Bob Dylan Concert in Horsens

The world star Bob Dylan gives a concert at the Horsens New Theatre on May 21, 2000. WE are talking about a unique and exclusive concert experience. This will be his only concert in Denmark.

Bob Dylan plays a concert at the Horsens New Theatre as the only place in Denmark, when he makes a Scandinavian minitour in May this year. Bob Dylan comes to Scandinavia to receive the Polar Music Prize, which will be awarded in Stockholm.

The Horsens concert will be an exclusive and intimate club concert with room for only 250 paying guests. Tickets for the concert will only be sold to people showing up in person on Saturday 1 April at 1000 at the Horsend New Theatre. First come, first served... Each person can buy max. 2 tickets.

"We have created a good cooperative environment in the sponsors' club HNT & Friends. The sponsor's club counts 13 sponsors from local businesses and Horsens MUnicipality, who have given us close to one million Danish Kroner, telling us to "Keep up the good work, get interesting and big names, and we will continue to help the economy work out," says the director of Horsens New Theatre, Frank Panduro.

This is why Horsens New Theatre in cooperation with DKB CONCERTPROMOTIONS has been able to present such names as for example Joe Cocker and Bob Dylan.

"We have too few seats to be able to create a balance between ticket sales and artists' fees. That is why I am looking forward to building a new large Horsens Hall which can seat 4-5000 concert goers, - then we will not need to rely so much on our sponsors to get world starts to Horsens" - Frank Panduro concludes.

"Good experiences cost money, but we have chosen to assign high priority to culture. This is one of the qualities of living in Horsens. It is only possible to get Bob Dylan to Horsens because the town stands united. Business and the municipality help secure the finances, because they want to show the world that this town has a musical and cultural life which is unique. And at present there are no venues in Horsens large enough to finance a concert in this class by ticket sales alone," says Knud Erik Bødker, A/S Hatting Bageri, which is a member of the sponsors' club HNT & Friends.

Mayor Vagn Ry Nielsen explains: "Over the last ten years we have focused on culture. And we see that the big names want to come to Horsens. We give priority to good experiences in Horsens, even though it costs money, and we have a lot to offer. This is why the municipality supports Horsens New Theatre with money when we have the opportunity to get Bob Dylan to Horsens. Good cultural experiences inspire us all, and help make Horsens an attractive town to live in.

Photography is not allowed during the concert.


About Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan was born on May 24, 1941 in Duluth, Minnesota, USA, and grew up in a Jewish orthodox home. He was given the name Robert Allen Zimmerman. Six years later the family moved to Hibbing, a town near by. Here he taught himself to play the guitar and the piano and started several rock 'n' roll bands,

In 1959 he went to university in Minneapolis and played at clubs in MInneapolis and Dt. Paul. During the following years he went to New York, where he played in the folk music circles in Greenwich Village.

In 1961 he had a recording contract with Columbia, and the next year his first record weas released, "Bob Dylan". In 1963 he released "The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan" which included "Blowin' in the wind". In 1962 he officially changed his name to Bob Dylan.

In 1965 he married Sara Lownds.

In 1966 he was nearly killed in a motorcylce accident and was out of the limelight until December 1967, when he released the album "John Wesley Harding".

IN 1974 Dylan went on his first US tour since 1966, together with the Band. This resulted in the release of "Before the Flood".

IN 1978 he was divorced. The same year came "Street Legal", which is Dylan's only pop album ever.

In 1979 he won his first Grammy for the album "Slow Train Coming", his first religious record.

IN 1991 he again received a Grammy.

IN 1985 Dylan released "Biograph", and during the following years he toured with Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers and the Grateful Dead, and in 1987 i appeared as an over-the-hill rock star in the movie "Hearts of Fire".

In 1988 he embarked on his Never Ending Tour, which has been going on ever since - with interruptions.

In 1997 the album "Timne Out Of Mind" was released, and won him three Grammies.

Bob Dylan is the father of four, among them the singer-songwriter Jakob Dylan of the Wallflowers.

Source: Bob Dylan Leksikon by Karsten Jørgensen, Forlaget Borgen

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Facts about Horsens Ny Teater

Horsens Ny Teater was first built in 1909, but the building was reconstructed in 1991 at a cost of 55 Million DKK. Its acoustics are among the best in Denmark. There is seating for an audience of 500.

IN 1999 Horsens Ny Teater staged 236 events: theatrical plays, symphonic orchestra concerts, rock concerts, opera, ballet, Wiener music etc.

THe theatre is a privately owned company, and receives financial support from the municipality of Horsens.

Director: Frank Panduro.


Facts about the club of sponsors "HNT & Friends"

Behind the sponsors' club "HNT & Friends" in Horsens stand 13 businesses and the municipality of Horsens. The sponsors' club gives financial support to the big events at Horsens Ny Teater, making it possible to get big names such as Bob Dylan to Horsens.

The sponsors' club has granted about 1 Million DKK to several large concerts with international names. The sponsors' club is convinced that exciting events help emphasize the image of Horsens as an active and exciting town to live and work in, and these are qualities that are appreciated by the employees of these businesses.

The 13 businessesd are: Advokaterne Posthuscenteret, BG Bank, Ceres Bryggerierne A/S, Damstahl A/S, Ginnerup Tegnestue A/S, A/S Hatting Bageri, Leif Hede Nielsen, KPC Byg A/S, Orla Kjeld Bothe, Parlando Exclusive Management Aps, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Schur International A/S og Horsens Ny Teater A/S.

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