What is EDLIS

Date:    Tue, 14 Nov 1995 12:13:40 GMT
From:    Craig Jamieson (rcj10@CUS.CAM.AC.UK)
Subject: Re: EDLIS - Tour Update...

Melissa Davis (mdavis@crl.com) wrote:
: Excuse me, I am new here.  What, pray tell, is EDLIS?

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::                   Good car to drive, after a war
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Good question.

EDLIS is a second hand car dealership in Norway. Many of us buy cars
from it, postage and packing is expensive, but the cars are great!
Take a look

They always have one on display in the front lot, it's a video camera,
if you watch long enough you'll see someone walk by. 'Course sunrise
these days at Karl Erik's is at 12:59 and sunset is at 13:01, so
don't blink!

Ray/Bill/Christine is a used car salesman who tours the world
trying to sell the cars. This guy called Bob Dylan keeps following
him around though, harassing him. (I am certain of this 'cause Ray
arrives in town first, then this Dylan guy arrives later, so don't
let anyone tease you that it is Ray following Bob!)

: : (u) = unconfirmed, may be just rumour
: : Ray Webster - Edlis tours and tickets agent (u)

He also can get you out of paying your parking tickets.

Buy one of the cars, check out the radio/cassette, I think you'll
like what you find!!!                                              ;-)

[Don't you hate it when someone asks what EDLIS is and is met with silence?]

Icebergs are not always lettuces.

Date: Tue, 14 Nov 1995 14:48:15 GMT From: nate (nates@LL.MIT.EDU) mdavis@crl.com says... > >Excuse me, I am new here. What, pray tell, is EDLIS? oh my. i think this question is coming up far too often! perhaps we should change the acronym so that people will be asking what that is instead. :-) the Exchange Dylan Lyrics Internet Service originally was directed to provide answers to questions about lyrics. since then it has expanded and diversified way beyond its original charter, perhaps. perhaps it should now just be referred to as Bob Dylan Internet Organization (BDIO) Dylan Internet Volunteer Agency (DIVA) Internet Special Information Service (ISIS) Internet Agency Nexus of Dylan Information (IANDI) Dylan Research On Web (DROW) EDLIS has the connotation of sporting thick black sideburns & curling your upper lip in a special way as you ride around in a car that was such a flop in the sales department it became a word for failure.... - nate, EDLIS Lyrics Agent, as opposed to IANDI Lyrics Agent