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TTRH records that seem to describe Bob
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Author:  TTRHWilburysFan91 [ Sun August 18th, 2013, 16:38 GMT ]
Post subject:  TTRH records that seem to describe Bob

hehe....A little while back, it occurred to me that some of the records Bob shared on TTRH actually seem to describe him in different ways; I thought it might be fun to compile em' here; see if you agree that all of these here songs describe him.....(and if you can think of any more songs from TTRH that seem to describe Bob's character in some way, songs that I've forgotten to include here, please don't hesitate to add em'!) :)

Here's my list:
1 Cool Disc Jockey — Boyd Bennett and His Rockets (1959)
2 Hey Harmonica Man — Stevie Wonder (1964)
3 Reefer Man — Baron Lee & The Mills Blue Rhythm Band (1942)
4 Aged And Mellow — Esther Phillips (1952)
5 A Man With One Million Dollars - Joe Mooney Quartet
6 Red Cadillac & A Black Moustache — Warren Smith (1957
7 Travelin’ Man — Ricky Nelson (1961)
8 Old Man — Neil Young (1972)
9 Man With Money - The Everly Brothers
10 Guitar Pickin' Fool — Teddy Humphries (1959)
11 Happy Rovin' Cowboy - The Sons of the Pioneers (1935–1936)

Author:  Belle Laugh [ Sun August 18th, 2013, 21:15 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re: TTRH records that seem to describe Bob

Disclaimer:This list is just from the song titles- I don't know the lyrics to them

His Stage:
Dim Lights, Thick Smoke (And Loud, Loud Music)

His Self:
Armed And Extremely Dangerous — First Choice

As a most likely culprit: :lol:
Who Stole The Lock On The Henhouse Door — Henry "Red" Allen

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theme_Time ... e_World_II

Author:  WrittenInMySoul [ Mon August 19th, 2013, 07:09 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re: TTRH records that seem to describe Bob

A lot of the songs Bob played on his show are either songs that he liked or had an influence on him or were coverd by him. Even more songs are performed by artists he likes (Sinatra,Tom Waits,Van Morrison, George Jones etc).
So I guess all songs we hear on TTRH describe Bob Dylan or tell us a little bit about him.

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