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 Post subject: Best and worse concert?
PostPosted: Thu February 22nd, 2018, 08:38 GMT 

Joined: Mon February 19th, 2018, 17:33 GMT
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I saw him at Docklands arena around 02 and it's the worse concert (from any artist) I've ever attended.

However, my faith was 100% restored when I saw him in Dublin @ the Point 05....breath-taking. Also Wembley Arena last year he was brilliant.

Just intrigued to know what, if any, bad concerts you guys may of attended?

PostPosted: Thu February 22nd, 2018, 20:17 GMT 

Joined: Tue June 21st, 2016, 17:01 GMT
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Massey Hall, Toronto, August 1992 (sorry, don't remember which of two nights it was). I couldn't hear a single word he sang. For the entire concert no one bothered to turn up his vocal mike. What's really strange is that the bootleg of the concert is apparently pretty good.

PostPosted: Thu February 22nd, 2018, 20:33 GMT 

Joined: Tue November 7th, 2006, 15:14 GMT
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the worst Dylan show ever was – without any doubt – Stuttgart 1991, see: https://expectingrain.com/discussions/v ... 36a5fd9abd

PostPosted: Thu February 22nd, 2018, 21:51 GMT 

Joined: Tue November 28th, 2017, 15:19 GMT
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Lots of "best" shows for me, hardly any worst. But I saw Bob at the Pageant in St. Louis, maybe around 2005? For some reason, he had two drummers, which is almost never necessary. (If memory serves, the extra guy was from Little Feat.) Anyway, it was sold out and packed with noisy, drunken people, and I ended up stuck by the bar. The Duke was on guitar, and apart from a nice version of "Senor", it wasn't memorable for any good reasons.

My favorites were circa-2000 w/ Larry and Charlie. Both the Columbia, MO and Moline, IL shows were spectacular. "Duncan and Brady", "Mr. Tambourine Man", "Desolation Row", just incredible concerts w/ acoustic and electric sets. "Watchtower" in those years was a real apocalyptic powerhouse, and I think he even did "Hattie Carroll".

PostPosted: Thu February 22nd, 2018, 22:56 GMT 

Joined: Thu March 26th, 2009, 21:31 GMT
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seen him close to 100. Without much hesitation I tend to say 8/13/03 opening of Bushkill, PA venue was the weakest. He was pissed through most of the show and Tommy Mad Dog was summoned a few times from side stage to belt out some power chords to get Bob somewhat happy.

Best is much tougher...I've been very fortunate to see many many fantastic shows. So, I'll save that for when I'm tryin' to get to heaven


PostPosted: Thu February 22nd, 2018, 23:08 GMT 
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Providence 1978 sucked, like Street Legal and all the dates on that tour sucked, except more because it was in a hockey arena.

The Supper Club was a brilliant 50 minute set. Not a wasted note. Very nearly perfect.

PostPosted: Thu February 22nd, 2018, 23:20 GMT 
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Joined: Wed January 9th, 2008, 13:29 GMT
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Best- Academy of Music, Philly Nov. 21, 2014

Worst- (relatively. though still a privilege) Tropicana Casino Resort, Atlantic City, NJ. Nov. 18, 2000
Sound went out for 3 songs three songs in. One of the songs was It's Alright, Ma. The only performance of one of my favs in the times I've seen him.

PostPosted: Fri February 23rd, 2018, 09:54 GMT 
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After seeing him for the first time in 1987 and being away in 1990, I was so excited for Hammersmith in '91. Bought a fistful of tickets. That didn't go so well.

Best is tricky. I've been lucky to see some great shows: Brixton '95 was great. Paris 2000 was wonderful because I traveled with my brother. Mainz '15 was special because I was lucky to get a front row seat (thanks Jed!)

PostPosted: Fri February 23rd, 2018, 12:19 GMT 
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slewan wrote:
the worst Dylan show ever was – without any doubt – Stuttgart 1991, see: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=59880&hilit=stuttgart

This I doubt. Stuttgart '91 is not nearly as bad as some have alleged and there are moments of sheer beauty and joy. For my money, I prefer it the shows he played a quarter of a century before and not by a little.

I've never had a "worst" Dylan show. I have been lucky enough to hit periods of inspiration, diversity, and creativity in set lists and performances that mesmerized me and made me grateful to have experienced those magical nights.

PostPosted: Fri February 23rd, 2018, 20:32 GMT 

Joined: Tue August 9th, 2011, 13:46 GMT
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Far too many excellent shows over the years (’78-’17) to pick just one. The Chicago concert of 10/27/01 (United Center) stands out as especially fine. How many times can the man rewrite the book? Remarkable. Rumors of inconsistency are wildly overstated. At 114 concerts and counting, only one has been bad: Braden Auditorium in Normal, IL, 11/14/90. Such a batting average puts Ted Williams to shame.

PostPosted: Fri February 23rd, 2018, 22:41 GMT 
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Best - The Chicago '05 stand. Different songs every night, and during the brief run with Elana Fremerman on violin. Followed closely by his show in Florence, MA in 2007, a gorgeous small outdoor theater in the woods.

Worst - Jones Beach '13 on the Americanarama tour. He was fine I suppose, but I had seen him in Hoboken the night before and was so dismayed when he played almost exactly the same setlist again. A precursor of things to come…

PostPosted: Sat February 24th, 2018, 12:28 GMT 

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I didn't see Dylan live until 2002 (wasted years, I know).

The best Dylan show I've seen was in 2002 at Manchester Arena. I had really good seats. Really great band.

The worst Dylan show I've seen was the last Dylan show I'm going to see. Manchester Apollo in 2015. The night we called it a day.

PostPosted: Sat February 24th, 2018, 21:16 GMT 

Joined: Fri October 5th, 2007, 01:06 GMT
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Dallas 1990 was pretty bad. The sound was awful, and Dylan singing Sylvio on one note, was not a good start to the evening.

Seen too many great shows to pick a best, Dallas 1988, San Jose 1992, Berkeley 1995, Dallas 1995, Dallas/Autin 2002, 2008 HOB Dallas last 2 nights, and Tulsa 2009-I think-, are highlights.

PostPosted: Sat February 24th, 2018, 23:02 GMT 

Joined: Fri July 18th, 2008, 16:22 GMT
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Worst: Florence 09

Best: real tough one that but Dublin II 05 in the running if purely based on performance. Intimacy, seat/proximity to stage/venue etc. would bring Vicar St 2000, Barrowlands 04, Salzburg 08 (1st full gig "on the rail"), Blackpool 13, Beacon 14 and some others into the equation. Oh, Kilkenny 01 - festival gig in a field and only my 3rd time seeing him. The average sounding boot doesn't do much for me but I was floored at the gig itself.

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