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Bob Dylan 981022 in Duluth
For the first time, Bob Dylan returns to give a concert in the town where he was born.

Newspaper articles before the concert (links may disappear or change content):
Attitudes are a-changin' in Dylan's boyhood town - Star Tribune
Duluth ticket sales - Duluth News
Dylan in Duluth - Duluth News
Dylan coming home to Duluth. 
Bob Dylan returning to hometown. 
Dylan Doing Duluth - Duluth News

And reviews of the concert (links may disappear or change content):
Star-Tribune Duluth
Fox News
Pioneer Planet

Subject: Duluth unhinged in bliss From: ( Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998 16:11:52 GMT Organization: Deja News - The Leader in Internet Discussion 'Unhinged in bliss'. I liked that phrase from the News-Tribune review. Also they described the crowd as delirious, another apt phrase. This is my 7th Bob concert, and was definitely the most excited and appreciative audience that I have experienced. Bob must have been thinking, 'hey, Duluth's allriiiiight'. The best part of the audience was that there was no pushing or squeezing at all on that floor on which every square foot was occupied. Duluth politeness ruled the day, thank God. Bob in his infinite wisdom divided the sitters from the standers by requiring that there be no chairs on the arena floor. I think that was a great idea, although looking into the stands there were plenty of times when many or most or all were on their feet. It would have been a good idea, tho, if perhaps fewer people were allowed onto the floor - it was packed. Getting onto the arena floor in the first place, however, was not well planned. Gotta work on that plan a bit. It was the running of the bulls with a thousand or more let loose all at once to find their places. It scared the hell out of me, and I just ran for the side to get out of their way, but as fate would have it ended up in front anyway. And there I stood for the best combination of poetry, great music and musicianship, and moral and spiritual wisdom that can be found anywhere on this planet. It feels like such a privilege to be there experiencing Bob and his band. I'm not very good at remembering what happened during individual songs, but 'I'll Remember You' moved me so much. There was so much speculation beforehand on what Bob would sing that would reflect his relationship to the northland. His selections were different than the ones we came up with, but just as appropriate - such as 'I'll Remember You', 'Masters of War' (maybe just a coincidence that the United States Marine Band was giving a concert in the same building that night), 'Ballad of a Thin Man' REALLY played and sung well and I thought, hey now that's a good choice, haha. And ofcourse he sang 'Hwy 61' - he rocked the band rocked the arena rocked, and the same went for RDW. I always get choked up when I hear Bob perform 'Forever Young'. I always am reminded at that point that he is much more than a performer or musician or poet, and we're so privileged to experience his Bobness live in person. I found it tiring to wait in line all day, but really enjoyed talking to all the Dylan fans. I'd do it again in a minute. Bob creates such a spirit wherever he goes. He's a lesson to us all, if only we were smart enough to figure out what that lesson is. Thanks for coming to Duluth, Bob. You blessed us with your presence. Anne

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