Bob Dylan e la pittura - (Come Writers and Critics) (link found by Andrea)
12 - That Old Feeling: Golden Sun Sun Records 50 years - (Time) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
13 - A living account of the Dead - (Capital Times) (link by Stu Levitan)
14 - Bob Dylan au Centre Molson - Du mythe au musicien, le fossé se creuse - (Le Devoir) (link found by Michel Jacques)
15 - In Brief: Moby, Dylan Dylan on Ronnie Wood's "Not For Beginners"- (Rolling Stone) (link found by ElectricGypsy, Tom Barrett)

Tuesday, Aug 13
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1 - Last night's Montreal setlist - (Bob Links)
2 - Positive buzz over 'Gods and Generals' - (Washington Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
3 - Songs to comfort fans in the event of a strike - (Yahoo Sports) (link found by Joseph Garlick, David Wilson)
4 - It's no Graceland, but Sun Records is where it all started - (Dallas Morning News) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - Bob Dylan Event Profile - (San Diego Union-Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - Ask Robert Hilburn - (LA Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - The King and I Michael Gray visits Graceland - (Telegraph) (link found by John Scarrott)
8 - French: Bob Dylan - Une forte influence - (montreal plus) (link found by Gilbert Dumont)
9 - French: Ne sous-estimez pas Bob Dylan... - (La Presse) (link found by Gilbert Dumont)
10 - French: La poésie faite rock - (La Presse) (link found by Gilbert Dumont)
11 - Larry Campbell web page - (link found by Uwe Meilchen)
12 - Springsteen - Rising from the ashes - (Michigan Daily) (link found by Brandon Zwagerman)

Monday, Aug 12
1 - George Harrison's "I, Me, Mine" to be published in October, from - uk - de (tip from John W. Leys)
2 - Dylan Baltimore show is Sunday at 3.30 pm - (Harley-Davidson) (link found by John L. White)
3 - Night of the Living Dead - (LA Times) (link found by LeeAnn Hansen)
4 - Elvis Week 2002 Events Calendar - ( (link found by William Robertson, Jr.)
5 - Bob Dylan is a 'Restless Pilgrim' - (Charisma News) (link found by Ronnie)
6 - German: Mutter aller Rock-'n'-Roll-Ekstasen Patti Smith - (Die Welt) (link found by ElectricGypsy)

Sunday, Aug 11
1 - Last night's Quebec City setlist - (Bob Links)
2 - A Chorus of Angry Piggies Web Broadcasters Endangered by Royalties, KPIG Fans Say - (Washington Post) (link found by Jack Regan)
3 - Rockin' Roles Elvis Presley, a prolific actor - (Guardian) (link found by Jesse Shanks)
4 - German: Konzert - Patti Smiths Auftritt im Stadtpark - (Hamburger Abendblatt) (link found by Uwe Dehnel)
5 - French: Les stars du rock des années 50, 60 et 70 sont là pour rester - (Le Devoir) (link found by Michel Jacques)
6 - Norwegian: Dylans sønn bak "American Pie III" - (Nettavisen) (link found by John Erik Andersen)
7 - Top 10 baby names of 2001 (US) - (WomenCentral) (link found by Karen)
8 - 'Republic of Dreams: Greenwich Village: The American Bohemia, 1910-1960' - (Washington Post) (link found by Otto Thompson)
9 - French: Bob Dylan, la légende derrière trois vocations - (Le Soleil) (link found by Electric Gypsy)
10 - Loud and clear Can't Be Satisfied: The Life and Times of Muddy Waters - (Observer) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
11 - Bob Dylan Writes Song For Upcoming Civil War Movie - (Yahoo/Launch) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
12 - Turkish: Uzun I'ngiliz'den üçüncü solo Beth Orton: Daybreaker - (Milliyet) From - -
13 - 21 CET tonight: "Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid" with Dylan as "Alias"- (TCM Europe) (link found by Michael Toal)
14 - Dylan and Newport; 'Jeopardy' - (NY Times) (tip from Daniel A. Petit)
15 - German: Draußen warten sie auf mich Patti Smith - (Süddeutsche Zeitung) (link found by Stephan Weber)
16 - Bob Dylan... 27 ans plus tard Quebec City review - (Le Soleil) (link found by Michel Jacques, ElectricGypsy)

Saturday, Aug 10
1 - Last night's Saint John setlist - (Bob Links)
2 - French: Les dylanomanes arrivent - (Le Soleil) (link found by Cliff Warnken, Michel Jacques)
3 - Bob's got a lotta nerve to say he's our friend - (Ottawa Sun) (link found by Cliff Warnken, Jim Linwood, ElectricGypsy)
4 - Guilty of greatness Dave Alvin's still havin' a blast - (Calgary Sun) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - French: ...It's alright 'ma, I'm only bleeding... - (deepinsidemyheart) (link found by tight connection)
6 - Women excluded from Top 100 guitarists So is Dylan...- (Times online) (link found by Eddie Janssens)
7 - Saturday Night Live Mo 12- August 3:30 pm E! 79b Eric Idle / Bob Dylan (found by George Spanos)
8 - Linda Thompson profile - (NPR) (link found by Tim Rahto)
9 - Linda Thompson's new CD "Fashionably Late" from - -
10 - Stars of show vintage recording equipment - (Bristol Herald Courier) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
11 - Follow Bob Dylan's film work here - (IMDB) (link found by Kevin Briggs)
12 - Keith Lawson, the well known UK Dylan enthusiast died on Monday 5th August. Our thoughts are with his family. "When you're standing at the crossroads that you cannot comprehend, Just remember that death is not the end."
13 - A good THING A paragraph from this article was quoted in the intro to Bob's show on Thu, Aug 15 - (Buffalo News) (link found by Bob Meyer)

Friday, Aug 9
1 - Last night's Moncton setlist - (Bob Links)
2 - Dave Alvin Rumoured to replace Charlie Sexton in the band- (HighTone) (link found by Joe Bluetrain)
3 - Bob Dylan Collection and Exhibit - Dylan Birthday Pictures - (Hibbing Public Library) (link found by Bob Whitson)
4 - Relatively historic Dylan at Newport - (Providence Phoenix) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - The other legend - Arlo Guthrie at Newport - (Providence Phoenix) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - Dutch: Bob Dylan de Nobelprijs /A> - (De Groene Amsterdammer) (link found by Bob Whitson)
7 -
My Way or Yours? The Album as Aesthetic Unit in the Works of Bob Dylan and Frank Sinatra - (Betsy Bowden) (link found by Bob Whitson)
8 - Term Project: "Blowin' in the Wind" - (Song Site Project) (link found by Bob Whitson)
9 - Spanish: El cine mantiene ocupados a Bob Dylan y su hijo Jesse - (CNN) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
10 - Now Ain't the Time for Your Tears - (Dave Marsh in Counterpunch) (link found by d.r.johnston)
11 - Spanish: Savater, Nietsche, La Felicidad y Bob Dylan - (El Pais) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
12 - Philip Whalen A poet's journey, from Ginsberg and Kerouac to a Buddhist monastery - (Guardian) (link found by ElectricGypsy)

Thursday, Aug 8 - afternoon
1 - Blowin' in the 9/11 Wind - (Christian Science Monitor) (link found by ElectricGypsy, Karl Johnson)
2 - Sacred ode to a singer - (Times & Transcript) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
3 - Seymour Solomon - (Times Online) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
4 - Plant, Dylan, Stones Bask In 'Moonlight Mile' Dylan's "Buckets of Rain" - (Billboard) (link found by ElectricGypsy, Cliff Warnken, Catina Prieur)
5 - The World needs IslamaBob - (From On The Tracks) (link found by A Lily Among Thorns)
6 - Italian: Bob Dylan ipnotizza Newport, 37 anni dopo - (Corriere) (link found by Giorgio Brianese)
7 - Bob Dylan and Son in Diverse U.S. Film Forays - (Reuters) (link found by ElectricGypsy, Cliff Warnken, Catina Prieur, Otto Thompson, Adam Levi, Steve Dube)
8 - High on a Hilltop With Music All Around The Carter Family- (NY Times) (link found by Jack Regan, Karl Johnson)
9 - Unlike A Rolling Stone, Dylan Gathered Some Moss - (Hartford Courant) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
10 - Gods and Generals Dylan song: "Crossing Over the Green Mountain" on soundtrack this X-mas - (link found by Cliff Warnken)
11 - Dylan coming back to town - (SacBee) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
12 - Dylan's Disguise Keeps Fans Guessing - (NPR) (link found by Karl Johnson)
13 - Patriotism Vs. Protest - (NPR) (link found by Karl Johnson)
14 - Charlie Sexton to leave band? - (Austin Statesman - Scenelets) (link found by Keith Venturoni)
15 - French: Papy fait de la résistance - ( (link found by Gilbert Dumont)
16 - Artists evoke the tragedy of a riot - (Mumbai) (link found by ElectricGypsy)

Thursday, Aug 8 - morning
1 - Bob Dylan's Fall U.S. Tour Dates Announced - (
2 - Basic blues - (Halifax Daily News) (link found by ElectricGypsy, Alex Leik, Dag Braathen, Cliff Warnken)
3 - Bob Dylan kicks off Canadian tour - (Halifax Chronicle-Herald) (link found by Catina Prieur, Jim Linwood)
4 - mp3s from the ongoing tour - ( (link found by Bo)
5 - Rompin' Ronnie Hawkins to have surgery next week for pancreatic cancer - (Te Record) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - The Hawk solid as a rock - (Toronto Sun) (link found by Daryll Weisblott, ElectricGypsy)
7 - The Hawk chicken? No way! - (Toronto Sun) (link found by Proctor, Craig, ElectricGypsy)
8 - Music of his life Garth Hudson in London - (FYI London) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - van Ronk on Dylan - (dylfile) (link found by Bob Whitson)
10 - The Annotated Bob Dylan - (Next time, try compassion) (link found by Bob Whitson)
11 - It's all about me babe, ya ya ya, it's all about me - (The Record) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
12 - Christopher Rollason: Poet on Poet..Stephen Scobie on Bob Dylan - ( (link found by Bob Whitson)
13 - The Bob Dylan Critical Corner - (link found by Bob Whitson)
14 - Neighborhood Bully - ( - Jewish issues) (link found by John W. Leys)
15 - The Masked Tortilla - (Kaw-Liga's Shelter From the Storm ) (link found by Bob Whitson)
16 - Wilco's 'Heart' Heads To DVD; New Album In Works - (Billboard) (link found by Avery Lerner, Cliff Warnken, Brandon Zwagerman)
17 - Catalan: Dylan reviu vells temps a Newport - El veterà Bob Dylan, aplaudit a Newport (avui) (link found by Guillem Turon)
18 - Backtalk with Levon Helm - (Offbeat) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
19 - Southern Indiana roots inspired poet Norbert Krapf; "The Country I Come From" - (Indystar) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
20 - Plans for Dylan museum announced - (Hibbing Daily Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
21 - Tangled up in Newport Link may change - (Boston Globe) (link found by Saul Garlick)

Wednesday, Aug 7
1 - Last night's Halifax setlist - (Bob Links)
2 - Sacred ode to a singer - (Times & Transcript) (link found by Cliff Warnken, Paul Bagnell)
3 - It ain't me, babe - (Boston Globe) (link found by Cliff Warnken, ElectricGypsy, Joe McMullen)
4 - Dylan is "electrifying" at Newport Folk Festival - (AFP) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
5 - Swedish: Tillbaka i Newport igen med lösskägg och peruk - (Svenska Dagbladet) (link found by Niklas Strömberg)
6 - Pareles in Spanish: Y esta vez nadie le gritó Judas - (Clarin) (link found by Adrian from Argentina)
7 - Bob's boos - (Guardian) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
8 - Music bridges a generational great divide - (Boston Herald) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
9 - The Cottars turn an ear at Newport Folk Festival - (Halifax Herald) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
10 - dylan plugs traficant at newport - ( (link found by Dave Conlin Rea)
11 - The legend returns - ( (link found by ElectricGypsy)
12 - Wendy Bucklew covers "Buckets of Rain" on "After You" - (cdbaby) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
13 - McGuinn takes crowd on easy ride - (Morning Call) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
14 - Swinging London overload - (Philadelphia Inquirer) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
15 - Clay Meyers - played on "Love And Theft" (link found by jlasser)
16 - After 40 years, Dylan's music still has power - (Halifax Herald) (link found by Cliff Warnken, Kyle Valanne, Dag Braathen, ElectricGypsy)
17 - Learning to Make Popular Music From the World Trade Center Attack - (NY Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken, ElectricGypsy)
18 - Grateful Dead Terrapin photos - ( (Photos by Joeff Davis)
19 - Norwegian: Populær elektrisk Dylan - (NRK) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
20 - Afrikaans: Padlangs - (news24) (link found by ElectricGypsy)

Tuesday, Aug 6
1 - Many new Dylan concert dates listed at Bob Links
2 - Dylan plays to enthusiastic Civic Center crowd - (Kennebec Journal) (link found by ElectricGypsy, Cliff Warnken, Michael Smith)
3 - Folks still love the legend URL may change - (Newport Daily News) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - Spanish: Dylan vuelve al festival que le ecó hace 37 años - (El Pais) (link found by Guillem Turon Mallol, Alfredo Barreiro)
5 - Worchester 2002 mp3 "Never gonna be the same again" - (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
6 - Tangled up in blues - (Guardian) (link found by ElectricGypsy)
7 - Dylan returns to the scene of his 'crime' - (Telegraph) (link found by John Scarrott)
8 - Bob Dylan wows crowd at Newport festival - CNN / AP (link found by David Kelley)
9 - At Newport, plenty to fuss about besides Bob Dylan - (Boston Globe) (link found by Cliff Warnken, ElectricGypsy, Joe McMullen)
10 - Gere, Gore check out Dylan - (Boston Globe) (link found by Cliff Warnken, ElectricGypsy)
11 - Dylan-free Newport still a delight - (Boston Herald) (link found by Cliff Warnken, ElectricGypsy)
12 - Bob Dylan Lets His Set List Do The Talkin' At Newport Folk Festival - CDNow (link found by Electricgypsy)
13 - The run-out groove of Portland's vinyl record stores Customer Bob - (Portland Phoenix) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
14 - Dylan in Ol' Possum's Diamond Mine - (Camosun College) (link found by Bob Whitson)
15 - Desolation Row, Bob Dylan, Highway 61 Revisited, 1965 Image look familiar? Look no further - (Griffith University) (link found by Bob Whitson)
16 - Great Artists Steal: "Love and Theft" - (Dancing about Architecture) (link found by Bob Whitson)
17 - Halifax 22 Aug: Post concert party at The Legendary Khyber Club, 1588 Barrington Street,Halifax, is having a post concert party. There will be an open mic so bring guitars. (tip from dusty sorbet)

Monday, Aug 5
1 - Last night's Augusta setlist - (Bob Links)
2 - Dylan, Once a Newport Heretic, Returns to Folk Festival Cheers - (NY Times) (link found by ElectricGypsy, Ellen Friedenberg)
3 - Dylan back in Newport - (Providence Journal) (link found by John Bowne, Jess Hansen, Ken Abrams, Jack Regan, Cliff Warnken)
4 - Recital at Newport Cowboy Dylan's fire has gone out - (Providence Journal) (link found by Jess Hansen, Jack Regan)
5 - Dylan's songs grow with rockabilly roots - (Providence Journal) (link found by Jess Hansen, Jack Regan, Cliff Warnken)
6 - In Newport Rocker Reprise, Dylan Just One of the Folks - (LA Times) (link found by Eli Ellison, Howard Mirowitz)
7 - Notorious Scene Electrified Again - (Hartford Courant) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - Dylan makes long-awaited return to Rhode Island - (The Age) (link found by Paul Gardner)
9 - French version of Tom Piazza's article: Le fidèle Bob Dylan - (cyberpresse) (link found by Simon-Pierre Beaudet)
10 - Village People Book review: Republic of Dreams - Greenwich Village: The American Bohemia, 1910-1960 - (Washington Post) (link found by Jess Hansen)
11 - Talkin' 'bout my generation - (Boston Herald) (link found by Jess Hansen)
12 - Essential Dylan Fans wax philosophic at Newport festival - (Boston Globe) (link found by Jess Hansen)
13 - MP3 file-swapping is still wildly popular - (SF Chronicle) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
14 - Red-hot Wilco sizzles in homecoming - (Chicago Sun-Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
15 - Icelandic: Dylan snyr aftur til Newport - (Morgunblaδiδ) (link found by sion)
16 - Bob Dylan sa po 37 rokoch vrátil do Newportu - (Pravda) (link found by Jess Hansen)
17 - The legend returns - (Halifax? Daily News) (link found by Jess Hansen)

Sunday, Aug 4
1 - Last night's Newport setlist - (Bob Links)
2 - Newport photo:s Dylan with long straight hair and beard - another - band - solo - (Yahoo News) (link found by Al Harper, Otto Thompson)
3 - Dylan doesn't think twice at Newport return - (Boston Herald) (link found by Jess Hansen)
4 - Bob Dylan Returns to Newport Stage - (Yahoo/AP) (link found by Cliff Warnken, Jess Hansen)
5 - Bob Dylan's Worcester dream concert - (Worcester Telegram & Gazette) (link found by Joshua Richmond, RJ Peters, Jr)
6 - Knock, knock, knockin' - (Worcester Telegram & Gazette) (link found by Jess Hansen)
7 - Ronnie Hawkins in hospital - (Ottawa Sun) (link found by Dag Braathen)
8 - Preserving the voice of America - - or stealing it? Lomax, line from Dylan's "Misssissippi" - ( (link found by Jerry Chambers)
9 - The Band - (BBC 6music) (link found by shredding)
10 - German: Eine Rückkehr nach endlos langer Reise - (Salzburger Nachrichten) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
11 - Bob Dylan's Changes - (Boston Globe) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
12 - Sun Records: The 50th Anniversary Collection - (go memphis) (link found by Cliff Warnken) From - -
13 - Birthplace of country music marks 75th - (The Tennessean) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
14 - Ned Massey, the last discovery of John Hammond - (Ned Massey)
15 - A hint of Dylan - (Halifax Herald) (link found by Jess Hansen)
16 - Viva Elvis - (Boston Globe) (link found by William Robertson, Jr.)

