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TTRH; what was that joke?
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Author:  guywiddaquestion [ Mon January 3rd, 2011, 21:13 GMT ]
Post subject:  TTRH; what was that joke?

I heard a joke on Theme Time Radio Hour and now I need it, but I've forgotten too much. I need either the joke or the episode... It was of the form "guy walks (or goes) into a bar," its humor was derived from playing with your expectations for how it would play out, and maybe it ended abruptly like it's-a-joke-because-it-doesn't-work-as-a-joke. That's all I can offer. Does this ring any bells?

Author:  Fred@Dreamtime [ Tue January 4th, 2011, 12:14 GMT ]
Post subject:  Re: TTRH; what was that joke?

The "Big Orange Head" joke from the Goodbye show?


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