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Bob Dylan 970218 in Osaka, Japan


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Path:!!!!news.maxwell.syr.e du!!uunet!!!!ne!!!auvm!!itsu Subject: Feb. 18 Osaka From: NISHIMURA Itsuko Date: Wed, 19 Feb 1997 01:49:41 +0900 X-Mailer: WeMail32[1.30 Beta 4] ID:1A6768 February 18, 1997 Osaka 1. Down In The Flood 2. Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You 3. All Alng The Watchtower 4. Positivily 4th Street 5. Watching The River Flow 6. Silvio 7. Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie @ 8. It's All Over Now Baby Blue @ 9. Masters Of War @ 10. Everything Is Broken 11. I & I 12. Highway 61 (encore) 13. Like A Rolling Stone ------ 14. Forever Young @ ------ 15. Rainy Day Woman #12&35 I was waiting for lots of songs. Bob played some of them tonight. "4th Street","Baby blue","Broken","I&I","Highway 61" and "Forever Young". "River Flow" 's sounds of Backy were wonderfull. It's really powerful. When Backy played wonderful sound Bob looked at him and played his guitar like it was some kind of competition. Looks like they were enjoying very much. "Baby Blue" was greatest. I hope everybody find tonight tape and listen "Baby Blue"! It was not only gentle song tonight, "Broken" and "I & I" were surprise ones. I love surprise, He played "Highway" 2nd day of Tokyo. Tonight's was great, too. also I really happy to hear beautiful "Foreber Young". I am tired a little bit. It is very hard to follow Bob! itsuko