Saturday, Aug 3
1 - Last night's Worcester setlist - (Bob Links)
2 - A Folk Festival's Idol Returns - (NY Times) (link found by jess)
3 - Turning Dylan's back pages: Truth about Newport '65 is blowing in the wind - (Boston Herald) (link found by Jess Hansen, Michael Smith, Karen McMahon, Cliff Warnken)
4 - Newport Folk Fest Welcomes Dylan Back Kate & Anna are there too! - (Pollstar) (link found by Jack Regan)
5 - Pictures from breaks in filming "Masked & Anonymous" - (link found by Joy Munsey)
6 - Dylan at Newport - (NPR) (link found by Bob Whitson, LeeAnn Hansen, Daniel Maxton)
7 - Finally, some vocals for Charlie Sexton - (Austin-American Statesman) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - Dylan's return - (Newport Daily News) (link found by Cliff Warnken, Alfonso Iachini)
9 - Solas cover "Dignity" on "Edge of Silence" from - (tip from Cliff Warnken)
10 - Dear Bobby References to Bob Dylan in Larry Norman's music - ( (link found by Gunnar Lorens Lien)
11 - Wilco's "Basement Tapes" - (neumu) (link found by Brandon Zwagerman)

Friday, Aug 2
1 - Newport Folk Festival Preview Day all day Friday on City Folk - (WFUV) (link found by Paul Pearson)
2 - Dylan Returns to Newport Music Fest - (Excite / AP) (link found by Jack Regan, Dana Hanson, Doug Goebel, Len Colner)
3 - He's ba-ack! - (Phoenix) (link found by Cliff Warnken, Mike LaLonde)
4 - Dylan buzz and whispers - (Worcester Telegram & Gazette) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - Dylan to revisit Augusta with Newport behind him - (Kennebec Journal Morning Sentinel) (link found by Jess Hansen)
6 - Bob Dylan To Reopen The Wiltern - (Clinton Courier) (link found by Jess Hansen)
7 - Take Me Way Way Back With Dr. Boom - (Music Archive) (link found by Bob Whitson)
8 - Corrine Corrina, Bo Chatmon, and the Excluded Middle - (Christopher A. Waterman) (link found by Marty Trujillo, Jeremy Taylor)
9 - Dossier on ...Joan Baez - (Santa Cruz Sentinel) (link found by Jess Hansen)
10 - What I've Learned: Lucinda Williams - (Esquire) (link found by Tim Rahto)
11 - Keeping up with Bob Jones - (Providence Journal) (link found by Ken Abrams)
12 - US TV with Dylan - (Musicstation) (link found by Jess Hansen)
13 - Come you masters of war - (Guardian) (link found by Tiernan Henry)
14 - Tickets and accomodation are still vailable for the UK Dylan Convention to be held on the 31st August (from John Stokes)

Thursday, Aug 1
1 - "Maggie's Farm" from Newport 1965 - (10 MB mp3) (thanks to Ronnie (and Claus))
2 - Dylan May Inaugurate Reconstructed Wiltern - (LA Times) (link found by Victoria Miller, Eric Werner, Howard Mirowitz, Scott Aldworth)
3 - Dylanpool is accepting entries until showtime in Worcester (link found by Arthur Louie)
4 - How country music's First Family found its groove Carter Family - (Reuters / Hindustan Times) (link found by Jess Hansen)
5 - July 31, 1971: Concert for Bangla Desh - (VH1 Today in Music) (link found by drp
6 - Pop Painkiller Springsteen: The Rising - (Washington Post) (link found by Jim Linwood)
7 - Taps for Mr. Lomax - (National Review) (link found by Jess Hansen)
8 - At The Darktown Strutters Ball Remember the line in Sugar Baby? - (Red Hot Jazz) (link found by Manor)
9 - This week, drylongso, the internet show of vintage blues and cognates - playlist, notes and updated links - features several examples of the dazzling guitar and risqué lyrics of Bo Carter (he who first recorded Corrine, Corinna), Merle Haggard's tribute album to Bob Wills, Garcia and Grisman and the late Alan Lomax's field recordings in Mississippi, including one William Brown's Ragged And Dirty, covered by Dylan later on World Gone Wrong.
10 - Dylanesque plays Hull tonight, Easington Friday - (Dylanesque) (link found by Michael)
11 - Dylan 125 - (Honda) (link found by James Beveridge)
12 - ACT's Young Conservatory Will Stage Bob Dylan Musical Revue in 2003 - (Yahoo / Playbill) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
13 - A world of shared sounds "Tessalation Row" - (Star-Ledger) (link found by Cliff Warnken)

Wednesday, July 31
1 - Dylan takes the stage at 5 pm Saturday - (Newport Folk Festival) (link found by Mike White)
2 - Bob Dylan's infamous hour - (news24) (link found by Catina Prieur)
3 - Dylan bringing it all back home - (The Australian) (link found by Jess Hansen)
4 - 'As Time Goes By' Songs that stand test of time become part of our collective repertoire - (Louisville Scene) (link found by Dennis Martin)
5 - Tokyo Bob with Never Mending Tour Band - (
6 - The ClimesThey Are A-Changin' - (Village Voice) (link found by Cliff Warnken, d.r.johnston)
7 - Bob Dylan - (Boom!) (link found by Bob Whitson)
8 - Just folk? - (The Phoenix) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - Italian: E in tre minuti Dylan creò il mito Sounes' Dylan bio - (Corriere della Sera) (link found by Salvatore Licciardello)
10 - Bruce Springsteen: "The Rising" in stores today - (Sony) (link found by Paul Pearson)
11 - Ryan Adams - The £1000 Man? - (NME) (link found by Tom W.)
12 - Bob Dylan to revisit his most infamous hour - (AFP/Hindustan Times) (link found by Michael Smith)
13 - Bob Dylan, Instinct and Genius - (daily celebrations) (link found by Demetrios Bogdanos)
14 - Bob Dylan, Just the Postman - (daily celebrations) (link found by Demetrios Bogdanos)

Tuesday, July 30
1 - "Dont Look Back" Saturday, Aug 3 at 5:00 pm, ET/ 2:00 pm, PT - (Trio Channel) (link found by hansenhouse2)
2 - Bob Dylan: A Serious Look - (Gonzo!) (link found by Bob Whitson)
3 - Dialing for Dylan - (Metroactive) (link found by Bob Whitson)
4 - Dylan in Newport: Ask him with a grin if he's havin' a good time - (Providence Journal) (link found by Ken Abram)
5 - Bruce Springsteen on Nightline tonight (tip from Paul Pearson)

Monday, July 29
1 - Wild About Woody Barry Ollman - (Denver Post) (link found by Bob Whitson, Cliff Warnken)
2 - Wilco is trying to break your heart - (Chicago Sun-Times) (link found by Brandon Zwagerman)
3 - Coordination is key Music festivals in the south - (Times Daily) (link found by Jess Hansen)
4 - Activists flock to Democracy Tour at TCC Another Rolling Thunder tour - (Yahoo / Arizona Daily Star) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - T Bone Burnett Returns to Recording His Songs - (Yahoo / Variety) (link found by C. Hunstiger)
6 - Motorcycle accident 36 ago today - Dylan July 29 1961, 63, 66 & 88 - (VH1 Rock Clock) (link found by Catina Prieur)
7 - Solomon Burke: "Don't Give Up On Me" Dylan's "Stepchild," stands out as the highlight of this album - (Evansville Courier) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - ISIS online store is taking orders for the new edition of Larry Sloman's "On the Road with Bob Dylan". Also from - - Helter Skelter edition Nov 2002:

Sunday, July 28
1 - Bob Dylan's Unswerving Road Back to Newport - (NY Times) (link found by Norbert Krapf, Ellen Friedenberg)
2 - Rebel without a clue/Books I never read - (express india)
3 - Monday: Bruce Springsteen: THE RISING - uk - de
4 - Underground papers - (Broadside, "Don't Look Back" dialogue etc) (scanned by Robert Shuman)
5 - A Man of His Time; Voices for All Time Alan Lomax - (Ny Times) (link found by NYT News Tracker)
6 - The legend of Dylan at Newport - (Boston Globe) (link found by Larry Fishman)
7 - Marsh on Lomax comment by Arlo - ( at Google) (link found by shemp wittgenstein)

Saturday, July 27
1 - Dylan takes the stage and screen in 'Masked' - (USA Today) (link found by Jamie A. Lovinger, Peter Stone Brown, Joshua Richmond)
2 - How a Band Turned a Crisis Into a Triumph Wilco - (NY Times)
3 - Net Users Try to Elude the Google Grasp NDC - (NY Times)
4 - New album has fans dancing in the dark Springsteen - (Christian Science Monitor) (link found by Dorwin C. Black)
5 - Dylan Newport show sold out Bits and pieces- (Boston Globe) (link found by Georgianna Johnson)
6 - Take Three of Freewheelin-on-line is available (link found by John Stokes)
7 - Mary Lee's Corvette: Blood on the Tracks: Recorded Live at Arlene Grocery [LIVE] to be released officially Aug 13 (link found by Ellen Friedenberg)
8 - Italian: Fratello Bob, Fratello Faber - (Maggie's Farm) (link found by Carlo Cesaretti)

Friday, July 26
1 - Three photos from the set of "Masked & Anonymous" - (Rex Features) (link found by Mike McGarr)
2 - Dave Carter, Folk Singer and Songwriter, Dies at 49 - (NY Times) (link found by Jack Regan)
3 - Dylan Quotes has a new URL
4 - Singer, songwriter Dave Carter dies - (Jam) (link found by Steve Cook)
5 - Cash Appears Among 'Kindred Spirits' On Tribute - (Billboard) (link found by Catina)
6 - Cash to Appear on Own Tribute Album - (Yahoo/AP) (link found by Michael Smith)
7 - Folk under fire Newport and the conservative world of the singer-songwriter - (Boston Phoenix) (link found by Mike Britten, Ray Baldwin)
8 - Cultural Treason?--The Right Targets Musician Steve Earle - (The Nation) (link found by Ray Baldwin)
9 - Bruce Dances in the Dark - (NY Observer) (link found by William Robertson, Jr.)
10 - Updated Tour Map - (by Peter Lloyd)
11 - ISIS online store has been updated with a new cheaper version of Song & Dance Man III (tip from Tracy Barker)
12 - Coroner: Who bassist's death cocaine related - (CNN)
13 - Swedish TV tonight: Walk on by (5:8) - (SVT2) (link found by Wenche Karlsen)
14 - German: Dylan denken Tonight at 2205 - (Bayern2Radio) (link found by Rolf Bergdolt)

Thursday, July 25
1 - Solomon Burke's Soul Train: Back On Track - (Washington Post) (link found by Jack Regan)
2 - At the Movies: 'I Am Trying to Break Your Heart' Wilco documentary - (AP)
3 - Today in Music: 1965 (Newport!), 81 & 85 - (VH1) (link found by Catina)

Wednesday, July 24
1 - Earle's Lindh Song Hits Sour Note in Nashville - (Washington Post) (link found by Jack Regan)
2 - Music stars pay tribute to R&B legend Solomon Burke - (Jam) (link found by Catina Prieur) Order from -
3 - Rochester - July 6th 1989 mp3s - (CleanCut Kid) (link found by S. Teuwissen)
4 - The Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Demos - (Wilco mp3s) (link found by Robert Billingsley)
5 - The Word According to Yo Quotes "Saint Bob" - ( (link found by Bill Routhier)
6 - Search for "dylan chronicles" gives release December 2002, but if you then click on "Bob Dylan" it still says September - (Simons & Schuster) (link found by Tobias Mählmann)

Tuesday, July 23
1 - Alan Lomax, Folk Song's Uncommon Advocate - (Washington Post) (link found by Dorwin C. Black, Jack Regan)
2 - German: Mikro für die Welt Alan Lomax - (Süddeutsche Zeitung) (link found by Rolf Bergdolt)
3 - Preacher's Passion, Showman's Instincts Solomon Burke - (NY Times) (link found by John Foyle)
4 - Mr. Big Stuff Alan Lomax: Great White Hunter or Thief, Plagiarist and Bigot? - (Counterpunch) (link found by Mike Britten)
5 - Steve Earle's 'U.S. Taliban' Ballad Inspires Controversy - (Yahoo / Reuters) (link found by Robby Prince)
6 - Album HOOT tonight - Another Side of Bob Dylan - 8:30pm EST - (Small Talk at the Wall) (link found by Jacki Pajas)
7 - Ralph Stanley interview and performance Windows Media Player- ( (link found by Brian Kramps)
8 - Helsinki Dylan-Baez poster A take on Eric von Schmid's 1964 poster, but with Leningrad Cowboys-style hair - (photo found by Mike Willys)

Monday, July 22
1 - Aug 2 Worcester tickets on sale - (
2 - Meet the new Boss Bruce Springsteen - (Observer) (link found by Clive J Wilshin)
3 - Blues world mourns the ultimate record collector Alan Lomax - (Observer) (link found by Clive J Wilshin)
4 - Bob's Boys The Byrds and the Dead do Dylan - (Boston Phoenix) (link found by HwyCDRrev)

Sunday, July 21
1 - Listen to the whole Solomon Burke album "Don't Give Up On Me" with cover of Dylan's "Stepchild" - (fatpossum) (link found by BillMcComb) Order from
2 - "Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You" mp3 November 18th, 1994/ MTV Unplugged outtake - ( (link found by Stephan Teuwissen)
3 - "Biograph" (Display Box) release 6 August - (Legacy) (link found by Mike McGarr)
4 - "The Shelter From The Storm" - Interviews of the Gospel years - (link found by Anneke)
5 - VCD Tree: Massey Hall, Toronto 1980 - (dylantree) (link found by Mike)
6 - Solomon Burke, Alan Lomax End of page - (NPR) (link found by David Kelley)

Saturday, July 20
1 - Alan Lomax, Who Raised Voice of Folk Music in U.S., Dies at 87 - (NY Times) (link found by Peter Stone Brown, Ellen Friedenberg)
1b - Musicologist Alan Lomax Dies - (Yahoo/AP)
2 - Dylan plays "Anonymous" gig, in L.A. - (Yahoo / Variety) (link found by Robert and Leslie Spencer, Michael Smith, Peter Stone Brown, Paul Hayes)
3 - Show added in Worcester, Massachusetts Tickets on sale Monday at:
4 - Favourite political songs - (BBC News) (link found by Catina)
5 - Tangled Up In Blue Corporate Partnerships at the United Nations - (CorpWatch) (link found by G Steele)
6 - Croatian: Bob Dylan se vraça filmu - (HThinet) (link found by Bo)
7 - rmd_does_dylan tracks played on Bob Fass show - (DylanPool) (link found by sugaree)
8 - Dylan, Waits, Costello Help Soul Legend Regain His Throne Solomon Burke - (mtv) (link found by Jim Linwood, Catina, Stephen tvtalkin' )
9 - Don't Give Up on Me Solomon Burke - (popMatters) (link found by Stephen)
10 - This is Allen Ginsberg? 1976 New Age Interview - (Peter Barry Chowka) (link found by Jesse Jacob Anderson)
11 - Cerys' Blonde on Blonde action! - (worldpop) (link found by Catina)
12 - Norwegian: En mester på sitt beste Paul Simon plays Molde venue where Bob was in '95 - (Dagbladet) (link found by Geir Olsen, Land of the Midnight Sun)
13 - "Steady Rollin' Man" Melbourne 22. March 1978 3.3 MB mp3 - ( (link found by Stefan Teuwissen)
14 - Seymour Solomon, 80, Record Label Founder, Is Dead - (NY Times) (link found by John Foyle)

Friday, July 19
1 - Aug 2 Massachusetts show at a small venue TBA - (bobdates) (link found by Nhojeloc)
2 - Bob Dylan Interview Acoustic Singing - (eBay) (link found by Magne Karlstad, William Prince, Jamie A. Lovinger)
3 - "The Basement Tapes" - a special presentation - Saturday at 7-8 pm on Melbourne radio station - (by Patricia Jungwirth, Blonde On Blonde)
4 - Weird Collabo 2002: Cerys vs Dylan?! - (Playlouder) (link found by Stephen @ TV Talkin')

Thursday, July 18
1 - Tears of rage - (InfoWorld) (link found by Jim Linwood)
2 - Elvis, songwriting, and politics - (CNN) (link found by Catina, John Foyle)
3 - Van Morrison sued over pub gig - (BBC) (link found by Catina)
4 - Hear Robert Plant cover "One More Cup Of Coffee" - (Universal Records) (link found by Rhett Thomas)
5 - This week's drylongso, the Internet broadcast of vintage blues and vernacular Americana, comes exclusively from the Smithsonian/Folkways Anthology Of American Folk Music and Revenant's Harry Smith's Anthology Of American Folk Music, Volume 4. Playlist & Notes. (from Karl Kotas)
6 - America's Folk Music Anthology - (NPR) (link found by Cliff Warnken, Jason Blandford)
7 - Christopher Ricks: Bob Dylan's Poetry - Boston University World of Ideas (link found by Bob Whitson)
8 - Dylan Songs Inspired By Literature - ( SIBL Project) (link found by Bob Whitson)
9 - It's time the 'stache became a must - (USA Today) (Quiz answers) (links found by Cliff Warnken)
10 - Robyn Hitchcock's all-Dylan covers double-album, Robyn Sings, can now be ordered - (fegmania) (link found by Duncan James Mitchison)
11 - has official confirmation of the Aug 18 Baltimore Harley show and expresses uncertainty about the exact time and length of the show.
12 - Concert Simulcasting Next Big Thing at the Movies - (Yahoo / Reuters) (link found by Jacki Pajas)
13 - "Simple Twist Of Fate" mpeg video 10.5 MB John Hammond Tribute, 1975 - (link found by S. Teuwissen)

Wednesday, July 17
1 - Is WAP on mobile phones worth the trouble? Try the Rain WAP page at Enter "dylan" in the Keywords box, and click the Search button. You will find my WAP site named "rain". Click on it and try it out in the WAP simulator. On a real WAP phone, bookmark
2 - Garth's New Music - (Pulse24) (link found by Jeff Wells)
3 - Isis updated with book news, current news and lots more. The site also has a new look (tip from Tracy)
4 - new york weighs in - (Psychedelic 60s - University of Virginia) (link found by Bob Whitson)
5 - Shakespeare in crocodile slippers - (Der Spiegel (at) Breadcrumb Sins) (link found by Bob Whitson)
6 - Mickey Jones, Dylan's 1966 Band drummer, will sit in with Highway 61 Revisited, the world's only Bob Dylan Tribute Band at the House of Blues in Hollywood this Thursday, July 18th. Free tickets from the band's website (from Joel Gilbert)
7 - Lambchop has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Sad news by Alan Fraser - Isis Current News has info on how you can contribute.
8 - Classic Tracks Set For Sun Records Compilation - (Billboard) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - Fri Aug 9 Saint John, NB - TWO shows? - (Pollstar) (link found by Michele Simpson)
10 - - new site on the way
11 - "Visa oss vinden" - (Premium Publishing) (link found by Dag Braathen)
12 - Place your bets on what songs Dylan will sing - (DylanPool) (link found by Brian Kramps)

Tuesday, July 16
1 - "Work's done got hard" - (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) (link found by the peeper)
2 - Australian singer gets down under moods for songs - Paul Kelly (Inky) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
3 - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: After a 15-year layoff, John McEuen rejoins for a new album, tour - (deseretnews) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - Music from the big North Garth Hudson - (jam!) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - Swedish: Dylan ur ett svenskt perspektiv - (Corren) (link found by Bernt Håkansson) Visa Oss Vinden! : Bob Dylan I Sverige - (bokus) (link found by Lars Lindh)
6 - New maxi CD in Germany with Dylan cover version: Mickie Krause - Knockin' on heaven's door (tip from Jürgen Waßer)
7 - Springsteen Protects His New CD's Online in an Old-Fashioned Way - (NY Times, registration required)
8 - Ozzy Osbourne, Just Kidding - (NY Times)
9 - Live mp3s - ( (link found by Stephan Teuwissen)
10 - Solomon Burke will be on Letterman tonight in the US (tip from Paul Pearson)

Monday, July 15
1 - Positively 4th Street: Reviving the '60s folk scene on film - (Boston Globe) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
2 - Recalling Bill Graham's life as a rock 'n' roll original - (Boston Globe) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
3 - German: Poet der kleinen Leute Woody Guthrie- (Morgenpost)
4 - Consumerism 101 Dylan content at the end - (Citypages) (link found by Charles Hunstiger)
5 - Learn to play like a pro at Fur Peace Ranch Jorma Kaukonen- (Poughkeepsie Journal) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - Poetry in Motion' project puts verse on wheels - (Pioneer Press) (link found by Cliff Warnken, Doug Werner)
7 - Janet Gezari: "Bob Dylan and the Tone Behind the Language" (Southwest Review Volume 86, Number 4) (only on paper) (tip from Bob Whitson)
8 - Bob Dylan's Lyrics: Superior to all poetry written since The Wasteland - (link found by Bob Whitson)
9 - Italian: Uomo di Pace Bottom of the page - (John Lennon Dreamsite) (link found by Bob Whitson)
10 - What's your favorite Bob (movie) performance? Bottom right - (VH1 Daily Poll) (link found by Bonnie)

Sunday, July 14
I have received direct communication from the person whose e-mailer is virus infected, so I am removing the name I posted here earlier. In an effort to see if it is related to my e-mail addresses given on this page, I have now inserted "REMOVE-NOSPAM" into the "Send me the URL!" and the webmaster note. I trust you will remember to remove it before mailing me.

