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ACE U.K. to release Theme Time Radio Hour Season 3 in Nov
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Author:  Fred@Dreamtime [ Fri October 15th, 2010, 15:18 GMT ]
Post subject:  ACE U.K. to release Theme Time Radio Hour Season 3 in Nov


Ace is scheduled to release the third, and presumably last, of its TTRH compilations, Theme Time Radio Hour Season 3 with your host Bob Dylan. The 2 CD set is available for pre-order through both Amazon U.S. and Amazon U.K.

In my opinion of all the commercial compilations, the Ace volumes of Theme Time Radio Hour with Your Host Bob Dylan best reflect the breadth of music played on TTRH. All contain both relatively modern music, such as The White Stripes Seven Nation Army, The Clash's Tommy Gun, and Nirvana's Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle, as well as the type of vintage cuts you'll find on the other sets.

As usual with all the commercial compilations, there is no commentary from Our Host or the other features that made TTRH unique. So why buy? The Ace compilation liner notes are always great (the Season 3 compilation includes contributions from Elvis Costello and Pat Boone) and personally I've found that sometimes I just want to listen to the music rather than a radio show (heresy, I know :lol:).

Ace is reportedly going to be offering a special case to house all three volumes of its TTRH compilations, but I haven't been able to find any info on that yet.

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