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PostPosted: Fri December 30th, 2016, 06:37 GMT 

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smoke wrote:
Amos wrote:
...Comments similar to suffering through lady Gaga etc. I just find it ridiculous bc Dylan singing a standard was the biggest joke on that show and the worst performance. For Bob, it wasn't bad, but compared to someone who can technically sing a standard.... he sucked.
I love Bob's music, and I love his voice. I just love it used correctly and appropriately. What next, Dylan sings Opera? Guaranteed there will be people out there saying how fabulous it is. Scary

I'm sure that any Dylan performance, especially from the last 25 years, will have many people running from the room, but I thought it was better than "not bad" Bob. He did hit a couple nasally notes which might bring out the familiar jokes and impersonations, but most fans will surely love this performance, and the song choice for Dylan at this stage of the game was inspired and really gives him something to work with (which he takes full advantage of, perhaps even a bit dramatically at times).
I've only seen it twice now because I've been working so much, and I tried to watch it live but I couldn't stay awake so I didn't see Gaga, but there was nothing wrong with the other singers I did see. That said, to say he "sucked" because his pitch isn't as correct as most singers is missing the point as much as it is when sings rock and roll. The stylistic distinction is all in your mind: communication trumps technicality no matter what is being played, and Dylan wrung more meaning out of this than your typical performer gets out of a 3 minute Prime-Time-TV musical number, by a long shot.

Your opening statement says it all. I'm sorry. I've heard great performances by him in the last 25 years.
It's all a matter of taste and opinion. I can't stand these covers. I do appreciate your post and what you have to say. And I like to see Bob on tv or live regardless of what he's singing. I just don't end up revisiting these standards. A crooner he's not.

PostPosted: Wed January 4th, 2017, 14:49 GMT 
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Oneofusmustknow wrote:
Officially, I now draw the line. A performance which is strained, barely-there. Shadows was great, but everything since has been a series of diminishing returns. Sorry to be negative on Christmas day, just how I feel about this.

i cant help thinking along these lines too. Lines in the sand though.

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