Saturday, July 13
Latest (July 26) issue of Goldmine inside back cover is an ad for upcoming auction billed as "Guernsey's Rock Crooner & Country Greats". Items described include "what is believed to be the earliest master recording ever of Bob Dylan". There is a small photo of a "Soundcraft Audition Recording Disc," too small to make out the handwritten title. Caption reads "Acetate: Bob Dylan at 15." Also mentioned and pictured are "Elvis' first guitar" and "Hank William's [sic] 1948 Packard". "Extensive catalogue" available from for $25 + $5 shipping, auction date and location to be announced in next Goldmine issue (from Cliff Warnken)

2 - Video Scratching on M-M-Macs NDC - (Wired)
3 - Elvis Costello's Journal - (Island Records) (link found by Nick Loss-Eaton)
4 - Is bob dylan overrated? - Don Hurley's "Don't Look Back" memories - (unofficialmartinguitarforum) (link found by DGibboney)
5 - Bob Dylan is to be found in the Sgt Pepper type cover of August 2002 Mad Magazine (tip from Thad Williamson) web page says I need "a better browser." I say they need a better web designer.
6 - Robert Plant's "Dreamland" has cover of Dylan's "One More Cup of Coffee", from - - (found by Molly)
7 - Bob Dylan : Prix Nobel de littérature ? (You need the print edition to read story) - (Exit) (link found by Simon-Pierre Beaudet)
8 - Judas! magazine issue 2 is out, 84 pages of news, views and opinions on all things Bob (from Keith Wootton)
9 - D.A. Pennebaker - (Popped) (link found by Hanns Peter Bushoff)

Friday, July 12
1 - New tribute CD: "Bob Dylan: This Ain'  No Tribute Series" from - (tip from Eben Hensby)
2 - Croatian: Bob Dylan i Laurny Hill imaju nove pjesme na soundtracku - (moj HThinet) (link found by Bo)
3 - The Stone age: Can a new editor return Rolling Stone magazine to the cutting edge of its glory years? - ( (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - Newport Folk Festival Captured On Film - (Hartford Courant) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - On Woody's Trail - (SF Gate) (link found by Millie)
6 - Love and Theft, or how Dylan's mind multiplies the smallest matter - (Bob Dylan Critical Corner) (by Christopher Rollason)
7 - Garth Hudson: Across the great divide - (eye) (link found by Daryll Weisblott)

Thursday, July 11
1 - Dylan & Cruz photos from the set of "Masked & Anonymous": (1) - (2) - (3) - (Star / Dylanpool) (link found by Rich Stombres, Michael Smith, Mark Mc Govern)
2 - Jon Sklaroff has been added to the cast of "Masked & Anonymous" - (Sympatico) (link found by Derek Keogh)
3 - Dylan tries the Screen again - (Page Six) (link found by Derek Keogh)
4 - The world according to Garth - (Globe and Mail) (link found by Andrew M. MacMillan)
5 - Lucinda Williams has haunted house at her command - (Chicago Sun-Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - On the enigmatic Lord Buckley's trail - '50s hipster monologist left his mark on the Beats and hippies - (SF Chronicle) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - Mavi «Dylan« Jeans - (Nordstrom) (link found by gz)
8 - French: Solomon Burke sait s'entourer - (les (link found by Francois Guillez)
9 - The Internet debacle - an alternative view - (Janis Ian) (link found by Simon-Pierre Beaudet)

Wednesday, July 10
1 - Dylan 'Waiting...' for another Oscar? - (NME) (link found by Tom W, Stephen Bailey)
2 - Earth 'will expire by 2050' N(S)DC - (Observer) (link found by Uwe Meilchen)
3 - Forlorn in USA New Bruce album - (Beacon Journal) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - Montain Music - (Cleveland Free Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood Will Rigby - (Nashville Scene) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - Immiment Cancellation? - Eminem - (Nashville Scene) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - D.A. Pennebaker's Stardust Memories - (Village Voice) (link found by Daryll Weisblott)
8 - DVD: "How High" directed by Jesse Dylan - (Digitally Obsessed) (link found by Jesse Shanks)
9 - Audiogalaxy silenced by music industry opposition - (Star Tribune) (link found by C. Hunstiger)
10 - Various - Simply the Best Songwriters - Warner - (xtra msn) (link found by Tricia)
11 - Today's birthday: Arlo Guthrie, 55 (Rolling Stone) (tip from Paul Pearson)

Tuesday, July 9
1 - Paramount Pictures' 90th Anniversary Memorable Songs CD with Dylan track: "Things Have Changed" - (Legacy Recordings) From - (tip from Paul Pearson)
2 - Dylan Photo Gallery - (Bob Dylan Images) (link found by Christopher Leipold)
3 - Actress Katy Jurado Dies at 78 In the liner notes to Biograph, Dylan says that he wrote Knockin' on Heaven's Door for Jurado and Slim Pickens - (Yahoo / AP) (link found by Michael Smith)
4 - Olive Tree Cafe, 117 MacDougal Street - (NY Post Restaurant Reviews) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - From early days to the Bitter End - (Star-Ledger) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - Allen Ginsberg Collection - (HRC Research) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - Counting Crows' new CD "Hard Candy" has UK bonus track: "You Ain't Going Nowhere" From - - (tip from Charlotte Montgomery)

Monday, July 8
While Mr. Dylan is keeping a low profile (shooting a movie, writing a book, etc.), I'd like to direct your attention to some other items of interest:
1 - MovieStocks: Masked & Anonymous - (Hollywood Stock Exchange) (link found by Jesse Jacob Anderson)
2 - My music is 'the history of us' Odetta - (Globe and Mail) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
3 - Presleyana setting new price records as fans crave all-things-Elvis - (Go Memphis) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - Got that mojo working - (Go Memphis) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - San Quentin Prison Turns 150 - (Guardian) (link found by Paul Lyman)
6 - The 1,000th show of the Never-ending Tour - (Clean-Cut Kid) (link found by Ron Smith)
7 - Peter Stone Brown plays Bar B, NYC, tomorrow night, July 9
8 - With a Little Help from His Disciples: The Bishop of Soul returns Solomon Burke records Dylan's "Stepchild" - (Rock's Back Pages) (link found by Phillip Dokes)

Sunday, July 7
1 - Hudson heads up all-star lineup - (Poughkeepsie Journal) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
2 - rmd_does_dylan - (link found by deej)

Saturday, July 6
1 - Licensed to be weird - (Guardian) (link found by Sarah Poynting, Peter Slack, Stephen @ TV Talkin', Frances Hutchings, Paul Gardner)
2 - Spanish: Milanés trabaja en segunda parte de "Pablo querido" - (Go Memphis) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
3 - Bob Dylan and me: An interview with Jill Furmanowsky - (3am Music) (link found by John Scarrott)
4 - Jill Furmanovsky's 'Bobquest' - (3am Music) (link found by John Scarrott)
5 - My music is 'the history of us' Odetta - (Globe and Mail) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - In a World That Sings Together, Music is Bridging Cultural Chasms - (NY Times)
7 - Isis has updated the "Current News" section, and now has a range of ISIS leisure wear for sale on the site (tip from Derek Barker)
8 - Alanis not about to be swept under the rug - (CNN) (link found by the creeper, and Patrick Saunders)
9 - Bob Dylan, historically important blues harp Now USD 9,950 - (eBay) (link found by Patrick Saunders)
10 - Norwegian: Dylan Quiz 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - (link made by Geir Olsen Land of the Midnight Sun)

Friday, July 5
I have had contact with the source of virus mails who is aware of his e-mail problem and trying to fix it. I received 525 emails from his Microsoft Outlook Express in two days. Now it has stopped. The solution is really quite simple: Stop using Microsoft e-mail software. I recommend Eudora instead. And to obtain immunity against the most common viruses, get a Mac
1 - Times are a changin' for positions as organists - (Belfast Telegraph)
2 - Voice of protest fills the blanks - (Sydney Morning Herald)
3 - German: "Es geht hier doch um Filme, oder?" - (Donaukurier) (link found by Manfred Endtner)
4 - Elliott Murphy Interview some Dylan content - (Maggie's Farm) (link found by "Napoleon in rags")
5 - A10 Revisited - The Influences of Robyn Hitchcock - (Eskimo Chain) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
6 - Tennis: No fun a-cloud as rain drives us barker mad Dylan quote- (Daily Record)
7 - Dylan Tries the Screen Again Link will disappear - (NY Post) (link found by Jack Regan, Larry Shapiro)

Thursday, July 4
1 - My Back Pages has an easier to remember URL: (made by Eyolf Østrem)
2 - Legendary Austin Nightclub Closes Hole in the Wall - (Yahoo/AP) (link found by Alex Leik)
3 - German: Arthur Baker Interview "Empire Burlesque" producer - (Alert) (link found by Max Dax)
4 - Picking a winner Earl Scruggs- (Rocky Mountain News) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - Dedication of Mississippi John Hurt's home will be July 4 - (Greenwood Commonwealth) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - Jett Williams Gets Goosebumps at Hank's Retreat - (CMT) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - Johnny Cash cover: Journal of Country Music - ( (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - Harry's games Harry "Anthology" Smith - (Scotsman)

Wednesday, July 3
1 - All that he can't leave behind Daniel Lanois - (Globe and Mail) (link found by Daryll Weisblott, Cliff Warnken)
2 - Spanish (Chile): Llega la biografía más completa de Bob Dylan Sounes' Dylan bio - (La Tercera) (link found by Cristóbal Droppelmann)
3 - July 12: "Doin' Dylan" playsCleveland - at the Barking Spider - (AOL Cleveland) (link found by Ken Dixon)
4 - In diamonds and in rust - (US News & World Report) (link found by John Scarrott)
5 - On desolation row Woody Guthrie - (US News & World Report) (link found by John Scarrott)
6 - Pollstar's Dylan tour map - (found by Bo)
7 - Sony/Michael Jackson Venture to Buy Acuff-Rose - (myAOL) (link found by David Bilodeau)
8 - Sony Buys Famed Acuff-Rose Catalog - (Billboard) (link found by Brandon Zwagerman, Cliff Warnken)
9 - "The Bitter End : Hanging Out at America's Nightclub" by Paul Colby, Martin Fitzpatrick - from - Bitter End History (tip from Cliff Warnken)
10 - I Jammed with Bob Dylan - (corporatemofo) (link found by Craig Danuloff)

Tuesday, July 2
1 - Harris, Ribisi Join Dylan Film Shooting will finish July 15, about which time Dylan will record a concert for the film in Los Angeles. - (Yahoo / Variety) (link found by Cliff Warnken, John White, Adam Barks)
2 - "I landed a cool gig. I'm doing a movie with Bob Dylan." - ( (link found by Catina Prieur)
3 - Judas! has been updated with with issue two contents, contributors, editorial & excerpts from 3 articles (link found by Keith Wootton)
4 - Pino Palladino to play bass for the tour - (Pete Townshend) (link found by Uwe Meilchen)
5 - Jakob Dylan "Red" All Over - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Douglas McCarthy)
6 - Music reviews: The Byrds; Ralph Stanley - (Detroit Free Press) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - Old Hotels Thrive: Russischer Hof Hotel - (Newsday) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - Invisible Republicanism - (firstofthemonth)
9 - Welch's old-timey sound has been longtime signature - (Oakland Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
10 - Scott Holt covers "Blind Willie McTell" - (MyInKy) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
11 - "Masked and Anonymous" page - (TV Talkin') (site by Stephen Dutnhorne)
12 - Bob Dylan Tour Info - incl. Aug 18 Baltimore - (Pollstar) (link found by Israel Popack)
13 - One Nation Under a Groove - (US News and World Report) (link found by Charles W. Prince, Patrick Saunders)

Monday, July 1
1 - Irwin Silber Sing Out Interview - (Perfect Sound) (link found by Jim Linwood)
2 - In the world of radio and concerts, how big is too big? - (Star Tribune) (link found by Nelson T. French)
3 - Dead family reunion in East Troy is a go - (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) (link found by Matthew D. Houston)
4 - Spanish: Bob Dylan seduce a Penélope Cruz en 'Masked & anonymous' Dylan looks like Clooney (further down the page) - (el Periódico de Catalunya) (link found by Arturo Moreno Obregón)

Sunday, June 30
1 - Photos from the set of 'Masked and Anonymous', June 24: John Goodman in frilly shirt - Bob appears - Bob in Stetson Hat - Bob in Stetson Hat - Bob, Stetson Hat & Woman - (Rex Features) (link found by B.A., Christian Reiser)
2 - HWY 61 Folks Festival - (Aug 2 & 3, Mahtowa, MN) (link found by Nelson T. French)
3 - The Holmes Brothers: "Speaking In Tongues" includes cover of Dylan's "Man Of Peace" - (Alligator) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - Woodstock's 'youth culture' is graying - (Poughkeepsie Journal) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - The essential Elvis - (Philadelphia Enquirer) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - Doors, Stone Temple Pilots, Nickelback To Play Harley Tour - (Yahoo / Launch) (link found by Jason Stevens)
7 - Charlatans unveil cover at Glastonbury "Tonight I'll..." - (Ananova)

Saturday, June 29
1 - Mp3 from the first show on the Never-Ending Tour - (Razor's Edge) (edited by Andy Muir)
2 - August 18: Bob Dylan - (Harley-Davidson) (link found by Nhojeloc)
3 - Summer / Fall Tour Map - (The Never Ending Tour - Maps) (Map made by Peter Lloyd)
4 - Old-Time Music on the Internet
5 - Tower Pits the Garden Crowd Against Joni Mitchell Fans WFUV-FM - (NY Times) (link found by Daniel A. Petit)
6 - dylan hotel - (No Dylan Content) (link found by Doug Goebel)
7 - Bryan Cheyette will deliver a lecture called 'Slow Train Coming: Bob Dylan's Religions' at Department of English and Drama, Loughborough University, England, on Saturday, October 19, 2002. Lecture is part of seminar called 'Radical Soul.' (from Terry Kelly)
8 - Political Correctness Rings Hunchback Death Knell - (Yahoo / Reuters) (link found by Ron Mura)
9 - Jakob Dylan "Red" All Over - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Mike Britten)
10 - Bob Dylan's pink gabardine western shirt - (Billy Martins) (link found by Patrick Saunders)

Friday, June 28
1 - The Who's Entwistle dies on eve of tour - (CNN/Reuters) (link found by realgib23)
2a - John Entwistle, Bassist For The Who, Dead At 57 - (VH1) (link found by Fabio Augusto)
2b - Enthwistle dies: USA Today, Las Vegas Sun, Washington Post, Guardian (links found by Alfonso Iachini)
3 - Ted Turner Pictures will spend $51 million for movie - (Herald-Mail) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - The Harley-Davidson's 100th Anniversary Aug 18th Dylan show will be at the Pimllico Race Track, Baltimore. Tickets on sale today ( Harley-Davidson) (tip from Jason Stevens, Nhojeloc)
5 - Gods and Generals - (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - Galileo's Boots - new additions - ( (link found by Mike McGarr)
7 - Lord Buckley rides again! Bob Dylan called him "The fuel to my success" - (Salon) (link found by Jeremy Taylor) - Order "Dig Infinity!" from - -
8 - Richard Shindell - Art Song Courier (Larry Campbell has been his) musical alter ego - (Pioneer Valley Folklore Society) (link found by Joy Munsey)
9 - The Traders have now been confirmed for the UK Dylan Convention in August (from John Stokes)
10 - drylongso, the streaming broadcast of vintage blues, this week plays various other-than-rockabilly Sun recording artists: bluesmen Junior Parker, Roscoe Gordon and the 5 Tinos? Italian doo wop on Sun - who'd a-thunk it? Also featured are a couple of cuts off Live In Panama City, October 1990, a new album from the late and great Johnny Guitar Watson, The McKinney Sisters with Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys and a whole raft of big band jump blues for your safe and insane fireworks viewing. Playlist and notes. (from Karl Kotas)
11 - Dylan Tour Rolls On - Dylan To Spend August On Road - (Rolling Stone) (links found by Steve Dube, Paul Pearson, CovWoman61, Jim Short)
12 - Finding the real Ralph Stanley - (Boston Phoenix) (link found by Mike Britten)

Thursday, June 27
1 - Dylan composes for Civil War picture - (Yahoo / Variety) (link found by Kenny Lynch)
2 - Winston Watson - (Chuck Prophet band) (link found by David Maeda)
3 - Mountain Music Comes Together - (CMT) (link found by Chris Oxley)
4 - "Pretty Boy Floyd" to become movie - (imdb) (link found by Derek Keogh)
5 - Tim Arb in Bradenton, FL, had his Dylan collection stolen last Monday: 150 imports/boots and official releases. If you see such a collection for sale on eBay or elsewhere, please contact the Manatee County Sheriff's Office.
6 - Depression-era music lifts bluegrass legend's spirits Ralph Stanley - (Houston Chronicle) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - 'O Brother' tunes a late-life boost for Ralph Stanley - (Denver Post) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - Death can't keep Alan Freed - (Plain Dealer) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - Knopfler Readies Third Solo Album - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Chris Oxley, David Stenander)
10 - Swedish: Cruz sänkte sitt gage - för att få spela mot Dylan - (Aftonbladet) (link found by Henrik)
11 - The Age of Acquiescence - (NY Times) (link found by Dan Levy)

Wednesday, June 26
1 - Stars take Equity rates in Dylan film - (Guardian) (link found by Catina Prieur)
2 - Linda Thompson: "Fashionably Late" - (Rounder) (link found by Peter Shaw)
3 - Norwegian: Dylan i ny film med Penelope Cruz og Jessica Lange - (Dagbladet) (link found by Geir Olsen, Stein Arne Nistad)
4 - Bob Dylan in un film sul rock - (La Nuova Sardegna) (link found by ZAN)
5 - Down The Road And On The Tracks Van Morrison and Steve Earle - (Gadfly - last issue) (by Peter Stone Brown)
6 - Free the Jackson Five! Affirmative Inaction Dylan on the cover sold better than a Somali woman - (the Rake) (link found by Monty Waters)
7 - Johnny Cash tribute CD rescheduled to Sept 24th ( (Tip from Hans Peter Bushoff)
8 - Guitarist says playing blues properly is about exploring Duke Robillard - (Augusta Chronicle) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - Dylan fed the Byrds - (indystar) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
10 - It's gotta be rock 'n' roll music ... if you wanna study here - (Dallas Morning News) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
11 - dylan art - (Zimmy's) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
12 - Danish: Stjerner til nettopris - (EkstraBladet) (link found by Jonathan s)
13 - Wilco documentary: I Am Trying to Break Your Heart: - (iFilm Movie Buzz) (link found by Brandon Zwagerman)
14 - Dave Pirner - (viachicago) (link found by Junkstack)
15 - Norwegian: Hyllest til Dylan Fairport Convention members played Dylan in Harstad - (Festspillene i Nord-Norge)

Tuesday, June 25
1 - Dylan film attracts all-star cast - (Telegraph) (link found by John Scarrott, Peter Vincent, Matthew Durrant, Steve Gridley)
2 - Bluegrass stays ever true to its roots at Telluride fest - (USA Today) (link found by Catina Prieur)
3 - Angela Bassett, fashion chameleon -(USA Today) (link found by Catina Prieur)
4 - "Sing While You Slave" - Live US Jan-Feb 2002 - (TCBDS.mp3) (link found by Peter de Splenter)
5 - The wheels are still spinning at Freewheelin'-on-line - (link found by John Stokes)
6 - "Ciao! Manhattan" Edie Sedgwick cult classic re-release - (Plexifilm) (link found by Vernon Purnell)
7 - "Down from the Mountain" tour dates - (House Of Blues) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - Obituary: Silas Bissell, heir who became '60s radical and fugitive; 60 Weatherman - (Boston Globe) (link found by Georgianna Johnson)
9 - Riders on the Storm The Doors and commercials - (The Nation) (link found by Michael Smith)
10 - Judge Aronson Takes The Bench - (Mesabi Daily News) (link found by Cliff Warnken)

