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Amherst Show Review
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Author:  DylanRules [ Sun November 21st, 2004, 19:58 GMT ]
Post subject:  Amherst Show Review

This was my first ever Dylan concert and after last night I will deffinately be going to more. My friend and I drove to Umass from the Boston area. On the way there and on the way back we could not believe that we were seeing Dylan. We have both been fans for countless years and it was about time we got to see him. The setlist was awesome. Alot of songs from his newer CD'S but they were still good. Dylan's voice was electric (considering he's 63) and the band was so tight. My favorite songs was Mr. Tambourine Man, Dylan did a awesome Harp solo and the acoustic style for the Ballad of Hollis Brown. The crowd was alright, alot of college kids and most of them were complaining afterwards, but being in college myself I knew that we just witnessed one of the best concerts you could ever see. Why would anyone want to pay $80 for a Britney Spears concert when you can pay $35 for a Dylan? Also our seats were awsome. First row on the balcony of Sec.Z. The only disappointing thing to see was the young girl next to us who seemed so bored, too bad she can't realize something special when she sees it.

What did other people think of the show?

GO DYLAN!, Make another trip to the area very soon!

Author:  Dylanesque462 [ Mon November 22nd, 2004, 05:08 GMT ]
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I know exactly what you mean! This is the only Dylan concert I've been to (about 8 now, I think?) where the entire stadium seating section was sitting down almost the entire time. It really was a great show, though; Standing in the Doorway was awesome (I made it a point not to check the setlists this tour, so I was surprised). I'm also disappointed people just couldn't get into it...it's almost as if they just bought the tickets for the novelty of seeing Bob Dylan (this coming from an 18 year-old who took a bus from Canada to see this show with my friends who go to UMass)...sad, really...oh well. At least we got an experience out of it.

Author:  Troy Red [ Mon November 22nd, 2004, 17:42 GMT ]
Post subject:  Amherst Show

This was about my 10th or 12th Dylan show over the years, and it was definately one of the better ones. Bob seemed to really be into it, especially on the songs from the latest album. The band was great, and the sound was surprisingly crisp and accurate for such an "anti-acoustical" type of room. I am impressed to see a 63-year-old man still tour as extensively and often as he does. I also love hearing what the years have done to his voice. The corny joke he told toward the end of the show, and the eccentric-to-the-point-of-comical poses and bodily movements he made when he stood with the band for applause made the night complete.

Author:  Time Traveler [ Mon November 22nd, 2004, 18:28 GMT ]
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I don't know, I was in the 19th row section 2 and my whole floor area stood for the entire show......people were dancing in the aisle next to me (I was right on the aisle) and really digging Dylan's amazing show Saturday night. And I know there's been posts about not being able to hear Bob's keyboards, but I could hear them loud and clear all night. A Great, great show. And whatta band Bob has eh? This is the 9th time I've seen Bob since 1997 and probably the best show during that span. "Standing in the Doorway" was absolutely unreal! I hope we get to see Bob again REAL SOON, after a well-deserved rest.

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