Songs Bob Dylan never performed live

Date:    Tue, 13 Jun 1995 01:23:42 -0400
Subject: bob, what else?

Date sent:  13-JUN-1995 00:51:20
Hey y'all,

    Sitting here tying up the phone lines as I listen to Blue-Eyed
Boston Boy. I really envy you folks up there! Three shows in October,
one coming up in a couple shows, plus Tom Scholz lives in your town!
(Just kidding about that last one. . .)
    Listening with joy to the 10-8-94 Senor (wow) got me thinking about
Bob's live repertoire, which got me thinking about the upcoming fall
tour, which got me to thinking about when Bob will ever get off his ass
and appease me by working up versions of two of my favorite tunes that
he has NEVER done live- "Sweetheart Like You" and "Day of the Locust",
which got me thinking, how many of his tunes has Bob never performed
    Grabbed my handy Dundas' Tangled Up In Tapes book, headed to the
porcelain throne, upon which all of man and woman's greatest ideas were
conceived, and tried to find the answer to this question. Here are the
    I traced the track listings of every legit Dylan release, from Bob
Dylan to Gr.Hits Vol 3. I restricted the list to Dylan compositions
only, so that ruled out most of Bob's first album, most of
Self-Portrait, and all of DYLAN. I included Good As I Been, and World
Gone Wrong, simply because they were released in the midst of constant
touring, and thus could have been (and should have been) the benefactor
of extensive live performance. I exluded Biograph and Bootleg Series for
the primary reason these records were released: rarity of performance.
Also, I included only live performances which were in front of an
audience for public consumption, which further excludes soundchecks,
studio rehearsals and the like.
    Well, here goes- the unfortunate wandering few, looking for a

Freewhelin'- Down the Highway Another Side- Motorpsycho Nightmare Ballad In Plain D I Shall Be Free #10 Black Crow Blues Bringing It- Outlaw Blues On The Road Again Blonde on Blonde- Temporary Like Achilles Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands (Obviously 5 Belivers recently taken off this list!) John Wesley Harding-John Wesley Harding Lonesome Hobo Down Along the Cove Nashville Skyline- Tell Me That It Isn't True Country Pie Peggy Day New Morning- Day of the Locust Went to See the Gypsy Winterlude If Dogs Run Free Sign on the Window One More Night Three Angels Father of Night Planet Waves- Dirge Tough Mama Never Say Goodbye On A Night Like This Desire- Black Diamond Bay Street Legal- No Time to Think New Pony Shot of Love- Property of Jesus Infidels- Sweetheart Like You Neighborhood Bully Don't Fall Apart on Me Tonight Empire Burlesque- Something's Burning Knocked Out Loaded- Maybe Someday Under Your Spell (They Killed Him/You Wanna Ramble) Down in the Groove- Ugliest Girl in the World Death is Not the End (90 Miles an Hour/Let's Stick Together) Under the Red Sky- Handy Dandy 10,000 Men Good As I Been- Frankie + Albert Sittin' on Top of the World Canadee-I-O Step It Up And Go Arthur McBride Diamond Joe Froggie Went A-Courtin' World Gone Wrong- Love Henry World Gone Wrong Broke Down Engine Stack-A-Lee Lone Pilgrim
Well, there it is. Please correct me if you notice any errors. I hope I'm just a little wrong. I mean it would be nice to know that I might have missed a show where Bob did "They Killed Him", possibly between Like A Rolling Stone and "It Ain't Me Babe". Alas, it probably will never be. I suppose I do have a little too much time on my hands to come up with a list like this, but then, if you've read this far, so do you! Rhett Thomas "early one morning, the sun was shining, I was lying on the side of the road, with a truck driver's wife . . ."