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Author:  shooter [ Sat February 6th, 2016, 16:41 GMT ]
Post subject:  ISIS

Forgive me if this discussion has happened before. I'm brand new to the forum and a big fan.
A friend of mine had a theory about this song that pretty much blew my mind: That Dylan had written a story, and then told a single perspective of the story, thus leaving out several hidden facts that would complete this story.

This theory being that ISIS had no longer wanted to be in a relationship with the storyteller, essentially telling him that she needed some time off from the relationship, and they needed to be friends for a while. this is a very common thing in relationships, and as in most cases like this, she has someone else that she is involved with and is trying to let her ex down lightly. This other man (possibly and most likely Isis is involved in this as well) makes a plan to take care of her ex problem for good. He goes into town and meets him and tells him of the riches he could get if he follows him north. But when the storyteller gets to the pyramids (the place where this man was going to kill the storyteller and get rid of his body), and learns of the riches inside, he doublecrosses the man, killing him hoping to take all the money for himself. Then once he realizes there's nothing inside, and still unaware of the original plan to take his life so this other man could be with his woman, he feels guilty and blames the whole thing on himself. Then he runs home to Isis, who upon realizing he has returned alone and that her new lover must be dead, takes him back.

Sorry for the rambling here, it was kind of hard to explain. Either way, in this theory, the storyteller (Dylan) is recounting his story, but is ultimately lying about what really happened at the pyramid. But the backstory of the man and Isis provides a lot of insight that seems to follow the story brilliantly, and honestly explaining several obscure details of the song.

Thought it would be worth discussing a little.

Author:  transÆ’igured [ Thu February 11th, 2016, 05:36 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re: ISIS

hi shooter, yes it is a story

strange that the pyramids were embedded in ice
that the casket was empty,

adds to the futility of the journey, the expectations, and all of that hacking


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