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Bob Dylan 990130 in Tampa, Florida

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Subject: Bob in Tampa and Tallahassee
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 1999 18:47:17 -0500

I have enjoyed reading the set reviews at Expecting Rain for the last three
years, and after seeing the Tampa and Tallahassee stops on the current tour,
I felt inspired to add my two cents to the fray.

TAMPA  1/31/99

The Tampa show was a stately affair.  Dylan was not as animated as I
have seen him in recent shows, but THAT VOICE.  Everything was sung
with a clarity and precision that spoke from the heart.  Bob's
phrasing was impeccable.  The flow of the set was magisterial and
tended toward mid tempo numbers and ballads, which got the most
attention vocally from Bob.

Set highlights included "Never Gonna be the Same Again", a performance
which he nailed in every way.  The phrasing and nuance in Bob's voice
was incredible. As great as this number was, it was but the beginning. 
"Hard Rain", sung in the second slot of the acoustic set, was
something else altogether.  After the band (Excellent at ever) set the
mood, Bob delivered what was the BEST version of this song I have ever
heard him do, and I've heard a few.  He sang each line as if it were a
song in itself.  Incredible -  "Forever Young" was equally fine. 
The harmonies by Larry and Bucky on both numbers were great and
enhanced the overall performances.  "Till I Fell in Love With You" and
"Make You Feel My Love" were given solid interpretations.

The highlight of the encore was "Love Sick".  Dylan gave a definitive
performance, and it struck me while listening to it how this song is truly
the exposed underbelly of the sentiments expressed in "Shot of Love".
"Leopard Skin" was a good encore rocker, a refreshing change from "Rainy Day
Women".  "Blowin'" ended the proceedings on a meditative note.  I was
slightly disappointed that there was no "Not Fade Away", as it had been
played every other night of the tour to date.  But there was Tallahassee yet
to come.

Review by Kenny Davis

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