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Bob Dylan 970224 in Sapporo, Japan


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Path:!!!!!news.!!!!auvm !!itsu Subject: Feb. 24 Sapporo From: NISHIMURA Itsuko Date: Mon, 3 Mar 1997 01:35:46 +0900 X-Mailer: WeMail32[1.30 Beta 4] ID:1A6768 February 24, 1997 Sapporo 1. Absolutely Sweet Marie 2. Lay, Lady Lay 3. All Along The Watchtower 4. Every Grain Of Sand 5. Watching The River Flow 6. Silvio 7. Viola Lee Blues @ 8. Mr. Tambourine Man @ 9. Tangled Up In Blue @ 10. God Knows 11. Simple Twist Of Fate 12. Highway 61 Revisited (encore) 13. Like A Rolling Stone ----------- 14. It Ain't Me, Babe @ ----------- 15. Rainy Day Woman My seat was 22th row at the back of sound board, It was little far from the stage and could not see Bob well. His big white tengallon hat hidden his face well. In Akita, he put a leaf on left side of the hat. I couldn't see it in Sapporo. Still "Sweet Marie" is first song. But surprise is "Every Grain". A guy in next seat to mine (He seen all Japan shows, too) said, "Wow..." And I felt same, too. I was able to see a cue sheet on sound board and wondering what is Viola Lee??? After "Silvio", When Bob wore his acoustic guitar, Audience just waiting for his voice with applause. I was expect for "Viola Lee"! It was cool blues song. Next seat guy said to me after the song, "What was that song?" After the show, Masato told us that Dead played the song called "Viola Lee Blues".but sound like not same song that Bob did just now. It was last show in Japan and kind of short show for me. He was not smiling not much, miss that smile. "God Knows" was beautiful specially begining of the song was just great. I thought that his voice doesn't need a microphone. I was able to go near the stage in "Rolling Stone". I don't know why but It looks like JJ didn't want play not much. He didn't smile and never looked at Bob during the song, Bob looked at JJ and glared at him few times, I gave Bob flowers every show(except Kurashiki one) I asked the venues people to give him them. So I heard the verse of "It Ain't Me" in Sapporo " gather flowers constantly" I thought, "He sings for me!" but friends I was with are said to me strongly, "it's not!!!" I know it's not. But thank Bob very much. Hope you come to Japan every year. I'll remember your smile. Take care. Itsuko