Monday, June 24
1 - Roger Daltrey: What's Next? - What's your definition of a rock star? (VH1) (link found by Demetrios Bogdanos)
2 - Live Music: Guitarist/songwriter Cam Waters does Johnny Cash's "Big River" on a resophonic guitar (RealVideo) - (TPT) (link found by Nelson T. French)
3 - Amazing Dylan Lyrics on Israel Neighbourhood Bully - (Free Republic) (link found by Bob Brodsky)
4 - The Levon Helm Blues band - (TheBand) (link found by Tom Auer)
5 - 13th July at the Ledbury Poetry Festival: Christopher Ricks speak on 'Questioning Bob Dylan; Are You Ready?' (tip from Geoff and Phil Teece)

Sunday, June 23
1 - Hear Wilco's "Jesus, etc." in MPEG-4 AAC - (Wilcoworld) Requires QuickTime 6 Preview
2 - Dylan Back On Screen - (Filmink) (link found by Tricia)
3 - Seasoned soul of Ray Charles fills bill - (Go Memphis) (link found by Cliff Warnken))
4 - Ya-Ya review - (Washington Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - Judas! magazine (print) issue two will include a chapter from Paul Williams work-in-progress Mind Out Of Time (from Keith Wootton)
6 - Garden concert takes listeners back to their roots - (Huntsville Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - 1996 film "Time Away" used Lomax on soundtrack - view movie in Media Player (film by Michael Marisi)
8 - Book title: "Yonder Stands Your Orphan" by Barry Hannah, from - (tip from Cornelius Collins)
9 - 'O Brother,' Where Did Thy Sibling Go Wrong? Ya-Ya falls short - (Washington Pos) (link found by Jim Linwood, Cliff Warnken)
10 - O bluegrass, where art thou? - (The Courier-Journal) (link found by Cliff Warnken)

Saturday, June 22
1 - 'O Brother' Phenomenon Rolls On - (Yahoo/AP) (link found by Catina Prieur, Cliff Warnken)
2 - Spam in time: 1963 - (Spam) (link found by Tim Rahto)
3 - David Lazar, writer of "Gotta Travel On" - (alt.obituaries) (link found by Michael Smith)
4 - Tunes of the 50s & 60s Jukebox - (Minnesota Street Rod Association) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - Mountaintop melodies - (Detroit News) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - Mulholland Drive looker Laura Harring is the latest groupie to follow Bob Dylan in Masked and Anonymous - (E! Online) (link found by Michael Smith)
7 - Two Dogs Pub Meeting Report - (Land Of The Midnight Sun) (link found by Geir Olsen)
8 - A Chain Letter's Chain Reaction - (Newsday) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - Jewel and Some Local Gems - (Newsday) (link found by Cliff Warnken)

Friday, June 21
1 - Highway 61: a "Death Alley" - (Digital Missourian) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
2 - Birth of a New 'Stone' Age - (Newsday) (link found by John and Pam Monnier?)
3 - Make way, boomers Laddies take over Rolling Stone magazine - (newsobserver / LA Times)
4 - Rock Legends auction Catalogue Lot 13, 25, 26 - (CooperOwen) (link found by Kaz Simmons)
5 - Talkin' John Ashcroft Paranoid Blues - (Uncle Taz) (link found by Magne Karlstad)
6 - Exhibit goes ga-ga for Ginsberg - (Denver Post) (link found by Cliff Warnken, Nijo)
7 - Robert George Dylan Willis - (ECB) (link found by Peter Shaw)
8 - The 'Mountain' of bluegrass looming large - (CNN) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - Son-O'-God Meets Zimmerman - (Punkhart) (scanned by John Howells)

Thursday, June 20
1 - Dylan defence blown away - (Canoe) (link found by Sam C. Visser)
2 - Ulysses for Dummies - NDC (link found by tom .)
3 - "Sympathy for the Devil" - (Salon) (link found by Kyle Valanne, C. Hunstiger)
4 - Real Life Rock Top 10 Bryan Ferry "Frantic" - (Salon) (link found by Tricia)
5 - Michael Gray: Bob Dylan and the History of Rock & Roll 3 July at Norden Farm, Maidenhead, UK - (link found by Jim Linwood)
6 - Dylan's 1979 Saturday Night Live performance will be on E! TV's "Classic SNL" July 4 & 5 (rockontv) (tip from Mark Rothfuss)
7 - Today in 1974: "Before the Flood" released, in 1980: "Saved" - (VH1 Rock Clock) (link found by Catina Prieur)

Wednesday, June 19
1 - Reissue of Songs by Byrds Pay Homage to Dylan - (EW / Houston Chronicle)
2 - Restless Pilgrim: The Spiritual Journey of Bob Dylan - (Relevant store) (link found by Basenjinut)
3 - The Battle for Townes Van Zandt's legacy - (Austin Chronicle) (link found by Will Rigby)
4 - Getting better all the time Paul McCartney is the latest in a string of cultural icons who'll turn 60 this year (SF Gate) (link found by David Maeda)
5 - 'Trudeau conspiracy' Dylan songs played in murder trial- (Canoe) (link found by Tobias Levander, Sam C. Visser)
6 - Glass Portraiture by William - (link found by Michele Simpson)
7 - Wildfires & Misfires: Two Decades Of Outtakes & Rarities (by Jason & The Scorchers) opens with cover of "Absolutely Sweet Marie". From (tip from Tom Farnsworth)

Tuesday, June 18
1 - Bob Dylan's Childhood Home - (Iron Trail) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
2 - June 17, 1984 and 1985 - (VH1 The Rock Clock) (link found by Catina Prieur)
3 - The Country I Come From A book of poetry - (Archer Books) (by Norbert Krapf)
4 - Bob Dylan: "20-Year-Old Singer Is Bright New Face at Gerde's Club" Shelton's 1961 review that launched Dylan's career- ( (link found by Ryan Carey)
5 - "Chronicles" Dylan cover CD - (dylanesque) (link found by Michael)
6 - Bucky Baxter's Pedal Steel Guitar for sale - (eBay)
7 - Musicians found to have 'more sensitive brains' - (Independent) (link found by David Stenander)
8 - Wedding night marred by burglary - ( Lincoln Journal Star) (link found by Scott Bauer)
9 - Philip Reutersward radio show today on Radio AF 99.1 (Lund, Sweden). He will be picking and playing tunes from his Dylan collection for one hour between 5 and 6 pm CET.
10 - Isis has had many new items added to for sale/trade/wanted section.

Monday, June 17
1 - I remember them well in the Chelsea Hotel - (The (link found by "Stephen Ryan)
2 - Ralph Stanley - (EW)
3 - Bob Dylan gets Lucky - (Stanley Mouse) (link found by Hannaluloo)
4 - Neil Young Bio Took Eight Years, 800 Pages, One Lawsuit - (Reuters) (link found by Chuck Koch)
5 - Cheech Marin and Richard C. Sarafian have been added to the cast - (Pioneer Press) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - New Website luring visitors to Iron Trail - (Mesabi Daily News) (link found by Cliff Warnken)

Sunday, June 16
I am just back from my 40 year reunion... We went to school together from the age of 7 to 14.
1 - Bob Dylan, Ray Charles and gang grace Ya-Ya - (Des Moines Register) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
2 - Dylan's "Lonesome Day Blues" heard on the TV show "Crossing Jordan", episode: "Acts of Mercy" (tip from Robin Haylett)
3 - Coleman gets GOP nod Sings "Times" Listen to his speech between 17:50-18:30 in RealAudio- (Pioneer Press) (link found by Nelson T. French, Craig Planting)
4 - Along Via Ferlinghetti, the Beat Goes On - (Jewish World Review) (link found by CovWoman61)
5 - BBC Films Backing Dylan Pic - (Yahoo / Variety) (link found by Daniel A. Petit, Michael Smith, Martin Foyle)
6 - Dreamland [LIMITED EDITION] by Robert Plant contains cover of "One More Cup Of Coffee". From (link found by John Foyle)
7 - June 15 1965: Bob Dylan recorded the song "Like A Rolling Stone" - (Yahoo) (link found by Trish Greiner)
8 - Forbidden City An interview with singer-songwriter Sam Phillips- (Acoustic Guitar) (link found by John Foyle)
9 - D.A. Pennebaker's "Dont Look Back" will be broadcast on THURSDAY June 20th at 8.45 pm (GMT + 2) by the Channel (cable and satellite) (French) PLANETE (tip from Geneviéve)

Saturday, June 15
1 - Surviving members of Drifting Cowboys among those who knew Williams best - (Mobile Register) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
2 - Bayou music celebrated quaintly "Ya-Ya"- (Indystar) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
3 - 12 June: Ralph Stanley interviewed RealAudio - (WNYC - Leonard Lopate) (link found by Joe Bluetrain)
4 - Judas! magazine Issue 2 news (tip from Keith Wootton)

Friday, June 14
1 - Masked and Anonymous - ( (link found by Cliff Warnken)
2 - Is Rock Criticism Dead? Paul Williams - (LA Weekly) (link found by Daryll Weisblott)
3 - German: The Basement Tapes revisited- ( (link found by maik)
4 - `Mountain' man peaks: Country legend Ralph Stanley remains rock solid on new CD - (Boston Herald) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - A Bluesy Opening To Poetry Festival - (Hartford Courant) (link found by Joe Zibell)
6 - From Bogie to Bono (and Elmo) - (CNN) (link found by Matt Puczko, Eric Whelchel, Mark Adams)
7 - Times Changin' at Rolling Stone - New editor, new direction - (SF Chronicle) (link found by Sven Simonsen)

Thursday, June 13
1 - On the Road with Bob Dylan by Larry "Ratso" Sloman - (Random House) (link found by Jim Linwood) From -
2 - Sam Phillips - The ghost of pop - (Salon) (link found by Mike Britten, Jonathan Coe, John Foyle)
3 - Endings and Aftermaths, With Gradual Fade-Outs Alejandro Escovedo - His models are 1960's rockers like Bob Dylan and Neil Young - (NY Times) (link found by Daniel Petit, Salvatore Licciardello)
4 - 6/4 Composer John Corigliano presents his settings of Bob Dylan texts, - (WNYC) (link found by Stephen J. Dreller)
5 - Robyn Hitchcock, "Robyn Sings" - (Chicago Sun-Times) (link found by Christopher Dunn)
6 - On the new edition of drylongso, the music stream of vintage blues - playlist and notes- Mystery Train revealed with Exhibits 1 & 2 from Little Junior Parker and Elvis and attendant commentary, much Sun rockabillying ensues, a textual analysis of hoodoo references in the lyrics of Willie Mabon's I Don't Know inevitably leads to comprehensive linkage on tantric sex, and two examples are provided of white blues by one of the greatest living jazz singers of this and the last century - Merle Haggard.

Wednesday, June 12
1 - A Circle Still Unbroken Doc Watson and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - (Gadfly) (by Peter Stone Brown)
2 - The Byrds play Dylan - (NY Post) From -
3 - Looking for the Dylan Tour Map Agent! Who can make a map to show the places Dylan will play on the tour that begins in August? I tried five years ago, see here.
4 - Found one! - The Never Ending Tour - Maps - (link found by Arthur Louie)

Tuesday, June 11
1 - Billboard Bits: Bob Dylan, Masked & Anonymous - (Billboard) (link found by Bjarne D. Jensen)
2 - "The Byrds Play Dylan" on CD - (Legacy Recordings) (link found by Dave Plentus, Dylan Cover Albums)
3 - Bryan Ferry, "Frantic" - (Real Life Top 10, Salon) (link found by Will Rigby, Gary Kass)
4 - Looking for that one song - (Denver Post) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - Jack Kerouac and the Beat Generation - ( (link found by Marty Trujillo)
6 - Paul Westerberg, who recently covered "Positively 4th Street" for Uncut magazine, makes a rare TV appearance on Jay Leno tonight, Tuesday.
7 - Royal, That Is: Earl Scruggs, Unassuming King of the Banjo - (Washington Post) (link found by James E Hurley)
8 - Lazy Carrot Graphics Gallery - (lazycarrot) (by Phill T)

Monday, June 10
1 - Jack Kerouac - (C-Span) (link found by Paul Lyman)
2 - The "Ya-Ya" soundtrack has another excellent track, apart from Dylan's: "Dimming Of The Day" by Richard & Linda Thompson, so buy it!
3 - Who we were: The 1950 census shows a different Minnesota - (Star Tribune) (link found by Nelson T. French)
4 - "Waitin' For You" words and RealAudio - (link found by MH)
5 - "Waitin' For You" mp3 - (Razor's Edge) (link found by Homer)
6 - "Waitin' For You" chords - (My Back Pages) (by Eyolf Østrem)
7 - Ralph Stanley is on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" tonight (tip from Gary Kass)

Sunday, June 9
1 - Apply 'abandonment' to intellectual property - (Denver Post) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
2 - A rocking Costello basks in his own 'Cruel' fate - (Chicago Sun-Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
3 - German: Morrison entdeckt den Blues wieder - (Bocholter-Borkener Volksblatt) (link found by Jörg Hausmann)
4 - Stripes deserving of hype . Ferocious, whimsical set at the Fillmore shows that Detroit pair are the real thing - (SF Chronicle) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - Pop's New Cover Girl Wows 'em at Town Hall Norah Jones - (NY Daily News) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - The hardcore troubadour Willie Nelson - (Observer)
7 - German: November: "True Dylan" by Sam Shepard - (Schauspielhaus Bochum Vorschau) (link found by Jörg Hausmann)
8 - Bragg roams from bombs to bedwetting - (Seattle Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)

Saturday, June 8
1 - Bassett tries on 'Masked' with Dylan, Charles - (Yahoo / Hollywood Reporter) (link found by Adam Levi, Michael Smith)
2 - Tony Garnier plays on Jim Lauderdale's "Hummingbirds" - ( (link found by Ron Kern)
3 - UNCUT celebrates its 5th birthday with a double Dylan tribute - (The Cambridge Bob Dylan Society) (link found by Nijo)
4 - Ya-Ya' is a yo-yo - (Plain Dealer) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - Italian: Bob Dylan 1962/2002 40 anni di canzoni - (Maggie's Farm) (link found by Andrea)
6 - Milano 2002 - Filaforum di Assago Pictures Gallery - (Maggie's Farm) (link found by Andrea)
7 - Hit the road, Bruce: Touring planned - (backstreets) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
8 - Bone vivant: T Bone Burnett keeps the old times rolling with a new label - (Star Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - Stolen moments Online trading of unauthorised CDR recordings could spell the end of the bootleg industry as we have known it - (Sydney Morning Herald) (link found by Cathy Cronin)
10 - Becoming acclimatized to Ferry - (Calgary Sun) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
11 - French: Histoires de genoux écorchés Alain Rémond - (cyberpresse) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
12 - Three degrees of conflict resolution - (Globe and Mail) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
13 - Officials: Big-name acts won't bring big-time problems - (Aspen Daily) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
14 - Music Industry Unveils New Piracy-Proof Format - (MacNETv2)
15 - In The Footsteps Of Alexander The Great NDC? - (BBC World)
16 - Record convention takes vinyl lovers for a spin - (Post-Gazette) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
17 - They laugh, cry, kvetch... Ya-Ya - (Washington Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
18 - Facing the Music - (New York Metro) (link found by William Robertson, Jr.)

Friday, June 7
It was 14 years ago today that Bob Dylan started on his Never-Ending Tour! (from Christian Uttenthal)
1 - "Masked and Anonymous" - The LA Daily News reported on June 4 that production is set to begin on June 17th and last about a month. (Bob Dylan has a part in this movie.)
2 - Auction: Elliot Landy Dylan Photo - ( Fellowship of Reconciliation) (link found by Jonathan Coe)
3 - Spanish: Bob Dylan. La biografía - (el cultural) (link found by arturo moreno obregon)
4 - A bad time to be a republican? Dylan quotation - (BBC News) (link found by Clive J Wilshin)
5 - Dee Dee Ramone Found Dead In Los Angeles - (VH1) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
6 - Photos: Larry Campbell with Levon Helm - (link by Joy Munsey)
7 - Photos: Larry Campbell with Little Feat - (link by Joy Munsey)
8 - Tomorrow Never Knows: Rock and Psychedelics in the 1960s- (University of Chicago Press) (link found by Murray Pereira)
9 - Ralph Stanley [Exclusive Edition] [EXTRA TRACKS] producer T Bone Burnett- (link found by Steve Michel)
10 - new wallflowers record "Red Letter Days" due sep 24th - (wallflowers) (link found by Saysmojo69)
11 - Japanese: New Dylan book - (link found by Itsuko Nishimura)
12 - What Bob Dylan did June 7 1969 & 1988 - (VH1) (link found by Catina Prieur)

Thursday, June 6
1 - Things Hold Together Wilco's Jeff Tweedy dyes his roots - (New Yorker) (link found by Brandon Zwagerman)
2 - Photos That Rock - Rock photographer Jim Marshall's pictures from 1963 capture the tumult of the time - (SF Chronicle) (link found by Jim Short)
3 - Bill Walton comments on Bob Dylan's beard - (ESPN) (link found by Joseph Garlick, Bill Alderson, David Wilson)
4 - "Shakey: Neil Young's Biography" - (Salon) (link found by Chuck Koch)
5 - At the Movies: `Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood' - (AP)
6 - Playboy Goodies Go Big - (Wired) (link found by Arthur Louie)
7 - Bob Dylan Contributes "Waitin' For You" - ( (link found by Mike McGarr)
8 - What Bob Dylan did June 6 1982 & 1986 - (VH1 Rock Clock) (link found by Catina Prieur)
9 - Harrison's Last Recordings - ( (link found by Mike McGarr)

Wednesday, June 5
1 - Tellin Stories - (NME) (link found by Duncan Bartlett, JadeKepple)
2 - Bucky Baxter plays on Los Lobos "Good Morning Aztlán" - ( (link found by Ingve Aalbu)
3 - Bruce and E Street Rise Again - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Ingve Aalbu)
4 - It's official! New Springsteen album, July 30 - (backstreets) (link found by Frederik Dierickx)
5 - On the Tracks 7th Annual Collectors Issue is arriving at the subscribers.
6 - Masked & Anonymous (2003) - (imdb) (link found by Jeff Khoury)

Tuesday, June 4
1 - Rock Legends' Memorabilia In Live Internet Auction - (Yahoo) (link found by Catina Prieur)
2 - Bob Dylan, International Arena, Cardiff - (Independent) (link found by Catina Prieur)
3 - Interview with Dr. Ralph Stanley - (bluegrasscountry) (link found by tom .)
4 - Italian: discoteca di Stato - E arriva il giorno del mito Dylan - (Repubblica)
5 - Web video's growing pains - (Miami Herald)
6 - Don't think Lakers can't threepeat - (ESPN) (link found by David Wilson)
7 - Turn Your LPs or Cassettes into CDs - (Macworld)
8 - German: Joschka Fischer... Discussion with Minister Joschka Fischer about Globalisation. In the background Bob Dylan music, among these "Sundown on the Union", "An early Anti Globalisation Song, says Greffrath - (Tageszeitung) (link found by Joerg Hausmann)
9 - Swedish: Visa oss Vinden - Bob Dylan i Sverige - (Premiumpublishing) (link found by Åke Jonsson)
10 - Eminem, we've seen the likes of you before - (Edna Gundersen, USA Today) (link found by Joshua Richmond)
11 - No more Brian Wilson listed for Bob's show at Southampton, Aug 19 - (Ticketmaster) (link found by Karen Mc)

Monday, June 3
I had no access to receive mail or update the site yesterday - DNS trouble, I think. Today has been spotty, so the updates may be few.
1 - In Virginia, Minn., Iron Range's last synagogue in limbo - (Star Tribune) (link found by Nelson T. French)
2 - Italian: Orwell e Dylan, gli idoli di altri idoli - (Il Messaggero)
3 - Forgotten Champs - Davey Moore - (maxboxing) (link found by Mike Dyer) - Dylan's Davey Moore
4 - Isis has been updated in current news and online store (tip from Tracy Barker)
5 - The Dylan Concert Poster Archive - (gopherstick) (link found by Dave Wilson)
6 - Cash Comes Around This Fall - (Rolling Stone) (link found by JadeKepple, Ingve Aalbu)

Sunday, June 2
1 - Sony & Universal to cease CD production in favor of Hybrid SACD? - (Stereophile)
2 - List of spring releases (dates to be announced) BOB DYLAN tba (live?) (Sony) - (Rockguiden) (link found by Mike McGarr)
3 - Brian Wilson also appearing at Bob's show at Southampton, Aug 19 - (Ticketmaster) (link found by Gregory Comer, Joseph Dorio)

Saturday, June 1
1 - Peter Stone Brown will be performing live on WMBR, 88.1 FM, Saturday June 1 sometime between 9:15 and 10 am (Time zone?) on the Lost Highway Show with Doug Gesler (RealAudio)
2 - How clever are you with your passwords? - Tamfibitw - ( (link found by Matt Puczko)
3 - The best 'Waltz' - (newsobserver)
4 - WSCR AM 670 in Chicago, on the Dan Jiggetts and Doug Buffone (two ex-Chicago Bears)daily sports talk show (4:00 - 8:00pm, CST), they use Hendrix's version of AATW as their sign-off song (tip from David Stenander)
5 - Not Dark Yet - Markus' site, is two years old today.

