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PostPosted: Tue November 14th, 2017, 03:50 GMT 
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iheartbob wrote:
Still Go Barefoot wrote:

Only one person stood & danced in the front row.

Oh, that was me.
I could not see Bob when sitting at piano and was like WTH
Thus, when he sat - I stood.
Was not actually dancing, just trying to get a feel for the new rhythm - tempo.

If I was, it would have been more along the lines of ballet, just saying...Bob

OK, maybe it was a sway?
Sway? Wasn’t that a Stones tune? 1970-ish?
Ya it was:

iheartbob wrote:
Since you were looking for Jayne, must of been why you came up to speak to me afterwards. as guessing that was you?
If so, nice to meet you.

That’s not why I came over. I wasn’t lookin for nuthin in anyone’s eyes...found Jayne by chance.
Nice to meet you both, though!
I came over to get my friend DiCaprio, so we could go for some more stout.

iheartbob wrote:
Or maybe, you were the fella in the suit?
If not, who was that?
I am thinking he was another who likes to road trip catching Bob

That was DiCaprio.

PostPosted: Tue November 14th, 2017, 05:29 GMT 
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iheartbob, thanks for the sweet comments, i saw you up there the whole show! i was in the third row center right behind you.
you really kept the front section alive! i even saw you with your charming selfie towards the stage after, your brilliant blue eyes sure do sparkle!

Barefoot, i can't believe it, of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world
you walk into my row and i'm clueless. thank you so much for asking around.
i usually wear a white scarf in my hair hope i see you sometime. your spirit really keeps
the bob home fires burning bright. thanks so much.

PostPosted: Wed November 15th, 2017, 06:24 GMT 
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Still Go Barefoot wrote:
OK, maybe it was a sway?

Haha good one, and perhaps more then a sway!

Excellent, you had a friend to meet up with afterwards.

And everyone should know you are just as nice in person, as you are on this board, quite the gentlemen!

Bobschool is right, you do breathe a welcome light into the forum!

bobschool wrote:
thanks for the sweet comments

Tis true and your welcome. You are just as sweet. Too think you were right behind me!!!

Actually hilarious you caught the selfie. It was a bit of a joke. I think the lady who took it, did so reluctantly, guess she thought I was going to jump onto the stage or something...

I was suppose to be wearing that silly pretend backstage pass that my besties wanted me to sport for the evening and send them a picture - but had forgotten it in my car.
We all still had a good laugh afterwards.

And thanks for the compliment on my blue eyes which actually were red in the pic which made it even funnier due to the flash...
because everyone that knows me knows I would never be anything but sober at a Bob concert.

Would have been a blast for us all to have sat or shall I say "swayed" together!!!

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