Hard Times In New York City

CJ's Review

A compilation of tracks dating back to Dylan's arrival in New York. Recording quality is as good as it gets throughout - and there're a few pieces here that are new to CD's release, all excellency and sympathetically mastered. Somehow though, as a compilation, it doesn't quite do the period it's full justice. There are some tracks that lend themselves to compilations, others that seems to sit better as complete recordings, and I'd sooner have these in the altter format. In particular some of the tracks have rambling intro's - these are valid in context with the recording as a whole since they build up the atmosphere and create ambience, but in a compilation they just use up space that would be better employed with another song. Still if all that is on offer are the crumbs that others deign to drop from their table I guess we can't complain too much. When you're living below the salt you have to accept what scraps are thrown to you and at least these scraps are off the leaner portions.

RZ - 73:43
CRAP 3 (3 4 2 5)


Cynthia Gooding Sep 61

Ranger's Command

Gerde's Folk City Sep 61

San Francisco Bay Blues
The Great Divide

Carnegie Recital Hall
4 Nov 61

Pretty Peggy-O
In The Pines
Gospel Plow
1913 Massacre Blues
Backwater Blues
The Trees They Do Grow So High
Fixin' To Die

Gerde's Folk City Apr 62

Honey Just Allow Me One More Chance
Talkin' New York
Corrina Corrina
Deep Elem Blues
Blowin' In The Wind

Cynthia Gooding Apr 62

Rocks & Gravels

Finjan Club 2 Jul 62

Muleskinner Blues

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