Friday, May 31
1 - Poster for Dylan meting in Estepa (Sevilla) - (picture by Quino Castro)
2 - New album reveals kid in Guthrie - (Philadelphia Inquirer) (link found by Paul Lyman)
3 - Faith, music are on the menu at Guthrie Center - (Tallahassee Democrat) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - Bowie Dusts Off 'Ziggy Stardust' Movie - (Yahoo / Variety) (link found by C. Hunstiger)
5 - Music company has Bush's ear and is up there with NASA too - (Orlando Sentinel) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - An unsung musical all-star Jim Dickinson - (Chicago Sun-Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - Burnett loses brotherly focus in 'Sisterhood' - (San Francisco Chronicle) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
8 - Italian: Dylan tradotto in jazz con Canavese & Co. - (la Repubblica)
9 - Rolling Stones Turn To 'Super Audio' For Reissues - (Billboard) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
10 - 10/23/98 Minneapolis Soundboard - (dylantree) (link found by Mike)

Thursday, May 30
1 - The July 18 show is not happening at Lakehurst, New Jersey. There will be a show that day but location and venue haven't been confirmed. (from Dan Levy)
2 - Whisper the Songs of Silence NDC - (Wired)
3 - Sponsors tune out, so rock hall lays off 21 - (Cleveland Plain Dealer) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - Italian: Penelope Cruz e Bob Dylan insieme per un film - (rockol) (link found by Giorgio Brianese)
5 - Italian: E' 'Dreamland' il nuovo album di Robert Plant - (rockol) (link found by Giorgio Brianese)
6 - Peter Stone Brown at "The Contemporary Cafe" with Nick Di Biasio 8 pm tonight at WICN (tip from Jacki Pajas)
7 - Crowes' Chris Robinson Heads Out Solo Covers Bob Dylan's "You're a Big Girl Now"- (Billboard) (link found by Michael Smith)

Wednesday, May 29
1 - Norwegian: Popblader med bonus The Uncut issues - (Dagbladet) (link found by Ellisiv Pedersen)
2 - Singer and Songwriter Tom Waits RealAudio on Fresh Air - (NPR) (link found by Michael Marisi)
3 - A Family Thing - (Gadfly) (by Peter Stone Brown)
4 - Chelsea Walls - (Post-Dispatch) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - Old and in the way? Hardly. - (Post-Gazette) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - French: La dernière valse de The Band et Martin Scorsese - (cyberpresse) (link found by Gilbert Dumont)
7 - Legal Weapons, Too Actor Danny Glover - (Washington Post) (link found by Curt Nyquist)
8 - Rollin' Stone Muddy Waters book - (Memphis Flyer) (link found by Nijo)
9 - Melbourne, June 1: "Bob Dylan Birthday Bash" - "Smith Street 61 Revisited" at Mayfield's, 103 Smith Street, Fitzroy. Videos from 3 pm, live music from 7. Info: Mayfield's 9417 0666 (link found by Tricia)
10 - New York artist readies for Dylan show - (Hibbing Daily Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken)

Tuesday, May 28
1 - Review: Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood - (EW) (link found by M. Bradley)
2 - Vintage Dylan photos Look under "Show all events" - (photoreflect) (by Arthur Usherson)
3 - June 21 Robert Plant CD "Dreamland" includes cover of Dylan's "One More Cup Of Coffee" - (TBL) (link found by Rhett Thomas)
4 - Dylan stage lighting picture - (Patrick Woodroffe Lighting Design) (link found by Bajo Philip)
5 - Robbie voted Greatest Man In Music at VH1 - (ananova) (link found by John Kirkland)
6 - Bob Dylan Day, Rome June 4, Via Caetani 32 presso la Discoteca di Stato e il Centro Studi Americani (tip from Andrea Monda)
7 - Ryan Adams on getting into Dylan Part 5 (Windows Media) - (Get Music) (link found by Demetrios Bogdanos)
8 - Pop went the singles - (Independent) (link found by Lennart Andersson)
9 - Britain needs 'music embassy in the US' - (BBC)
10 - Weavers of Genius, Long Peru's Secret John Cohen exhibition at Textile Museum, DC - (NY Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
11 - John Cohen's "There is No Eye - Music for Photographs" CD from and "There is No Eye" (the book) from

Monday, May 27
1 - Emmett Till honored - (Chicago Sun-Times)
2 - Bob Dylan's "Emmett Till" - (
3 - My 1993 post of the Dylan Who's Who - ( at Google)
4 - Bob Dylan's Highway 61 Birthday Bash, May 27 - (B.B. King Blues Club & Grill, NYC) (link found by Chris Gabb, reminder from Daniel Petit)
5 - 5th Annual Woody Guthrie Festival Lineups for July 10-14 - ( (link found by Michael Nave)
6 - Bio Warfare - Why did Neil Young try to squelch Shakey? - (Slate) (link found by Chuck Koch)

Sunday, May 26
1 - Photos from the European tour - (Judas!) (link found by Keith Wootton)
2 - Peter Stone Brown at the Point, Bryn Mawr, May 26
3 - Lucinda Williams Tour Info - ( (link found by HwyCDRrev)
4 - 'Shakey': Neil Young Keeps on Rockin' - Steve Stills: '(Dylan)'s a good songwriter . . . but he's no musician.' (NY Times) (link found by M. Bradley)
5 - Doin' Dylan at The Barking SpiderTavern Cleveland, OH, July 19 - (link found by Ken Dixon)
6 - 'No One Ever Thanks Me for Anything' Ralph Siegel, Eurovision warhorse... "Dylan is my absolute hero" - (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)
7 - Lyrics for Dylan's "Waitin' For You" - ( (tip from Marc Rosseel)
8 - Track on "The Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood " out May 28 from -

Saturday, May 25
1 - Dylan Days Events/Activities May 20-25 - (Hibbing Chamber of Commerce) (link found by Anneke)
2 - Rome Interview mp3 - Right-click (Win) or Ctrl-Click (Mac OSX) to download link to disk
3 - Mighty Quinn lyrics Sun's tribute to Leafs' ailing coach - (Toronto Sun) (link found by Daryll Weisblott)
4 - Caravan of stars makes restored 'Last Waltz' one for the ages - (Post-Gazette) (link found by drp,
5 - Dylan celebrated in visual arts contest - (Hibbing Daily Tribune) (link found by Nelson T. French)
6 - It's a matter of hearing the chords Garth Hudson - (Triviana) (link found by Jonathan Katz)
7 - Singalong with Hal "I was young when I left home" - (This magazine) (link found by Martin Abela)
8 - Swedish: Ferry vill inte trŠffa sin idol - (Aftonbladet) (link found by Markus Heed)
9 - The Newport International Film Festival Pays Tribute to George Harrison & Billy Wilder with Film Retrospectives - June 4 - 9 (link found by HwyCDRrev)

Friday, May 24, Bob Dylan is 61 today. Happy birthday,Bob!
1 - Celebrate Bob Dylan's Birthday on May 24, from 7 to 9 pm EST - (RadioActive) (link found by Dave Cox)
2 - Hibbing kicks off Dylan Days celebration - (Hibbing Daily Tribune) (link found by Nelson T. French, Gregg French)
3 - Two Dogs Oslo Dylan Meeting May 25 - (Land of the Midnight Sun) (link found by Geir Olsen)
4 - City Folk's annual birthday tribute to Bob Dylan - (WFUV) (link found by Ellen Friedenberg)
5 - Dylan fans shouldn't miss "A Trip Down Highway 61," a 61st-birthday tribute to the revered musician, on May 24 at Dizzy's, 344 Seventh Ave., downtown. Among the highlights should be a hip-hop version of "Desolation Row" from Chuck Perrin, and more traditional Dylan takes from Joe Rathburn, Dave Howard and Cindy Lee Berryhill. A variety of recordings of various artists covering Dylan will be played, from Sebastian Cabot to the Beatles, making this show a Dylan-lovers' paradise from start to finish. $10. 8 p.m. All ages. (858) 270-7467 (tip from Mark Peterson, San Diego)
6 - Bob Dylan tribute band Dylanesque will play a special two hour set of Dylan material ,at The Princess Alice Public house in Middlesbrough , Tees-side, England on Saturday the 25th May to celebrate Bobs turning Sixty one on the 24th .All welcome. (tip from michael)
7 - 112 birthday links from last year Many of these will no longer work
8 - Freewheelin-on-line launched today, access by subscribtion (link from John Stokes)
9 - Roy Keane interview Dylan quote included - (The Irish Times) (link found by Pádraig Hanratty, Derek Keogh, Joe Davitt, Mark Mc Govern)
10 - Electronica's Trip to the Country - (Slate) (link found by Dr. Jorge L. Bretado V. / Scott Thomas)
11 - Dylan for Dollars - (Edmonton Journal) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
12 - Dylan, Dandelions - (Hibbing Daily Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
13 - Spanish: Dylan, trapos sucios y vuelta al cine - (La Voz de Galicia) (link found by Rosana Guerra Pestonit)
14 - Roots of American Fiddle Music - (1001tunes) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
15 - June 15: Mary Lee's Corvette: Blood On The Tracks - (Playing at Joe's Pub) (link found by Ellen Friedenberg)
16 - Bob Dylan's Highway 61 Birthday Bash, May 27 - (B.B. King Blues Club & Grill, NYC) (link found by Chris Gabb)
17 - 18 Milano pictures This way: Overview - Spring Tour of Europe - 20/04 - Pictures View - (Bob Chronicles) (by The Wilson J. Friedberg Society)
18 - The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood Bob Sound Clip - (Barnes & Noble) (link found by Joy Munsey)
19 - On Saturday, May 25, 2002, Ace of Spades will play at Someplace Else in Calcutta, India to celebrate Bob Dylan's 61st birthday. Ace of Spades are: Lou Sohtun Majaw (vocals and guitar), Rudy Benitonelle Wallang (guitar), Nondon Bagchi (drums), Lew Hilt (bass), Arjun Sen (guitar), and Amit Borooah (guitar). All Bobcats in this part of the world are invited (tip from Orko)
20 - We Shall Overcome 1963 Dylan in Newport pix - (John Byrne Cooke) (link found by John Scarrott)

Thursday, May 23
1 - Grateful Dead to reunite for two-day concert - (CNN) (link found by Christopher Leipold)
2 - Elvis' guitarist still doing all right, mama - (Boston Herald) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
3 - "The Last Waltz" är bästa konsertfilmen - (Aftonbladet) (link found by Markus Heed)
4 - Two more "Gerry Murphy sings Bob Dylan" mp3s - (Come Gather Round People) (by Gerry Murphy)
5 - 'Copy-proof' CDs cracked with marker pen - (CNN) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
6 - "The Last Waltz" DVD - (Salon) (link found by Bill Baratta)
7 - If These Old Keys Could Talk... Bob Dylan's Piano Looks Back - (Hudson Valley Music) (link found by Axel)
8 - Italian: New URL - (Maggie's Farm) (link found by Carlo Cesaretti)
9 - Harley Davidson celebrate anniversary with world tour - (ananaova) (link found by Arthur Louie)
10 - German: Das Gegenteil ist niemals besser - (NewsClick) (link found by Jörg Hausmann)

Wednesday, May 22
1 - Dylan's Hamptons Gig - (Newsday) (link found by David Buchbinder)
2 - Celebrate Bob Dylan's Birthday on May 24, from 7 to 9 pm EST - (RadioActive) (link found by Dave Cox)
3 - 100% pure cult BOB DYLAN web site - (link found by Mike Hobo)
4 - Cape Town, May 24: Museum commemorates Dylan - (news24)
5 - Danko - Fjeld - Andersen: "One More Shot" re-release - (Appleseed) (link found by sugaree)

Tuesday, May 21
1 - Hibbing kicks off Dylan Days celebration - (Hibbing Daily Tribune) (link found by Nelson T. French, Gregg French)
2 - Norah Jones cover 3.7 MB mp3: "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight" - ( (link found by Demetrios Bogdanos)
3 - A definitive Dylan bio Anthony Varesi's book on famous singer inspiring - (Tandem) (link found by Tara Shishido) CD from
4 - 1958 opinion: How long will this rock 'n' roll survive? - (Online Athens) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - Mike Scott's Uncut comments on Dylan - ( (link found by Mike Schmitt)
6 - Where There's a Wilco - (MSNBC) (link found by Brandon Zwagerman)
7 - Postcard from a Lynching - (MPR News) (link found by Carol Wilson)
Postcard special (Previously posted):
8 - Eight Decades Later, Duluth Confronts Lynching's Legacy Postcards of the Hanging - (Washington Post)
9 - 'They're selling postcards of the hanging...' Duluth's day of desolation remembered - (Independent)
10 - Photographs and Postcards of Lynching in America - (Journal E)
11 - Dylan Quiz! - (by Robert Blasiak)
12 - Tuesday 5/21 - "Planet Waves" at the ALBUM HOOT - (smalltalkatthewall) (link found by Jacki Pajas)

Monday, May 20
1 - Celebs vs plebs in the battle of Malibu beach - (Observer) (link found by Arthur Louie)
2 - From Johannesburg to Visions of Johanna - (Hampstead & Highgate Express)
3 - Sabera Foundation putting together a CD, Bob Dylan will contribute - (

Sunday, May 19
1 - All For The Sea Presents Bob Dylan August 19 - (Long Island University Southampton College) All for the sea (links found by Crystal Gonzales)
2 - "Gerry Murphy sings Bob Dylan" - (Come Gather Round People) (by Gerry Murphy)
3 - Music of Bob Dylan and guests Voices on the Verge, 8-11am - (WFUV) (link found by Paul Pearson)
4 - German: Spiegel-Gespräch mit Joschka Fischer Dylan's influence - (Spiegel) (link found by Matthias Hofmann, Juergen Muenstermann)
5 - Rundown Rehearsal Tapes new bootleg - (bobsboots)
6 - Bob just keeps on keeping on - (Observer) (link found by Arthur Louie, Gerry Murphy)
7 - Spanish: 'Forever young' - (El Mundo)
8 - Blonde On Blonde - (rockol) (link found by Giorgio Brianese)
9 - Langley Music Schools Project: "Songs of Innocence and Despair" now available in the UK from - and of course in the US from - and US import to Germany at

Coach & Horses, London, May 11 - Kim & Reidar (Nobel) - Tube to concert

Saturday, May 18
1 - German: Kopierschutz mit Filzstift knacken Defeat copy protection with a filt pen - (CHIP online) (link found by brian b)
2 - Work place attire is rapidly changing Dylan inspired title? Thanks for the London ticket, Duncan! - (BBC - Duncan Bartlett)
3 - mp3: "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere" - 3.4 MB cover by Erhard & Missouri (link found by Erhard Grundl)
4 - Forever young - (Jewish Chronicle) reg. required (link found by Stringer Smith and Levett)
5 - Don't close the curtain; Dylan Days are near - (Hibbing Daily Tribune) (link found by Nelson T. French, Cliff Warnken)
6 - "Blowin in the Wind: Reggae Tribute Bob Dylan" from (link found by Scott Aldworth)
7 - Two Dogs Oslo Dylan Meeting May 25 - (Land of the Midnight Sun) (link found by Geir Olsen)
8 - Elvis Costello pumps it up with new album, outlook - (Seattle Times) (link found by Nijo)
9 - 13.6 MB Paris mp3 of "Desolation Row" "Expecting Rain" line replaced - (here) (found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
10 - Dylan Live at Brighton - (Windows Media files) (link found by Kevin Shewan, Jon)
11 - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood - (Nashville Scene) (CD by "Leanin' on Bob" Will Rigby)
12 - Can't get no satisfaction - (MSNBC) (link found by Ellen Friedenberg, chuck)
13 - German: Cassandra Wilson: "Belly of the Sun" - (Tiroler Tageszeitung) (link found by Jürgen Waßer)
14 - Komm, klopf mit mir an die Himmelstür - (Süddeutsche Zeitung) (link found by Jürgen Waßer)
15 - The 23. Annual Austrian Bob Dylan Convention takes place in Vienna, Austria, june 7 - june 9 2002 More information - (link found by Rainer Vesely)
16 - Rescue Efforts Lift Poets' Voices From Fraying Tapes - (NY Times) (link found by Curt Nyquist)
17 - English lit to English lite BU professor Christopher Ricks includes Bob Dylan on class roster of modern poets - (Boston Globe) (link found by Ron Mura)
18 - review: bob dylan in Manchester- (Everton fanzine) (by Carl Owens)
19 - Woody Guthrie tribute an enduring, uplifting performance - (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) (link found by Jack Regan)
20 - Daniel Lanois live in QuickTime - (Warner Bros) (link found by Jesse Shanks)
21 - Customers' champion takes aim at shaky City ethics Dylan quote - (The Times)

Friday, May 17
1 - In the final scene of the season finale of the television show "Friends" a part of Sign on the Window from New Morning was played (tip from Jesse Shanks, Freda)
2 - Dylan the legend keeps rolling on - (This is London) (link found by Jokerman)
3 - "A Handful of Rain" play extended until 1 June - (link found by Damian)
4 - Three mp3s from the UK tour - (Clean Cut Kid) (link found by Nijo)
5 - German: Dylan Geburtstagfeiern - (Zur Scheuer - Oldie und Country Pub) (link found by Anita)
6 - Celebrate Bob Dylan's Birthday - (Radioactive 1620) (by Dave Cox)
7 - Covering Dylan: a new concept Robyn Hitchcock - (ICE) (link found by Dave Plentus, Dylan Cover Albums)
8 - Request a song for the Bob Dylan Birthday Salute - (Phil Music, KUT, Austin TX) (link found by jlasser)
9 - Bob Dylan's "Chronicles" now has a release date at (Sept 24) (tip from Alex Leik)
10 - New Dylan Quiz - (
11 - - several Dylan references (link found by Andy)

Thursday, May 16
1 - Book Review: Big John Johhny Cash - (American Prospect) (link found by Murray Pereira) From - -
2 - Neverending Birthday Bob Dylan , Alba, Italy 27.5.01 - (The Beards AudioFiles) (link found by hfe)
3 - The 50 coolest records: "John Wesley Harding" - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Tim)
4 - Dylan commercial spoof (QuickTime mov) - (writerdirector) (link found by Mike)
5 - Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood Track listing - Audio clips - (Columbia Records) (link found by Joy Munsey)
6 - Freewhelin' on-line - Things have changed (link from John Stokes)
7 - Hugh F. Hicks, 79; Amassed Huge Collection of Lightbulbs - (LA Times) (link found by Howard Mirowitz)

Wednesday, May 15
1 - The Ultimate Rock Icon Dylan Two covers and two CDs of Dylan covers - (UNCUT) (link found by Uwe Meilchen, Øvind Brunvoll,
2 - Newport Folk Festival presale information (FPI) - Order Newport tickets - (Ticketweb) (link found by Crystal Gonzales)
3 - An impressive interactive memorial to a folk legend - (Christian Science Monitor) (link found by Arthur Louie)
4 - April/May 2002 European Tour stats - (Dylan pool) (link found by Arthur Louie)
5 - Obituary: David Riesman, 92; author-sociologist author of "The Lonely Crowd" - (AP / Bergen Record) (link found by Arthur Louie)
6 - Neil Young: The officially unofficial story - (National Post) (link found by Arthur Louie)
7 - Another Side Of Bob Dylan 180 gram vinyl LP - (Sundazed) (link found by Mike Capasse)
8 - Dylan Blows Into Canada With the Force of a Hurricane - (Sphinx Music News)
9 - Still On The Road - 2002 EUROPE SPRING Tour - (Olof's Files)
10 - London setlist and discussion - (
11 - "Love And Theft" review # 237 - (found by Derek Keogh)
12 - Two Brighton mp3s If Not For You - I Shall Be Released- (here) (found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
13 - Der Herr der Stars - (Hamburger Morgenpost) (link found by Jörg Hausmann)

Tuesday, May 14
I'm back at home, after my London trip. Thanks to John fro the help. I will work through the backlog of tips soon.
1 - Corrupt audio CDs, aka "Copy-Protected CDs" - (Campaign for Digital Rights)

Monday, May 13
1 - Sunday night's London setlist.

Sunday, May 12
1 - Saturday night's London setlist.
2 - Dylan returns to Newport - (link found by Mike Dyer)
3 - Dylan Lyrics Archive Updated - (link found by Jeff Plank)

Saturday, May 11
1 - Friday night's Birmingham setlist.
2 - The Last Waltz Review - Peter Stone Brown
3 - Tickets for Norfolk Folk Fest? - ( (link found by Crystal Gonzales)
4 - Newport gig Bob Dylan, Tony Bennett top folk, jazz lineups (link found by Leila Seneca)
5 - Bringing it all back home - Dylan's Bootlegger (link found by Tony Fitzgerald)
6 - Compatibility of Bob Dylan with Paul McCartney - (link found by Meilchen Uwe)

Friday, May 10
1 - Thursday night's Manchester setlist.
2 - Florida Footsteps of a Harlem Great - Zora Neale Hurston (NY Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
3 - The Bob Dylan London Pre-show Gathering - (Coach and Horses) (link found by Jim Johnson)
4 - Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood Bob wrote new song. In stores May 28 - (Columbia) Order from - (link found by Isaac Azumba)
5 - Dylan, Hill, Gray, Krauss Get Their 'Ya-Yas' Out - (Billboard) (link found by Örjan Hjorth)
6 - Biblical Allusion in Bob Dylan's Lyrics - (Skylar Hamilton Burris) (link found by Carol Wilson)
7 - Bob Dylan to perform at Folk Fest - (Newport Daily News) (link found by Bryan Rodrigues)

Thursday, May 9
1 - Wednesday night's Newcastle setlist.
2 - Old-Time Music Home Page - (link found by Cliff Warnken)
3 - America's oldest, continuously operating, folk music venue/coffeehouse - (Caffè Lena) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
4 - The Traditional Ballad Index - (link found by Cliff Warnken)
5 - Free "The Last Waltz" sound samples Liquid Audio - ( (link found by Michael W. Ugorowski)
6 - A loving memoir of tortured artist Charles Mingus - (Boston Globe) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
7 - Yesterday's birthday: Robert Johnson (1911) according to Garrison Keillor (tip from John Haas)
8 - Two Manchester tickets available, contact
9 - Site: Dylan to return to Newport folk fest - ( (link found by Bryan Rodrigues)
10 - Tom Waits peers through the looking glass on two new discs - (Star Tribune) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
11 - Dylan, Lesh Join Colorado Fest - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Pam Thornton)
12 - Dylan Days May 20 - 25 - (Hibbing Area Chamber of Commerce) (link found by Nelson T. French)
13 - drylongso this week (playlist - notes) is the usual potpourri of je ne sais quoi, with some Sacred Steel, some very vintage B.B. King, a couple of Billie Holiday and Louis Armstrong duets, Fred McDowell and The Hunters Point Chapel Singers of Como, Mississippi and some guy from Hibbing playing a piano blues (from Karl Kotas)

Wednesday, May 8
1 - August tour dates announced - ( (link by and thanks to many others )
2 - Bob Dylan's promoters have sent out word that the photography going on at the shows is very distracting. People are asked to desist. Security will be heightened at the remaining shows, and people should expect to need longer time to get into the venues (from John Baldwin) Also see Isis - Current news.
3 - Going Weird With Wilco - (Pulse) (link found by Chuck Koch)
4 - Elvis Costello proves his aim is till true - (Borders) (link found by craig danuloff)
5 - 'Don't Be Cruel' Scribe Dies at 70 Otis Blackwell - (NY Times) (link found by Harvey Bojarsky)
6 - 86 Compilation - (dylantree) (link found by Mike, Avram Rothman)
7 - 5th annual BIRTHDAY BASH BOBALOOS! - (Blonde on Blonde) (link found by Tricia)
8 - Tilting at Victory, 'Quixote' Tops Authors' Poll - (NY Times) (link found by Cliff Warnken)
9 - Tom Waits, Down the Rabbit Hole - (Washington Post) (link found by Jack Regan)
10 - Strasbourg "Shooting Star" mp3 - (here) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
11 - Strasbourg "I Want You" mp3 - (here) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)

Tuesday, May 7
1 - Monday night's Cardiff setlist.
2 - Real Life Rock Top 10 - (Salon) (link found by Peter Slack)
3 - Swedish: 4.7 MB pdf, page "24" Bob Johnson's Jam Records signs Lasse Ståhl / Lawrence Steel and Willie Nelson, "and then Bob Dylan will sign with them when his contract with Columbia runs out" - ( (link found by Per Berglund)
4 - Bob Dylan - 4 stars - Brighton Centre - (Guardian) (link found by Timbo, Tiernan Henry, Terry Kelly, Peter Slack, Martin Foyle, David Faulkner)
5 - Like a Rolling Stone, Dylan still gathers no moss - (Telegraph) (link found by Timbo, David Faulkner)
6 - Look at My Life: an Enigmatic Rocker Neil Young bio: Shakey - (NY Times) (link found by Jack Regan)
7 - Bob Dylan, Brighton Centre, May 4 - (this is Brighton & Hove) (link found by Nigel Davies-Patrick, Karen)
8 - Ohne Worte - (
9 - Wed. May 22: Bob Dylan birthday tribute featuring Bill Kirchen & Too Much Fun, Last Train Home & more! - (Birchmere) (link found by Bill Baratta)
10 - Elvis Costello emerges from mid-life crisis with best album in years - (Pulse) (link found by Chuck Koch)
11 - Singer Wainwright, at 55, Still Cuts to Quick - (Yahoo / Reuters) (link found by C. Hunstiger)
12 - Spanish: Penélope Cruz protagonizará película con Bob Dylan - (La Tercera) (link found by Andrés Urrutia)
13 - "The Last Waltz" DVD Review - (Digitally Obsessed) (link found by Jesse Shanks)
14 - The Brighton CentreThe once and future Bob - (Independent) (link found by John Foyle)
15 - Robbie R / Last Waltz "Hazel" RealPlayer - (KCRW - Morning Becomes Eclectic) (link found by Jeff)
16 - This week's Dylan trivia quiz - (by Robert Blasiak)
17 - HOOT Night Tuesday 8pm EST - (smalltalkatthewall) (link found by Jacki Pajas)
18 - New Peter Gabriel album approaching - ( (link found by hodah)
19 - And the Beat Goes On Jane Scott, the Oldest Living Rock Music Critic, Rolls Into Retirement at 83 - (Washington Post) (link found by Jim Linwood)

Monday, May 6
1 - Sunday night's Bornemouth setlist.
2 - The Bridge updated - (The Bridge) (link found by Jill)
3 - Tom Waits: A Poet of Outcasts Who's Come Inside - (NY Times) (link found by Jack Regan)
4 - The 2002 tour (pictures) - (by Giulio Molfese)
5 - Robyn Hitchcock unreleased Dylan on mp3 Visit The Theatre and The Crypt - (The Glass Hotel) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
6 - A long way from Tipperary Clancy Brothers - (Belfast Telegraph) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
7 - 2002 T.O. concert guide - (Toronto Sun) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
8 - McCartney: A Lot More Than Nostalgia - (LA Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Sunday, May 5
1 - Saturday night's Brighton setlist and reviews.
2 - Ca 10 Europe mp3s - (Clean-Cut Kid) (link found by Murray Pereira)
3 - Shindell's wry songs have been likened to early Dylan - (SF Gate) (link found by Joy Munsey)
4 - Dutch: Bob Dylan terug op het witte doek - ( (link found by Anneke)
5 - Bobby Vee Interview - ( (link found by themysterylobster)
6 - Our community has much to celebrate in the arts - (Hibbing Daily Tribune) (link found by Nelson T. French)
7 - Retail in Hibbing -- the Times are a Changin' - (Hibbing Daily Tribune) (link found by Nelson T. French)
8 - Bob Dylan, Brighton Centre, May 4 - (This is Brighton) (link found by Alfonso Iachini)

Saturday, May 4
1 - Ad for new Dylan book - (Simon & Schuster) (scanned by Robert Popkoff)
2 - Dutch: Bob Dylan kiest voor het kleine gebaar - (Rotterdams Dagblad) (link found by Martin de Rijk, han santing)
3 - Norwegian: En tur ned Highway 61 igjen ... - ( (by Stian)
4 - Penelope Cruz to collaborate with Sting and Bob Dylan on upcoming projects - (Hello!) (link found by Robert Berretta)
5 - Listen to Wilco's new album QuickTime streaming - (Wilcoworld)
6 - Johnny Cash 70th Birthday - (VH1) (link found by Joe Slowtrain)
7 - Robyn Hitchcock sings "Born In Time" - ( (link found by Dan Poppe)
8 - Dutch: Bob Dylan kan nog jaren mee - (music planet) (link found by Peter Davies)
9 - Dutch: His Bobness op dreef in Ahoy' - (NRC Handelsblad) (link found by Peter Davies, Charles W. Prince)
10 - The Daily Tribune Hibbing 3rd May: "New event: 'Dylan Days' May 20-25 2002 (tip from Peter Mc Crickard)
11 - Trying to Seduce A Miner The Delmonico - (NY Observer) (link found by "William Robertson, Jr.)
12 - Warren Zevon deconstructs Elvis - (from Jam) (link found by Demetrios Bogdanos)
13 - "Postcards of the Hanging" review - (Boston Globe) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Friday, May 3
1 - Thursday night's Rotterdam setlist.
2 - Three-live-tracks CD offer in UK - (
3 - UNCUT magazine with two Dylan cover CDs - (
4 - Swedish: Ferry vill inte träffa sin idol - (Aftonbladet)
5 - Rock against racism Paris - (Asia Times) (link found by Corey Diamond)
6 - Spanish: Fanzimmer, Dylan desde Pamplona - (Diario de Noticias) (link found by Pachi Becerril)
7 - The Living End Can Bob Mould and Paul Westerberg handle middle age? - (Slate) (link found by John Cathey)
8 - Million Dollar Bash Basement mp3s - (
9 - There will be a reading from the 'Bobquest' project Monday 6th May, in the Undercroft of the Roundhouse at 7pm. Price £5.00. Tickets can be booked at rockarchive on 0207 722 4716 Also a free exhibition in the Undercroft featuring 60 images by rockarchive photographers - various rock and roll subject matter. (from Jill Furmanovsky) London, near Chalk Farm tube station

Thursday, May 2
1 - Playboy & Butterfields to Auction Classic Playboy Art - (EW) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
2 - New Tom Waits albums streaming RealAudio - (Anti) (link found by David Richman)
3 - Dylan documentary at UWM - (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) (link found by Aaron Knueppel)
4 - Where's Walton? Day 11 - (NBA) (link found by Joe Slowtrain)
5 - Dylan, Eagles do E-town - (Jam) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
6 - Behind the Scenes at a Rock Extravaganza (05/01) - (EW) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
7 - Oberhausen "Blowin' In The Wind" mp3 - ( (link found by Bo)
8 - Brighton tomorrow: Roadhouse Dylan cover band Horse and Groom, Islingword Road, Brighton - (link found by Ian Bowman)
9 - Newcastle pub: Dylans - (link found by Michael at
10 - "Flickering Flame" cover of Bob Dylan's "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" - ( (link found by Mika Raunemo)
11 - A Classifying Animal - (Gadfly) (by Tiernan Henry)
12 - Cruz adds name to 'Anonymous' for Intermedia - (Hollywood Reporter) (link found by Bo)

Wednesday, May 1
1 - Tuesday night's Paris setlist.
2 - Brussels "Masterpiece" mp3 (thanks to Marion Hitzenhammer, Jim Johnson)
3 - Flemish: Vorst Nationaal, Brussel review - (Go for music) (link found by Wim Defoort)
4 - French: Ladies and gentlemen, Mystère Bob Dylan - ( (link found by Leif Darwén)
5 - BobFest May 26th - (Spring Green Café) (link found by Paul Lyman)
6 - A heaping spoonful of satire helps the politics go down - (Japan Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
7 - Like A Rolling Stone 'Dylan's greatest track' - magazine poll - (Ananaova / Uncut) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
8 - Middle of the road Barb Jungr - (Belfast Telegraph) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
9 - Dylan, Lesh, Nelson Set For Jazz Aspen Fest - (Billboard) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
10 - Bay Area batty for Beatty Bonnie & Clyde ideal lead... - (CNN) (link found by Jim Short)
11 - Shades of the Eighties the Replacements - (Washington Post) (link found by Jack Regan, Tim Rahto)
12 - "Just Like a Woman" cover comment - (Bill Frisell) (link found by Demetrios Bogdanos)

Tuesday, April 30
1 - Monday night's Paris setlist.
2 - Rolling Stone Will Replace Top Editor - (NY Times) (link found by Curt Nyquist)
3 - Costello's artistic aim is still true - (USA Today) (link found by Chuck Koch)
4 - Elvis Costello - Featured musician tonight at 10 ET/PT - (Bravo TV) (link found by Chuck Koch)
5 - Local Brighton band Roadhouse is playing an evening of Dylan covers at the Horse and Groom, Islingword Road, Brighton on Friday May 3rd to celebrate Dylan's Brighton Centre gig. 8.30-11pm. Admission free (from Roger Dalrymple)
6 - "The Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood" from contains new Dylan track: "Waiting For You" and "Dimming Of The Day" by Richard & Linda Thompson (tip from Michele Talo)
7 - Robyn Sings ... Dylan - (Robyn Hitchcock) (link found by Charles Prince)
8 - Robyn HItchcock Performs "Not Dark Yet" RealPlayer - (KCRW - Morning Becomes Eclectic) (link found by Daniel Maxton)
9 - Allen Ginsberg - (link found by Tracy LaVere)
10 - Brussels mp3: "If You See Her, Say Hello": Clean Cut Kid - and here - (found by Marion Hitzenhammer, Jim Johnson)
11 - Flemish: Bob Dylan speelt beste concert in België, totnogtoe - (De Standaard) (link found by Stefaan Kerger)
12 - Bob Dylan to Play Aspen Jazz Festival Sept 1 - (Yahoo / AP) (link found by Jeremy Smith, Adam Barks)
13 - Dylan memorabilia on auction - (Christie's) (link found by Michael Willys)
14 - Houston Rode pic: Bob w/ 2 Junior Miss Texas Rodeo - (North Country Blues) (link found by Uwe Meilchen)
15 - French: Les choses n'ont pas changé - (Le Soir) (link found by Renaud Depierreux)
16 - Hoot night tonight at 8 EST - (smalltalkatthewall) (link found by Jacki Pajas)
17 - Wilco on Letterman tonight (CBS 1135 US), Billy Bragg on Craig Kilborn (CBS 1237 US) - And Willie Nelson is 69!- (Rolling Stone Daily Dish (tip from Paul Pearson)
18 - 3 very good Newcastle and 1 Birmingham ticket for sale at cost, contact
19 - ISIS news update: In Memory of César Diaz (tip from Tracy)
20 - James Damiano again - (link found by Jon Lasser)
21 - When he was cruel Elvis Costello - Salon (link found by Bill Baratta)
22 - Dylan plans Halifax show - (Halifax Herald) (link found by Dag E Braathen)

Monday, April 29
1 - Sunday night's Brussels setlist and review.
2 - Oberhausen "Cry A While" mp3 - ( (link from Denis, Patrick)
3 - Italian: Tradizione e innovazione nel mondo poetico e musicale di BOB DYLAN dissertation at the University of Padova- (link from Giuseppe De Biasio)
4 - German: Zwischen Genie und Desinteresse - (Kölnische Rundschau) (link found by Willi Gilgen, Stephan Weber)
5 - German: Der letzte Troubadour - (Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger) (link found by Willi Gilgen, Stephan Weber)
6 - German: Dylan zieht weiter - (NRZ online) (link found by Willi Gilgen, Stephan Weber)
7 - German: Der Alte mit der Mundharmonika - (Westdeutsche Allgemeine) (link found by Willi Gilgen)
8 - German: Begegnung mit dem fahrenden Sänger - (Westfalenpost) (link found by Willi Gilgen, Stephan Weber)
9 - German: Mehr als nur ein Denkmal - (an-online) (link found by Stephan Weber, Marion Hitzenhammer)
10 - More new mp3s - (CleanCut Kid) (link found by Bo)
11 - German: Grütze oder Raster - (Musikzimmer) (link found by Jörg Hausmann)
12 - French: Fascinant Bob Dylan - (Le Parisien) (link found by Eric Wishart)
13 - French: Bombe Dylan - (Libération) (link found by Eric Wishart)
14 - French: Chanson : Bob Dylan, exception culturelle américaine - (Le Monde) (link found by Leif Darwén)
15 - French: Bob Dylan, l'Amérique et le génie - (Le Figaro) (link found by Leif Darwén)
16 - This is who I am Patti Smith - (Guardian) (link found by Uwe Meilchen)

Sunday, April 28
1 - Saturday night's Oberhausen setlist and reviews (now four).
2 - Three new mp3s - (CleanCut Kid) (link found by Patrick)
3 - Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) Wilco - (Village Voice) (link found by Jack Regan)
4 - Four mp3s - (link found by Giorgio Brianese)
5 - Picture: Bob Dylan at ISU - (ImageStation) (link found by Daniel Maxton)
6 - Razor's Edge has been sharpened with news re site changes, MP3s, current tour and reviews - (Razor's Edge) (by Andrew Muir)

Saturday, April 27
1 - Worth every Penne D.A. ... - (The Age)
2 - Hat Translated from Dutch - (from De Volkskrant) (link found by Hans Langhout)
3 - Silence is golden for wordsmith Robert Hunter - (Chicago Sun-Times) (link found by JM)
4 - Orwell e Dylan, gli idoli di altri idoli - (Il Messagero)
5 - Dirt Music Tom Waits - (Sydney Morning Herald)
6 - Bryan Ferry sang "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" on Norwegian TV last night (Først og sist - reprise tonight on NRK2)
7 - German: Rock in Befehlsform - (Salzburger Nachrichten) (link found by Markus Grüner)
8 - Beatles Set to Top Pop Memorabilia Sale - (Reuters) (link found by Arthur Louie)
9 - Cover of "Lay Lady Lay" - (SimplyAcoustic) (link found by Arthur Louie)
10 -
11 - There and back again: sometimes less is more Lesh - (GD Forum) (by Doug Hesselgrave)
12 - Dylan Trivia Game Look under "Interact" - (VH1) (link found by Douglas Schlachter)
13 - French: La voix d'une légende nommée Dylan électrise Strasbourg - (Le Figaro) (link found by Gerhard Breuer)
14 - French: Chanson : Bob Dylan, excep tion culturelle américaine "David Kemper (basse)" - you don't change a winning team - (Le Monde) (link found by Darew)
15 - Four mp3s, including "Hummingbird" when Bob kept his mouth shut - (CleanCut Kid) (link found by Bo Terek)
16 - Songs and Samples Aimed at Those Who Love a Loser Wilco - (NY Times) (link found by Jack Regan)
17 - La plus belle soir&ecute;e de l'histoire du rock était la dernière - (Le Devoir) (link found by Michel Jacques)
18 - A biography of Lord Buckley, overdue and worth the wait - (Baltimore Sun) Order

Friday, April 26
1 - Thursday night's Strasbourg setlist.
2 - German: Ein komischer Heiliger mit Cowboyhut - (Nürnberger Nachrichten) (link found by jh)
3 - The ceased Freewheelin' Quarterly back issues for sale (link from Keith Wootton)
4 - Not to be confused with Freewheelin-on-line
5 - Nürnberg pictures - (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
6 - Paul Westerberg starts in-store acoustic tour, plays "All I Really Want To Do" - (link found by Erik North)
7 - German: Bob Dylan: Und er hat gelächelt - (Dolomiten Online) (link found by Willi Gilgen)
8 - German: Maly traf Bob Dylan - (Nürnberger Nachrichten) (link found by Willi Gilgen)
9 - German: Dunkel, rau und aufregend - (eBund) (link found by Andreas Gerber)
10 - May 14 and 15 at 1900 in Oslo: "Don't Look Back" at Cinemateket, Filmens Hus (tip from Kristian Baardsen)
11 - Today in 1965 and 1975 - (VH1) (link found by Catina Prieur)
12 - At 75, Rostropovich Is a Whirlwind (Mr Dylan is only 60 yet)- (Yahoo/AP) (link found by Catina Prieur)
13 - One Newcastle ticket for sale from
14 - Paul Westerberg on Morning Becomes Eclectic - (KCRW) (link found by Ken Feinleib)
15 - Dylanesque - cover band, plays at the Fat Ox, Whitley Bay, NE England, Saturday at 830 pm - (link found by e.crimmins)
16 - Medgar Evers' Widow Donates Papers - ( (link found by Jon Lasser)
17 - Win tickets to see Bob Dylan - (Independent) (link found by Duncan)
18 - Dylan/Dead comments by Peter Gammons - (ESPN) (link found by Jim McWilliams)
19 - Four mp3s - (CleanCut Kid) (link found by Bo Terek)

Thursday, April 25
1 - Wednesday night's Nürnberg setlist.
2 - Mary Lee's Corvette: You're A Big Girl Now" - ( (link found by Ellen Friedenberg)
3 - Innsbruck "Señor" mp3 7.5 MB - (here) (found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
4 - München "Subterranean Homesick Blues" mp3 6.5 MB - (here, too and from Jared) (found by Marion Hitzenhammer, Patrick)
5 - Dylan Quotations - (Quotations Page) (link found by Dee Locke)
6 - German: Bob Dylan kehrt vor die Kamera zurück: Pipeline - Freies Wort - Frankenpost - - rga online - Ostthüringer Zeitung - etc etc (links from Jürgen Waßer)
7 - "Are You Passionate" - listen to new CD - ( (link found by Paul Pearson, hodah)
8 - But can they carry a tune? - (Windsor Star) (scanned by Jo)
9 - 'Foxtrot': Wilco Tunes To a New Frequency - (Washington Post) (link found by Jack Regan)
10 - Where's Walton? ... Day Fourquotes Dylan - (NBA) (link found by Arya Imig)
11 - German: Der Tribut ans Anforderungsprofil - (Tiroler Tageszeitung) (link found by Elmar Grosskopf)
12 - German: Bob Dylan begeistert 4.000 Fans - (orf) (link found by Werner Koch)
13 - Isis has updated news (tip from Tracy)
14 - German: Begeisternder Einstein des Rock - (Neues Volksblatt) (link found by Willi Gilgen)
15 - The Sunday Brussels show is sold out, Clear Channel says to Peter Mestach.
16 - View a featurette for The Last Waltz movie - (Rhino Records) (link found by Kevin van der Leek)

Wednesday, April 24
1 - Tuesday night's Innsbruck setlist.
2 - Grateful Dead: "She Belongs To Me", and Barb Jungr: "Things Have Changed" - ( (link found by mister jones)
3 - Beschwingter Einbein-Twist beim entspannten Zwischenstopp - (Aargauer Zeitung) (link found by Jürgen Wasser, Uwe Dehnel, Willi Gilgen)
4 - Alt Country, Old Country and New Country: Uncle Tupelo, James Talley, Jim Lauderdale and Ralph Stanley - (Gadfly) (by Peter Stone Brown)
5 - The Last Waltz - Levon Helm Friday, April 19 - (Fresh Air, NPR) (link found by David Kelley)
6 - Bob Dylans Stimme fasziniert noch immer - ( (link found by Jürgen Wasser)
7 - The Dylan song on "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood" is a new song: "Waiting for You" (tip from Joy Munsey) Pre-order from
8 - Pictures from Zürich and Ravenna - (Breadcrumb Sins) (link found by Giulio Molfese)
9 - Gerard is looking for a standing ticket for Brighton May 4, email:
10 - The Last Waltz Trivia Quiz - (Digitally Obsessed) (link found by Jesse Shanks)
11 - 1 MB / 23 sec video of Bob in Werchter July 1990 With GE Smith- (Windows Media) (link found by Stefaan Kerger)

Tuesday, April 23
1 - 'Masked' woman: Jessica Lange on the road for one last show - (Yahoo / Hollywood Reporter) (link found by Jim Linwood, Martin Abela)
2 - Protest music: Justin Sane - (Anti-Flag) (link found by Vicky Perry)
3 - New Dylan Quiz - (link found by Robert Blasiak)
4 - Memory loss forces Christie to quit acting - (Scotsman)
5 - French: Inédits de Dylan : nouvelles Bootleg Series ? - (les inrocks) (link found by Francois Guillez)
6 - French: Quelques belles plumes pour le retour de Solomon Burke - (les inrocks) (link found by Francois Guillez)
7 - Italian: Bob Dylan si rilegge ancora, con amore - (Il Gazzettino) (link found by Giorgio Brianese)
8 - Italian: Dylan, la leggenda che non ha mai fine - (La Gazetta del Mezzogiorno) (link found by Michele Talo)
9 - Frankfurt, München, Stuttgart concert pictures - (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
10 - Photo: Reliant Astrodome, Houston, 2-20-02 (Pollstar) (link found by Rossgita)
11 - Lessons for today in The Band's last concert - (Philadelphia Inquirer) (link found by Ryan Cormier)
12 - German: The Devilish Doubledylans - (meyersoft) (link found by Dave Plentus, Dylan Cover Albums)
13 - German: Never ending Bob - (swissinfo)
14 - German: The Show Must Go On (Basler Zeitung) (found by Madeleine Bläuer, Stephan Teuwissen)
15 - German: Viel Arbeit, wenig Lohn - (Neue Zürcher Zeitung) (link found by W. Gilgen)
16 - German: Die Bob Dylan waren da - eine phänomenale Rockband - (Tagesanzeiger) (link found by Stephan Teuwissen, Elmar Grosskopf)
17 - German: Stimmig durch Alt und Neu - (Neue Luzerner Zeitung) (link found by W. Gilgen)
18 - German: Der Ritter mit dem Cowboyhut - (Der Landote) (link found by W. Gilgen)
19 - Jessica Lange: The thinking man's Julia Roberts - ( (link found by Jesper Christensen)

Monday, April 22
1 - Sunday night's Zürich setlist.
2 - Larry Sloman's "On the Road with Bob Dylan : Rolling with the Thunder" will be re-released in August. Order from
3 - Rock The Abbey music festival, June 15 near Portsmouth UK. Seven bands including Gordon Wood Band, who play LOTS of Bob stuff. (tip from Mike)
4 - Dylan clips with VW Phaeton ad QuickTime - (VW) (link found by Dirk Mierow)
5 - German: Bildnis des Poeten als Song & Dance Man - (Neue Zürcher Zeitung) (link found by Jörg Hausmann, Stephan Teuwissen, Madeleine Blaeuer)
6 - Italian: Bob Dylan, il genio che guarda avanti - (Repubblica)
7 - Italian: Diecimila per Bob in una notte senza tempo - (La Repubblica) (link found by Paolo Pani)
8 - Italian: Bob Dylan, vagabondo snob - (La Stampa) (link found by gz)
9 - Babelfish translation of #7 above
9 - Info from the tour and details of a sale at Christie's, London - (ISIS) (link found by Tracy)
10 - A Jilted Band Finds Love After All Wilco - see #4 yesterday - (NY Times) (tip from mlh812)
11 - Elvis Lives! (As a Marketing Effort, Anyway) - (NY Times) (link found by William Robertson, Jr.)
12 - "The Wrapup" ends with Dylan/Cash "Girl Of The North Country" RealAudio from 4:51 - (TPT Almanac April 19) (link found by Nelson T. French)
13 - German Singer/Songwriter Manfred Maurenbrecher has just released a new CD titled "Gegengift" which contains a great german Cover Version ("Der Weg ist lang") of the rare Dylan Song "Coming from the Heart - (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer) From
14 - Commemorative poster for a Bob Dylan concert at the Fillmore in Denver June 5,1999 (link found by Bob Whitson)

Sunday, April 21
1 - Saturday night's Milano setlist.
2 - Spanish: First Dylan fanzine in Spanish is out - (fanzimmer) (link found by Rafael)
3 - München pictures - (hoppermann) (link found by Maron Hitzenhammer)
4 - Wilco: Yankee Hotel Foxtrot - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Brandon Zwagerman) Order from - -
5 - Click "Emilia Romagna" for RealVideo report about Ravenna concert- (RAI) (link found by Alfonso Iachini)
6 - Is Protest Music Dead? - ( (link found by Will Rigby)

Saturday, April 20
1 - Friday night's Ravenna setlist.
2 - German: Wem Ehre gebührt - (Süddeutsche Zeitung) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer, Stephan Weber, Dieter Walz, Jörg Hausmann, Jürgen Waßer, Uwe Dehnel)
3 - German: Rock in Befehlsform with music - (Salzburger Nachrichten) (link found by Stephan Weber, Jörg Hausmann, Jürgen Waßer, Uwe Dehnel)
4 - German: Die ganze Karriere in einem Programm - (Stuttgarter Nachrichten) (link found by Dieter Walz)
5 - German: Copycat CDs in an instant down under - (BBC News)
6 - German: Bob Dylan: Ein Meister ohne Zenit - (ZT online) (link found by Jürgen Waßer, Uwe Dehnel)
7 - German: German review link collection - (Jö Hausmann)
8 - The Last Waltz review by Roger Ebert - (Chicago Sun-Times) (link found by Jeremy Smith)
9 - Curtain Call For 'The Last Waltz' - (Washington Post) (link found by Jack Regan)
10 - German: Die Legende ist ihm egal - (munich online) (link found by Uwe Dehnel)
11 - Bryan Ferry's "Frantic" includes Dylan covers - (These Vintage Years) (link found by Vernon Purnell)
12 - The Dylan Ad for the new Volkswagen Phaeton is in the new edition of German car mag "Auto, Motor & Sport"..on page 45..nice pic for framing.. (tip from Stephan Krumme)
13 - Everybody must get stoned Curling - (Salon) (link found by John Haas)
14 - Do Look Back The Last Waltz - (Dallas Observer) (link found by Brent Howard)
15 - The Last Waltz - (Dallas Morning News) (link found by Brent Howard)
16 - Wilson signs on for Dylan film - (RTE) (link found by David Stenander)
17 - Gerry Murphy sings Bob Dylan Real Audio samples - (CD Baby)
18 - New Jay Leno quote (paraphrasing) "The British and US troops in Afghanistan have a new secret radio system that the enemy can't interpret. They have Bob Dylan on one end and Ozzy Osbourne on the other end...." ( from Henry Torrie)
19 - Cartoon Nr.16/2002: Man looking for his Dylan tickets - (Zürich by Mike) (link found by Stephan Teuwissen)

Friday, April 19
"George Receli is currently experiencing a problem with his arm so he will be leaving the European tour early so it can heal properly. Jim Keltner will be replacing him for the remainder of the tour." (from George's spokesperson)
1 - NDC: Cancer claims explorer Thor Heyerdahl - (Aftenposten)
1b - Thor Heyerdahl: Your tributes - (BBC News)
2 - Early Folk Music Tapes to Be Preserved - (from AP and dressed up at many other sites)
3 - The Best of Johnny Cash's Mercury Recordings - (PR Newswire) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
4 - In 1961 at this time, Bob Dylan made his recording debut - (AP/ Austin Statesman) (link found by Arthur Louie)
5 - The Best of Johnny Cash - (Billboard) (link found by Arthur Louie)
6 - Elvis Costello on "Love And Theft" - (VH1) (link found by Arthur Louie)
7 - German: Die Zeiten ändern sich Š Dylan bleibt - (Giessener Anzeiger) (link found by Jörg Hausmann, Stephan Weber)
8 - German: Fortschreitend stummer - (Reutlinger General-Anzeiger) (link found by Jörg Hausmann, Stephan Weber, Erich Nyffenegger, Gerhard Breuer, Jürgen Wasser)
9 - German: Vom Winde verweht - (Süddeutsche Zeitung) (link found by Jörg Hausmann)
10 - German: Nimmermüd' träumt der Troubadour von der weiten Prärie - (Mannheimer Morgen) (link found by Uwe Dehnel)
11 - German: Verstehen Sie Dylan? - (Weltwoche) (link found by Andreas Gerber)
12 - German: Das Leben im Lied - (Stuttgarter Zeitung) (link found by Peter Heinz, Philipp Reutter)
13 - German: Hey, oida Liadamocha - (OÖ Nachrichten) (link found by Uew Dehnel)
14 - Bob and Simon: A series of lost encounters - (simon reynolds) (link found by Steve Michel)
15 - German: Mit Rock und Blues im Tank Ÿber den Highway 61 - (Südwest Aktiv) (link found by Jürgen Wasser)
16 - German: Die Zeiten Šndern sich, der Kult bleibt - (Eklinger Zeitung) (link found by Jürgen Wasser)
17 - German: Rock-Legende Bob Dylan auf Europa-Tournee - ( (link found by Jürgen Wasser)
18 - German: Einzigartig: Bob Dylan in Hamburg - (Frankfurter Allgemeine) (link found by Jürgen Wasser)
19 - The vintage blues show drylongso becomes a vintage Soul show this week with the likes of King Curtis, Syl Johnson, Ann Peebles, Little Milton and James Carr, among others. (playlist - notes)
20 - The Band that rings like a bell - (LA Weekly) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
21 - Sales never came for Van Zandt - (Baltimore Sun) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
22 - Is this the new Billie Holiday? Cassandra Wilson - (Guardian) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
23 - Snow in New York - (Google)
24 - Oslo "Visions of Johanna" mp3 - (

Thursday, April 18
1 - Wednesday night's München setlist.
2 - Roger McGough Beat Poet and member of Scaffold latest book Everyday Eclipses which according to the press blurb proffers advice to Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney and Jimi Hendrix - (link found by Stephen Bailey)
3 - German: His Bobness, remixed - (Frankfurter Rundschau) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer, Uwe Dehnel, Manfred Winter, Michael Eiden, Michael Zwernemann, Manfred Winter)
4 - Frankfurt video clips (divx .avi) and pictures - (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
5 - German: Klampfen-Nostalgie aus dem Saal gerockt - (Offenbach-Post) (link found by Uwe Dehnel, Manfred Winter)
6 - German: Wärmende Songs für eine kalte Welt - (Die Rheinpfalz) (link found by Manfred Winter)
7 - Bob Dylan Posters - (gigposters) (link found by Michael Andersson)
8 - Roll over, Beatles - Smiths top the pops - (Guardian) (link found by Hans Johnson)
9 - German: Dylan in Stuttgart - Verwunderung und Nahsicht - (Dry Lightning) (link found by Werner Pastula)
10 - Dylan recordings saved - (BBC News) (link found by Catina Prieur, d.r.johnston)
11 - The Secret of Steve Jobs's Survival - (BusinessWeek) (link found by Jesse Shanks)
12 - Folk's Missing Link Dave Van Ronk - (Nation) (link found by Gary Kass)
13 - Wilson in concert with rocker Dylan as 'Masked' men - (Yahoo / Hollywood Reporter) (link found by Jim Linwood)
14 - Some recent cover versions of Bob Dylan songs - (

Wednesday, April 17
1 - Tuesday night's Stuttgart setlist.
2 - Vote for your favourite Musical Mister - ( (link found by Derek Keogh)
3 - German: Bob Dylan verzaubert 7500 Fans in der Berliner Arena - (IR online) (link found by Michael Dietze)
4 - Waltzing on - (NJ Star Ledger) (link found by David Maitlin)
5 - Dylan London ticket competition Complicatede rules, though - (KMTT) (link found by Kris Kirwan)
6 - Early Folk Music Tapes to Be Preserved - (AP) (link found by Rossgita, Charles W. Prince, Arthur Louie, Ellen Friedenberg)
7 - Johnny Cash - 5 songs in streaming QuickTime - (Legacy Recordings) (link found by Joe Slowtrain)
8 - Jay Leno last Monday night: "Ozzy Osbourne Hires Dylan as Translator." (from Mark)
9 - Willie Nelson tonight on CBS 12:35 a.m. The Late Late Show With Craig Kilborn (from Paul Pearson)

Tuesday, April 16
1 - Monday night's Frankfurt am Main setlist.
2 - Blues star John Hammond hits the UK With Augie Meyers - (Ananova) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
3 - The beat poet Paul Muldoon is Professor of Poetry at Oxford University - (The Age) (link found by Tricia)
4 - German: Bob Dylan begeistert zum Tour-Auftakt - (Stern) (link found by Uta Nowak)
5 - German: The Songs, They Are A-Changing - (RZ online) (link found by Uta Nowak)
6 - German: "Warum lasst Ihr denn einen Bubi schreiben?" - (Hamburger Morgenpost) (link found by Uta Nowak, Jörg Hausmann)
7 - German: Audienz beim Meister - (Freie Presse) (link found by Jürg Thom)
8 - Copenhagen "Blowin' In The Wind" mp3 I hear no "Hebrew"? - (right-click (Windows) or click-hold (Mac)) (link found by Giorgio Brianese)
9 - Isis has updated for sale and wanted items (tip from Tracy)
10 - New quiz - ( (by Øyvind Brunvoll)
11 - Dylan: I Quit - (Record Collector) (link found by Geir Olsen)
12 - John Wesley Hardin - featured album at tonight's LIVE MUSIC HOOT! 8pm EST (Smalltalkatthewall) (link found by Jackie Pajas)
13 - David Hajdu in conversation with Larry Meiller - Wisconsin Public Radio (link found by Paul Lyman)
14 - Alison Kraus late tonight: 12:35 a.m. (CBS in the U.S.) The Late Late Show With Craig Kilborn (tip from Paul Pearson)

Monday, April 15
1 - New Bob Dylan Quiz I got one wrong - ( (by Robert Blasiak)
2 - Unmaking The Band - (Boston Globe) (link found by William Robertson)
3 - "The Last Waltz" remastered CD Box Set out today from -, April 23 from, DVD May 7
4 - Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid Innsbruck, April 19 & 24 - (Cinematograph) (link found by Josef Wolf)
5 - 24.5.2002 feiern wir Bob Dylans Geburtstag - (Zur Scheuer) (link found by Anita)
6 - (access closed)
7 - Bob Dylan Shows Berlin Who The Man Is - (SonicNet/MTV News) (link found by Nhojeloc, Craig Danuloff, Charles W. Prince)
8 - Australian Paul Kelly 'chipping away' at U.S. audience - (CNN) (link found by Tom Barrett)
9 - New CD: "Paradoxaholic" from Will Rigby featuring "Leanin' on Bob" out April 25.
10 - New Ralph Stanley album produced by T-Bone Burnett to be released June 11 (RS told Charles W. Prince)
11 - In watching the NBA basketball game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Portland Trailblazers, TV commentator Bill Walton remarked about a doll that had been distributed to the fans at the game that was a representation of himself (Walton is a former star player of the Trailblazers.) The doll has a beard, which Walton was known for having while he was a player. He said, "That is the only beard in Western Civilization that makes Bob Dylan's beard look good." (from Jesse Shanks)

Sunday, April 14
1 - Saturday night's Hannover setlist and review
2 - Oslo review - (BobDates) (link found by Geir Olsen)
3 - Oslo "Ballad Of A Thin Man" mp3 - (link found by mp3)
4 - German: Triumph des Troubadours der Töne (Leipziger Volkszeitung) (link found by Helge Buttkereit, Marion Hitzenhammer)
5 - On the trail of the Bobcat A jaundiced view from Song&Dance Man Michael Gray - (Telegraph) (link found by Terry Kelly)
6 - The Bathroom Tapes - (Audry Rose)
7 - German: His Bobness is back in town - (Stuttgarter Zeitung)

Saturday, April 13
1 - Friday night's Leipzig setlist.
2 - Two more mp3 from Stockholm - (Clean Cut Kid) (link found by Bo Terek)
3 - Home entertainment strange Blood on the Tracks track - (Guardian) (link found by (Tiernan Henry, Keith Hollinshed)
4 - Stockholm review - ( (link found by Stefan Jonsson)
5 - Grateful Dead - Postcards of the Hanging - (musicbox) (link found by John Metzger)
6 - Dick Tracy - tiny Dylan ref. - (ucoms) (link found by Chad Vandemark)
7 - Wilmington gives Bromberg a site - (NewsJournal) (link found by Ron Mura)
8 - German: Und der Wind beginnt zu heulen - (Berliner Zeitung) (link found by M. Hofmann, Marion Hitzenhammer)
9 - German: Kennst du den Text? - (Berlines Morgenpost) (link found by M. Hofmann, Marion Hitzenhammer)
10 - German: Der Meister des knorrigen Gesangs - (BZ) (link found by M. Hofmann)
11 - O Brother, what a story - (Boston Herald) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
12 - The Kossoy Sisters with Erik Darling: Bowling Green (Rykodisc) From - -
13 - New England, same old Bragg - (Boston Herald) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
14 - Wilco's Not Over or Out - (LA Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
15 - German: Bob Dylan - (FPA Haag) (link found by sion)
16 - German: Dylan und der Nobelpreis - (DeutschlandRadio) (link found by sion)
17 - 'The Last Waltz': A Cinematic Seduction Still Working Its Charm - (NY Times) (link found by Stephen Ryan, Murray Pereira)
18 - German: Spiel mir das Lied vom Wind - (Tagesspiegel) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
19 - Bob Dylan Shows Berlin Who The Man Is (temporarily unavailable) - (MTV) (link found by Arthur Louie, rcormier)

Friday, April 12
1 - Thursday night's Berlin setlist.
2 - Duo-Right Woman Bob Dylan duets with Mavis Staples - (EW) (link found by Tom Barrett)
3 - Peter Stone Brown plays in NYC tonight (+CP Lee!)
4 - VW Phaeton ad with Dylan in German TV and print media next week - (from W&V magazine) (link found by Heiko Baumann)
5 - German: Und sagte kein einziges Wort - (tageszeitung) (link found by Sarah Amendt, Ulrich Seevers)
6 - Dylan Returns to the Big Screen - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Pam Thornton)
7 - Netanyahu Says Powell Mission 'Won't Amount to Anything' and Urges Arafat's Exile Dylan quote included - (NY Times) (link found by Ty Raterman)
8 - Hajdu interview on NPR - (MPR Books) (link found by Chris Johnson)
9 - Robbie R & Levon on Friday's Morning Edition - (NPR) (link found by David Spear)
10 - Bertha Mason: The Enigma - (Find a Grave) (link found by Joe Slowtrain)
11 - Charles Robert Darwin - (Find a Grave) (link found by Joe Slowtrain)
12 - Robyn Hitchcock Sings DYlan - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Chris Gibilisco)
13 - On April eleventh, 1961, Bob Dylan made his first professional appearance at a club in New York's Greenwich Village - (Yahoo) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
14 - Dylan stuff on Experience radio show 2100 CET tonight - (Radio Eins) (link found by Helmut Heimann)

Thursday, April 11
1 - Bus Oslo Stockholm (pictures) - (link from Geir Olsen)
2 - German: Till Meier singt Dylan-Songs - (Backpages) (link found by sion)
3 - German: Bob Dylan auf Europa-Tournee - ( (link found by sion)
4 - German: Bob Dylan startet Deutschlandtour - (RP Online) (link found by Uwe Dehnel)
5 - German: Ein Heiliger der Popkultur - (Berliner Morgenpost) (link found by M.Hofmann)
6 - German: Egal, was er tut oder lässt - (Berliner Zeitung) (link found by M.Hofmann, Marion Hitzenhammer)
7 - German: Hofknicks, keine Ausbrüche: Besuch vom netten Bob - (Hamburger Morgenpost) (link found by Tobias Mählmann, Marion Hitzenhammer)
8 - Danish: Bob filtret ind i blåt - (Information) (link found by Asger Schnack, Jesper Petersen, Bjarne D. Jensen)
9 - Danish: Spillemandens knæfald - (Politiken) (link found by Niels Amond Adsersen)
10 - Norwegian: Hva kan vi, annet enn Πsi tusen takk - Your Bobness? - (Puls) (link found by Dan Ove Nilsen)
11 - Steve Earle's Revealing Back Pages - (Washington Post) (link found by Dan Reaves)
12 - "Theft and Love" - Live US Fall 2001 - (TCBDS) (link found by Peter de Splenter)
13 - Der kleine Riese mit Hut: Bob Dylan spielt in Hamburg - (Die Welt) (link found by Sven Simonsen)
14 - Hamburger Fans feiern Bob Dylans Tourauftakt - (Westdeutsche Zeitung) (link found by Sven Simonsen)
15 - Einzigartig: Bob Dylan in Hamburg - (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) (link found by Sven Simonsen)
16 - German: Fans feiern Bob Dylans Tourauftakt - (Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
17 - German: Star und Zimmermann - (Süddeutsche Zeitung) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
18 - German: Seit 40 Jahren mit der Gitarre unterwegs - (Hamburger Abendblatt) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
19 - German: Die Zeiten ändern sich: Bob Dylan bleibt - (Berliner Kurier) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
20 - The Chairman has musicians sitting pretty - (Denver Post) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Wednesday, April 10
1 - Tuesday night's Hamburg setlist.
2 - Danish: Halleluja for Bob - (EkstraBladet) (link found by Bjarne D. Jensen, Geir Idsø, Jonathan s)
3 - Danish: Balladen om Bob og bruserhovedet - (BT) (link found by Bjarne D. Jensen, Jonathan s)
4 - Danish: Forum: Bob Dylan - (Jyllands-Posten) (link found by Bjarne D. Jensen, Jonathan s)
5 - Danish: Koncerten uden ende - (Berlingske Tidende) (link found by Jonathan s)
6 - Norwegian: Å være Dylan - ( (link found by Stein Arne Nistad)
7 - German: Das Launen-Roulette geht in die nächste Runde - (Leipziger Volkszeitung) (link found by Helge Buttkereit, Uwe Dehnel, Jörg Hausmann)
8 - Wolf Gets Rocks Off With Stones Tony Garnier and Larry Campbell help out - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Jaap Kappers)
9 - Italian: Bob Dylan l'inafferrabile - (Ravenna Festival) (link found by Giorgio Brianese)
10 - Best Concert Last Year - (Cityview Des Moines) (link found by Douglas Schlachter)
11 - Steve Earle's song by song description of Sidetracks - (link found by Ryan Cormier)

Tuesday, April 9
1 - Monday night's Copenhagen setlist and review.
2 - Is there a good pre-concert meeting place in München?
3 - German: Dylan wieder in Europa - (Yahoo / dpa) (link found by Helge Buttkereit)
4 - Gruff diamond Neil Young interview - (Guardian) (link found by Uwe Meilchen)
5 - The Band's classic farewell concert - (MSNBC) (link found by Tom Farnsworth)
6 - Live Chat on Thursday: D.A. Pennebaker & Chris Hegedus - (BBC) (link found by Catina Prieur)
7 - Stvee Earle's new CD "Sidetracks" includes cover of "My Back Pages", from - - (tip from Leo Nierse)
8 - Joan Baez Remembers High Times, High Stress - (NY Times) (link found by Tom Barrett)
9 - Dylan's backstage requests inspired sculpture - (Minnesota Historical Society) (link found by Molly)
10 - Last night in Copenhagen, Dylan sang "How many years must a Hebrew exist, before..." instead of the usual. (source: Johan Våglund)
11 - Vom Altar runter in den Partykeller - (Hamburger Morgenpost) (link found by Jörg Hausmann)

Monday, April 8
1 - Sunday night's Oslo setlist
2 - "Festival" at Regent Theatre, Arlington near Boston April 14 - (link found by HwyCDRrev)
3 - Dave Adrian "bridges in time a sixties Dylanesque period pulse, adding his own personal freedom of creativity"
4 - (NDC) Langley Schools Music Project: "Innocence & Despair" from
5 - Judas! Magazine issue 1 is now available.
6 - "Solid Rock" mp3 - (Jared)
7 - Dylan Duets with Mavis Staples: "Gonna Change My Way of Thinking" recorded early March (EW) (from Kris Kirwan)
8 - Swedish: Snyggt och stilfullt av 60-åring i god kondition - (Svenska Dagbladet) (link found by Leif Woxlin, Markus Heed)
9 - Swedish: Dylan har mycket kvar att ge - (Vestmanlands Läns Tidning) (link found by Michael Andersson)
10 - Norwegian: Får aldri nok av Dylan - (Aftenposten) (link found by Mikkel Friis)
11 - Norwegian: Dylan til stående applaus - (Dagbladet (link found by Mikkel Friis, Geir Olsen)
12 - Norwegian: Dugelig Dylan - (Nettavisen) (link found by Geir Olsen, Land of the Midnight Sun)
13 - Norwegian: Oslo April 7 review links collected by Geir Olsen
14 - Norwegian: Knall Dylan - (VG)
15 - Norwegian: Dylan trengte tid - (NRK)
16 - Norwegian: Bob, Bob - og så pang! - (Dagbladet) (link found by Catina Prieur)
17 - Norwegian: Bob av beste merke - (Dagsavisen) (link found by Stein Løvø, Gunnar Yttri)
18 - Danish: Mesteren broderer alltid på de gamle hits - (BT) (link found by Mikkel Friis)
19 - Danish: En værdig stormester - (Ekstrabladet) (link found by Jonathan)
20 - High honours for rebels with a cause Counterculture Hall of Fame - (Guardian) (link found by Arthur Louie)
21 - 11 mp3s from Stockholm - (CleanCut Kid) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)

Sunday, April 7
1 - Swedish: Gubbig Dylan möttes av publikums tystnad - (Expressen) (link found by Eivind Hiorth Oppegaard, Mikael Bällstav, Jesper, Monika Klingspor, Mikkel Friis, Andreas Nielsen, Markus Heed )
2 - Stockholm review - (Dylan pool)
3 - Swedish: Spelglad Dylan har hittat sig själv - (Uppsala Nya Tidning) (link found by Sven Erick Alm)
4 - The Band is Gone, the Waltz Plays On - (NY Times) (link found by Ellen Friedenberg, William Robertson Jr.)
5 - Greenwich Village Reader - (Boston Globe) (link found by Curt Nyquist, Georgianna Johnson)
6 - "Forever Young" cover - (Carolyn Arends) (link found by JADEKEPPLE)
7 - Swedish: Moderna bluesens fader Bo Diddley - (Svenska Dagbladet) (link found by Monika Klingspor)
8 - Stockholm mp3 of Constant Sorrow - (rovingblade) (link from Hamp Nettles)
9 - Bob Dylan entame une nouvelle tournée européenne à Stockholm - (swissinfo)
10 - Norwegian: Hva spiller Bob søndag? - (Aftenposten)

Saturday, April 6
1 - Last night's Stockholm setlist
2 - Norwegian: Ny Dylan-feber - (VG)
3 - Spanish: Dylaniana - (El Mundo)
4 - Thriving at five "Dont Look Back" showing in Durham NC at 730 on Sunday - (News & Observer)
5 - Liner notes to 'Live 1961-2000' translated from the Japanese - (J.C. Smith)
6 - German: Die unendliche Reise - (Hamburger Abendblatt) (link found by Uwe Dehnel)
7 - It's a mess of vintage blues, mostly jump and delta, on drylongso this week (notes & playlist) by the likes of, among others, Johnny Otis, Robert Jr Lockwood - who learned guitar from Robert Johnson when he was going around with Jr's mother

Friday, April 5
Bob Dylan and his band go on stage in Stockholm tonight. See ya in Oslo on Sunday!
1 - Norwegian: På første rad for Dylan - (Klar tale) (about Øyvind Brunvoll,
2 - Norwegian: Dylan-filmen er god Langesunds-reklame - (Varden) (link found by Geir Olsen)
3 - An Irresistible Study David Hajdu, author of Positively 4th Street - (Gadfly) (link found by Peter Stone Brown)
4 - Paperback edition of "Positively 4th Street" from -
5 - 'Uncut' magazine to be issued May 2nd is a special Dylan issue in two separate editions each with a different CD of cover versions (From Paul Manning)
6 - In Italian: Paolo Vites: BOB DYLAN - 1962-2002: 40 YEARS OF SONGS to be published by Editori Riuniti (link found by Carlo Cesaretti)
7 - Last chance to get your entry into the Dylanpool before the tour starts tonight.
8 - Patti Smith on Regis and Kelly tonight - (pattismithland) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
9 - April edition of Record Collector magazine in the UK has an excellent 12 page article on Bob's trip to the UK in '65 (tip from Michael Toal)
10 - Dylan Grammy picture - (scan from the Windsor Star (Southern Ontario)) (link found by Jo Slater)

Thursday, April 4
1 - Norway: Bob Dylan treff 25. mai - (link found by Geir Olsen)
2 - A Clancy too busy to be dying just yet - (Irish Times) (link found by Tiernan Henry)
3 - Democrats send village GOP strong message in moot vote - (Times Herald-Record) (link found by Saul Garlick)
4 - Desire Revisited Part II: An Oral History - (Rake) (link from Tom Bartel, The Rake)
5 - The Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood - pre-order from - (link found by Michele Talo, Tricia)
6 - The Band's classic farewell concert `The Last Waltz' gets another spin - (AP / Oregon Live) (link found by tom deloughery)
7 - Grammy Awards Will Return to New York Next Year - (NY Times) (link found by Jack Regan)
8 - Swedish: SVT Friday 5 April at 2000: "Chelsea Hotel"
9 - shows track lists for "The Last Waltz" remastered box set, out April 23. Also at No mention yet at

Wednesday, April 3
1 - Norwegian TV: Da Dylan kom til Langesund - (NRK1, Thursday at 2230) (tip from Knut I. Johansen, Andreas Nybø)
2 - Mississippi John Hurt, Live - John Lee Hooker, Live at Newport - (Gadfly) (by Peter Stone Brown)
3 - A Collection of - NDC - (Wired)
4 - Soundtrack: THE DIVINE SECRETS OF THE YA-YA SISTERHOOD on T-Bone Burnett's new Americana label DMZ Records, movie opens 6/7, mix of new songs plus 13 classics by various artists - including one new Dylan song (tip from HwyCDRrev) Other sources call it "an old song for a movie"
5 - The Jewish side of Elvis - (Jerusalem Post) (link found by Alan Bachman)
6 - The wheels are in spin... - ( (link found by John Stokes)
7 - Flemish: Not Dark Yet - ( (link found by Denoix)
8 - Dylan backstage requirements - (Smoking Gun) (link found by Bob Hemauer, Daniel Green, Michael Bast)
9 - Dylan Returns to the Big Screen - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Paul J. Teeter)
10 - May 3: Al Kooper, May 4: Music of the Band - (Bottom Line) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
11 - Dylan's new book: Chronicles publishing date changed from Oct to Sept (tip from Alex Leik)
12 - PATTI SMITH on Letterman tonight in the US: CBS at 1135 (tip from Paul Pearson)

Tuesday, April 2
1 - Times they are a-changin' at Tsongas Arena - (Lowell Sun) (link found by Bill Burns)
2 - How rock 'n' roll's rumbles have shaken the earth Artists visualize the effect of music at CCAC show - (SF Gate) (link found by Arthur Louie)
3 - Opening Friday The Last Waltz - (SF Chronicle)
4 - "John Wesley Harding" going gold - (Classic Rock) (link found by Steve Sponaugle)
5 - Town memorializes bluesman with new statue Sam (Lightnin') Hopkins - (Houston Chronicle) (link found by Nanzy Hernandez)
6 - Robyn Sings (Dylan covers) - (Robyn Hitchcock) (link found by Barbara Price)
7 - Norway, pre-concert: Rebell i styrerommet - (Gazette) (link found by ZimZaru)
8 - "If You See Her, Say Hello" - alternate lyrics mp3 - (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer) - Andy Muir's analysis
9 - Emmylou Harris plays on her 55th birthday, in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Tuesday, April 2nd. She will be at the Walton Arts Center with Buddy and Julie Miller (tip from David Stenander)
10 - Bob Dylan's Highway 61 Birthday Bash - (B.B. King Blues & Grill) (link found by Keith Stauring)
11 - Bus from Oslo to Dylan concert in Stockholm: Noen få ledige plasser på Norsk Dylanologisk selskabs busstur til Dylans Stockholmkonsert 5. april. Avgang fra Oslo kl. 0900 fredag 5. april - tilbake samme sted ca. 24 timer senere. Total pris på kr. 755,- inneholder buss tur/retur Oslo-Stockholm, god billett til konserten og hyggelig reisefølge med ca. 40 andre Dylan-entusiaster. Video m.m. på bussen. Kontakt e-mail adresse: snarest. "Først til mølla får først male".

Easter Monday, April 1
1 - Song & Dance Man III: Michael Gray announces the availability of the last few de-luxe limited edition hardbacks - (Judas!) (link found by Andrew Muir)
2 - O bluegrass, where art thou? - (Boston Globe) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
3 - The Dead take on Dylan in 'Postcards' - (Chimes) (link found by Brandon Zwagerman)
4 - David Crosby Decries Britney Spears - (Yahoo / AP) (link found by Robby Prince)
5 - Talking With Jeff Tweedy - (The Nation) (link found by Brandon Zwagerman)
6 - Elton's Oscar party Dylan images - (Wireimage) (link from Bob Meyer)
7 - White Stripes "Love Sick" download - (World Records)
8 - Royalties Proposal Casts Shadow Over Webcasters - (NY Times)

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